"Oh, no, how can you rob the king? You should buy not too many copies! " At first glance, Jiuzhong’s eyes are green, and the old gentleman quickly changed his mind for fear that this idea would take root and spread in Jiuzhong’s heart.

"All right!" The jade emperor rushed too old gentleman gave a hand and then said to Jiuchong, "Fumo Tianjun, your mouth is really big. Because of the previous struggle with Buddhism, Dan medicine is already tight. At present, it must be impossible to get it! You know what? I can give you a hundred kinds of pills, but each one has a gourd. What do you think? !”
Jiuzhong touched the earlobe and thought, "Then you might as well do this. I don’t want that hundred kinds of Dan medicine. I want one, but you have to give me a hundred gourds according to one hundred kinds!" How about this? It’s not too much for you to limit the amount, but the types are unified. !”
"Well, that’s fine!" The Jade Emperor nodded and then added, "But the quality of this kind of Dan medicine must be a miraculous Dan medicine! Otherwise, if you ask me for a hundred gourds of the top Dan medicine, I’m sure I can’t give you that much! "
"What is he then qualitative Dan medicine? !” Jiuzhong directly called out the name of Dan medicine.
Picking up the elixir is a lot of elixir to upgrade experience. This is Jiuzhong’s most wanted elixir at present, not himself. He doesn’t need to experience him much anymore. He is a hell-mad flower. Those who have passed the 90 th grade and are still short of the last astronomical experience and the 10 th grade can be promoted to the god-level combat power.
Not to mention that it is obviously unrealistic to promote the whole hell-mad fighter to the level of God at present, but it is necessary to promote all the players at the level of head of the army to the level of God, so that the high-end combat power of hell-mad can get a qualitative leap.
"Pick Jin Dan!" Too old gentleman smell speech can’t help but one leng "FuMo TianJun you new fairy class soon this is the second time to heaven, it is reasonable to say that you should know a little about the types of celestial Dan medicine! How did you know that Luo Jindan was here? ! Don’t! "
Too old gentleman suddenly remembered that his Dan room was stolen a while ago. "A while ago, my Dan room was looted by thieves and lost a lot of Dan medicine! Is this thief! !”
"Alas, Laojun can eat rice indiscriminately, but you can’t talk nonsense about this!" Nine-fold righteousness is strict and nonsense. "Will our sacred generation Wang do this kind of stealing?" ! I know that there is a pick of elixir in heaven because I happen to have a master of elixir. I know a lot about your deeds and all kinds of elixirs you can refine in your life. I got the information from him! "
"Oh, so that’s it!" Tailaojun suddenly nodded. "I told you that you are also the owner of a generation. The king will never do such a stealing thing!"
"Exactly!" Jiuzhong managed to prevaricate in the past and quickly changed the subject. "By the way, you haven’t told me what kind of elixir is the pick elixir? !”
"Oh he then belongs to the fairy order Dan medicine in the holy! However, there is still a big gap from the God level! "
"I depend on pick then so * * Dan medicine is not enough god level that god Dan medicine should have how great effect? !” Jiuzhong feels excited when he thinks about it. Well, if he has the opportunity, he must visit Tailaojun Dan’s room again. There are still many undiscovered things in it!
"Since he then is not a magic elixir, it must be no problem to get me a hundred gourds, right? !” Jiuzhong asked the Jade Emperor.
"This nature is no problem! Laojun! " The jade emperor’s big sleeve slammed "Give medicine!"
"Yes!" Too old gentleman’s hand brushed the dust and handed it to his left hand and right hand, but he saw big golden gourds lined up and rushed out of his sleeve towards Jiuchong.
Nine heavy also you’re welcome to directly hit the backpack one hundred gourd pick then department in the bag.
"Fu magic day gentleman he then has been in your hands this time? !” The jade emperor asked.
"no!" Nine fold simply way
"Don’t push your luck!" Hear nine heavy answer excavate and couldn’t help jumping out of the way "you took the opportunity to blackmail me heaven one hundred gourd pick then has gone too far, you incredibly greedy also want to push your luck? !”
"King Tota, I don’t want to hear this!" Nine heavy pinkie buttoned his ear. "What is blackmail? ! The Jade Emperor gave me a hundred gourds to pick up the elixir in order to improve the fighting capacity of my people. When the fighting capacity of these people rises, they will join me in the crusade against Buddhism. This is a great thing for mutual benefit and the development of both sides! How did it come down to blackmail when it reached your mouth? Are you questioning the Jade Emperor’s IQ? !”
A bunch of excuses in front of Jiuzhong are bullshit. This last sentence is the most important thing for Tota King. When it comes to the Jade Emperor Tota King, he suddenly withers.
The Jade Emperor gave a cold look, and Tota King stood back and stared at Jiuzhong’s luck, but he was afraid to interrupt again.
"Continue the topic just now!" Staring back, the Jade Emperor, the king of Tota, asked, "What else do you want besides the hundred gourd picks?" !”
"Jade Emperor, you are a good person!" Jiuzhong continued to blackmail. "Since he gave me all the pills, let me give my people a boost. It’s better to give me some supporting equipment so that they can play a bigger role in the crusade against Buddhism!" Hi, hi. How are you? !”
"hmm!" The jade emperor just mused, "this is not difficult. How many pieces do you want? !”
"How many sets can I say? !”
"but! How many sets do you want? !”
"this!" Hell crazy spend a few army head in nine heavy head tour again "not much seven sets is enough! However, I have some special requirements for these seven sets of equipment! "
"What requirements? ! You say! "
"If these seven sets of equipment correspond to seven different occupations, a bloody battle suit, a blood prevention suit, a knight suit, an assassin suit, two archers suits and a warlock suit! I wonder if it is rare for heaven to produce such seven sets of decent equipment? !” Jiuchong deliberately provoked the Jade Emperor to be embarrassed by those perfunctory words.
Sure enough, the Jade Emperor frowned at Jiuzhong’s remarks and immediately said, "King Tota!"
"I’m here!"
"Go to Hyogo and choose seven sets of equipment. He asked for a suit. You are not allowed to take a perfunctory suit. These seven sets of equipment must all be Chinese artifact suits! White? !”
"white!" It is one hundred and twenty reluctant to choose equipment for Jiuzhong, King Tota, but the Jade Emperor said that he could do it with all his might.
So that King Tota immediately left Lingxiao Hall and came back to report to the Jade Emperor, "Report to the Jade Emperor that the seven sets of equipment department have been selected!"
The jade emperor shook his sleeve. "Then surrender to the devil!"
"here!" Tota Heavenly King raised his hand and threw seven Guanghua roads back to the city, and a rainbow flew to Jiuchong.
Nine heavy still hit the backpack, seven Guanghua fell into the backpack, and seven sets of Bao Guang’s bright and radiant equipment were transformed.
The artifact Jiuzhong has seen too much. Practice makes perfect. Even if it is not "critical", it can be seen that the quality of these seven sets of equipment is absolutely extraordinary. However, to be on the safe side, Jiuzhong still routinely performs "critical" inspection one by one to prevent Tota King from encouraging tricks.
"See what see? ! It’ s really a small heart, and it’ s guaranteed to be a Chinese artifact suit! " Tota pop pie pie way
"It’s true that you are a Chinese artifact, and there is no higher quality!" Nine-fold language with sarcasm rushed Tota King to erect a thumb.
"Hum Wang naturally does things exactly!"
"You have received the seven sets of artifact sets of Fumo Tianzun!" The Jade Emperor asked again, "Are you satisfied this time? !”
Chapter three hundred and fifty fenglei beast
? "Satisfied satisfied! Thank you for your reward! " The jade emperor’s overtones are nine-fold. How can I not hear them? I know it’s almost over. Just close it when you are too good.
"Well, reciprocity is over. Now it’s time for us to talk about something mutually beneficial!" The Jade Emperor said, "Fumo Tianjun, what do you think we should do to crack down on Buddhism this time? !”
"This also said …!" Before nine heavy conversation excavate rob interjected in front, "of course, it is led by the forces of Fumo Tianjun who consume the spirit of Buddhism first, and then our celestial troops will be able to completely defeat the forces of Buddhism in one fell swoop! It’s not too much for you to accept so many benefits from heaven and make such a little sacrifice, is it? !”
"Don’t mind ~!" Jiuzhong smiled coldly and looked at the jade emperor after the dragon case. "If the jade emperor also thinks that the strategy of Tota King is feasible, I can go back and adjust my troops now!"
"Well …!" This demon king took the opportunity to extort so many benefits from him. The Jade Emperor really wanted to adopt King Tota’s suggestion to let Jiuzhong be cannon fodder, but when he saw Jiuzhong talking, his face was full of sly smiles, and he abruptly changed his mind. "It is indeed possible to consume the spirit of Buddhism but it is also possible to encourage it!"
"But …!" King Tota was about to speak when Jiro Shinji interposed, "This strategy is certainly inappropriate and very inappropriate! Don’t forget that there are many people and forces led by Fumo Tianjun, and the gap between the strength of mortal gods and buddhas is too big to pose much threat to Buddhist gods and buddhas! If we attack Buddhism according to the strategy of King Tota, I dare say that stealing chickens and wasting rice will fuel their arrogance! It can be said that it is greatly unfavorable to us! "
"That Jiro true gentleman you say this battle how to play? !” Tota King’s nose is not a nose or a face.
"In everything, people should make the best use of their talents to achieve the greatest effect!" Jiro Zhenjun said, "The forces of the Fumo Tianjun people are low. If you collide with the Buddhist gods and buddhas alone, there will definitely be no fruit!
However, although the human power is directly comparable to that of the Buddha, the words of disturbing the enemy can still defeat Buddhism. After the war, it is necessary for us to cooperate with the attacker’s power to be responsible for disturbing the enemy, and the heavenly soldiers will be responsible for the main attack. Such a two-pronged approach will definitely receive unexpected results! "
"hmm!" The jade emperor nodded deeply. "Erlang is not the kui is the first god of war in heaven! This plan is very good! This plan is very good! What do you think of Voldemort? !”
Jiuzhong looked at Jiro Zhenjun and smiled at each other. "This is like a war!"
"Jiro true gentleman series will you set is really good is a character! Throughout the heavens, it is you who can always see! If I had known this, I wouldn’t have encouraged you to kill your roaring dog! " Jiuzhong laughed and muttered, "But now it’s too late when what’s done is done! I can’t give you the soul of the roaring dog. If I give it to you, I’ll be in big trouble! "
Where did the people in the temple know that the culprit, Jiuchong, was playing career in his heart, clapping his hands and applauding Jiro Zhenjun’s plan? "Well, Zhenjun, this plan is wonderful, this plan is wonderful! In this way, my heaven will be able to annihilate the whole Buddhism in one fell swoop and win the three realms completely! "
"Everything will be done according to Jiro’s plan!" The Jade Emperor made a final decision and then said to Jiuchong, "We will attack Buddhism in a few days. Are you going to come to my heaven and be ready to attack?" !”
"Not busy!" Nine heavy shook his head. "Know yourself and know yourself before you can fight! I think you suffered such a big loss because you didn’t know enough about the real strength of Buddhism in the previous firefight? Now everyone is wearing bandages, and some people have lost their lives? !”
"Voldemort Tianjun, you dare to humiliate the king. Who did you say mixed Hu up? !” Hu, this is right in the middle of Tota King Excavate’s pain, so he didn’t jump up.
"I didn’t say you! I said that some people have to sit in the right place, so I can’t help it! "