"Bodhisattva?" Jiang Tai’s eyes flashed with excitement.

The vein of bodhi tree suddenly collapsed and dispersed.
"why?" Jiang tai surprised way
"Huh?" Old also gave me a surprise.
"Saint, what is this?" Jiang tai surprised way
"Pu tree? Is anyone already there? " Always give me a hint of doubt
With a wave of his hand, the agent always flicks.
In the four directions, the number of green air suddenly appears, and in the transpiration of green air, some pictures suddenly appear in the southwest.
There are also rules in the picture, and there is a huge tree in the sea at the moment.
The giant tree has a rhizome, but it has four trunks.
Four giant trees, namely’ Sorrow Tree, Bodhi Tree, Miluo Tree and Buckeye Tree’, have a rhizome that exudes a vast breath. Although the scenery near the tree is not clear, the magnificent four giant trees have already shocked Jiang Tai.
"Someone before the bodhi tree! Fanbanghu people? Can you also set up this avenue? " Old eyebrows way
"Four sacred trees of Buddhism?" Jiang Tai stare big eyes suddenly a tingle in my heart.
Four sacred trees of Buddhism?
Sakyamuni was born. Is there Sakyamuni in this world? And he has made a stand?
Chapter sixty-nine Two Buddhas contend
It’s dark in a mountain forest outside middle-earth and a big hall.
"Master, what happened?" A sound comes.
"There is a sudden feeling on Pu Avenue, and it seems that a repentant person has chosen it!" A rich sound.
"The avenue has become a rule, and it is also futile to be the only one in the sea!" Rich sound light way
"Yes!" ——
Regular sea
Jiang Tai looked at the four big trees, the four huge avenue trees and the four sacred trees of Buddhism. Jiang Tai’s face is slightly heavy.
Sakyamuni was born?
Jiang Tai pinched his fist with a worry in his eyes, but more in his eyes was unyielding.
"Jiang Tai pu tree? Do you still insist on it now? " Always look at Jiang Tai.
"It’s a saint. I wonder if I can continue to be a bodhisattva?" Jiang Tai dignified insisted.
Old look at the picture in the green air and turn to Jiang Tai. "Have you selected Pu? Can there be a different basis? "
According to?
The bodhisattva tree in the distance is the tree of Sakyamuni enlightenment, which represents great wisdom.
Buddhists have established bodhi trees, so can’t they be established any more?
Are all your preparations white? No, I have already considered it at the beginning. Now the situation is that I don’t want to Sakyamuni Avenue to become a climate.
Jiang Tai chose the old man to help him because of this.