Hao Gui, who is burying his head in digging earthworms, heard Zhang Tingyin and turned his head at the same time. His hand was mud and ran towards Zhang Ting. His hand was still holding a disgusting earthworm to show off to Zhang Ting. "Sister, look at this. I’ll take it back today. I’ll feed it to Xiao Huang later." Xiao Huang was given to Xiao Kang by Zhang Ting. Xiao Kang gave the chicken a nickname Xiao Huang.

Zhang Ting glanced at his brother holding an earthworm in his hand, and the sticky liquid on the earthworm made Zhang Ting want to vomit. Zhang Ting quickly looked away and praised Xiaokang with a far-fetched smile. "Xiaokang caught such a big earthworm. It’s amazing."
See Hao Gui and Ann also want to talk to themselves with earthworms in their hands. Zhang Ting quickly slips away. "You play with your sister to cook dinner for you first." Then Zhang Ting immediately turned around and strode away from here without looking back.
Hao Gui, who was left behind, saw Zhang Ting’s escape-like figure, and the three little guys looked at each other, then grinned at the same time and turned around to continue their work of digging earthworms.
Back in the kitchen, Zhang Ting breathed a sigh of relief, covering her mouth with one hand and patting her chest with another. Since she was a child, she was afraid of those links, especially the sticky objects like just now.
Thought of here, Zhang Ting almost vomited again and shook his head. Zhang Ting threw what he had just seen in his mind aside and rolled in his stomach. This is better, but now Zhang Ting regrets why he told three little guys about digging earthworms to feed chickens.
Just cooking, it’s still early, and Zhang Ting doesn’t intend to cook now. Seeing the firewood burning in the kitchen, Zhengwang Zhang Ting went out of the kitchen and saw the three little guys running to another corner to dig earthworms. They shook their heads and smiled and looked at Hao’s main house.
Hao jiazhengwu Hao Yizheng is sitting by the window holding a hand and watching carefully. From time to time, he can still hear his pronunciation.
When Zhang Ting came over, he happened to see Hao Yi’s picture. Looking at this guy from a distance, Zhang Ting couldn’t help but want to laugh. Sometimes she wondered if ancient students had to shake their heads when reading, so they could remember more.
Hear behind to laugh Hao Yi turned his eyes from behind to look up just to see Zhang Ting’s face didn’t hide to laugh. Hao Yi turned red and gently shouted "Sister Zhang Ting" toward Zhang Ting.
Now that Hao Yi found out, she wasn’t going to continue peeking behind him. She swaggered in and cast a glance in front of him. He was holding the Analects of Confucius.
"You seem to be working hard these days. What’s the matter? Can’t you keep up with your studies?" Zhang Tingxin looked at Hao Yi and asked.
Although this little guy is Hao Yi’s future brother-in-law, Zhang Ting takes care of him more as his own brother, even Hao Gui is just like An An.
Hao Yishen was afraid that Zhang Ting might misunderstand that he didn’t study hard, so he immediately waved his hand and explained to Zhang Ting, "Sister Zhang Ting, don’t misunderstand that my study in school is not bad. Even my husband sometimes praises me. In fact, I will review my lessons in the house in a few days. That’s because I want to do a good job in the school in a couple of days. I want to let outsiders know that our Hao family children are not bad at school."
More importantly, he wants his big brother and sister Zhang Ting to pay back for themselves, and getting good grades is the best reward for them.
He knew that he could get into the school because his family saved money and sent him there, so as not to disappoint his family. He could get his best academic performance so as not to disappoint his eldest brother and sister Zhang Ting, who were so kind to him.
Chapter 161 No discount
Zhang Ting looked at Hao Yi in front of him. It was estimated that Hao Yishen had entered the school during this period. "Don’t push yourself too hard to do well in the exam. If you don’t do well in the exam, we will continue to work hard again. Anyway, we all know that it didn’t take long for you to enter the school. Even if you didn’t do well in the exam, no one will say that if someone really says something about you, you tell Zhang Ting’s sister Zhang Ting to help you hit them to the net." Speaking of which, Zhang Ting winked at him and smiled.
Hao Yi heard Zhang Ting’s words and pursed her lips. She gently nodded at Zhang Ting and said with a smile, "I know, don’t worry, Sister Zhang Ting, I will take good care of myself."
Zhang Ting nodded to stretch out his hand and touch his head, but when he thought of this, the custom of a boy as big as Hao Yi was not such a thing. They had gradually understood that they had just raised their hands. Zhang Ting looked at him and said, "Ok, you know how to do it, so I won’t bother you, but don’t look too long. Sometimes it is best to come out and play with Hao Gui and them."
Hao Yiwei smiled and nodded with Zhang Ting. I don’t know what. I chatted with Zhang Ting’s sister. He found that he had been nervous and seemed to be much better.
Coming out of the room, Zhang Ting went back to the kitchen. The firewood in the stove had just burned out and she stuffed a piece of firewood into Zhang Ting. Then she started to eat dishes tonight.
Fresh vegetables are the most important thing for Hao family. I fried a leek and scrambled eggs and two vegetables. This is Hao family’s dinner tonight.
I just finished dinner and went to the medicine field. I have been reluctant to come back. Master Jia ran back to Hao’s house with joy and also slammed into Hao’s gate net.
As Hao’s family was hit by a force, it rang violently, and then he came to Master Jia and excitedly shouted Zhang Tingyin, "Girl, where are you? Come out quickly. I have something good to show you."
While packing in the kitchen, Zhang Ting heard shouting and shook her head and smiled. She saw that after Master Jia came here, the rules of his rich family had already let him go to the outside world.
I didn’t ask Master Jia to wait for him. After he shouted, Zhang Ting came out of the kitchen. Now the kitchen door is looking for her in the yard. Master Jia asked, "Master, what’s the matter? Is there a dog chasing you in the village?"
Master Jia saw Zhang Ting coming out of the kitchen and immediately turned around and walked towards her side. He took out something from his hand and put it in front of Zhang Ting and said, "Girl, do you see what this is?"
Zhang Ting opened her eyes wide for a while and suddenly felt that this master was playing with himself. She took a deep breath with this common medicinal material. Zhang Ting looked at Master Jia and said, "Master, do you want to test me or do you think I am stupid? Isn’t this Spatholobus suberectus?" If she remembered correctly, she seemed to remember that many such medicinal materials were planted in her medicine field.
Master Jia nodded his head after listening to Zhang Ting’s explanation and said, "Yes, it’s Spatholobus suberectus. Do you know that this Spatholobus suberectus was picked from your medicine field and these can be picked?"
Looking happy and about to jump up, Master Jia Zhang Ting is a little confused. Isn’t it a kind of Spatholobus suberectus? Is it necessary for Master Jia to be so excited?
"Sir, isn’t this Spatholobus suberectus? I don’t know what gold, silver and jewelry you picked up in the medicine field." Zhang Ting looked at Master Jia funny and said.
As soon as Zhang Ting’s words fell, Master Jia blew his head off to entertain "Girl, what do you know about this Spatholobus suberectus? Although it is not a precious medicinal material and it is not very rare, you don’t know that it is because this medicine is good and it is related to hemostasis. Many yiguang people take them as a substitute for Sanqi, and we often have more than the amount received."
Zhang Ting shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t know much about these drugs because she wasn’t a pharmacy. Now, listening to Master Jia’s Zhang Ting is only a little bit.
"Sir, I think your expression seems to be in the name of those Spatholobus suberectus ideas in my medicine field. Go ahead. What do you want?" Zhang Ting felt that she was somehow also called michel platini, the michel platini, and when she frowned, she knew that michel platini was playing a bad idea again.
Master Jia didn’t see through his adopted daughter because of his own idea. He still smiled and looked at Zhang Ting’s tone almost kindly and Zhang Ting’s set almost "small court. Anyway, you are now half a miss Jia’s family. See if you should think of Jia’s family in everything."
"michel platini, say what you have. Don’t give up. Do you want me to sell this Spatholobus suberectus to Jia yiguang?" Zhang Ting smiled and told Master Jia.
Master Jia nodded his head when he heard Zhang Ting’s words. "Mm-hmm, that’s exactly what I mean, girl. Look, anyway, you want to sell the Spatholobus suberectus. You might as well sell it to Jia Jia’s yiguang, wouldn’t you say so?"
Zhang Ting glanced at Master Jia with Spatholobus in his hand. I didn’t expect that this Spatholobus could be picked after being planted for half a year, but it’s no wonder that when the Spatholobus was planted so soon, the seedlings were all obtained by Zhang Ting from the other side of the mountain. At that time, the medicinal seedlings had reached adulthood.
"Ok, since Jia Jia yiguang is going to accept it for you, but the price can’t be lowered for me. Although you are my michel platini, my brothers still have to settle accounts. I won’t give you a discount." Zhang Ting smiled and said to Master Jia.
Master Jia refused to let Zhang Ting give him a discount. He also knew that his adopted daughter planted all those medicinal materials as a selling point. How could he let this adopted daughter suffer? Besides, although his Jia family is not extremely rich in that place in the city, there is still a certain fortune, which makes it even more impossible to be greedy for this adopted daughter’s advantage.
However, although Master Jia won’t be greedy for this goddaughter’s cheap, I heard with my own ears that this goddaughter wanted to do business with myself, so Master Jia couldn’t help but tell Zhang Ting angrily, "What a greedy girl."
After scolding Zhang Ting, Master Jia went back to his room in high spirits. It is estimated that he wrote a letter to Jia Lin in the city.
Chapter 162 Interrupt romance
Master Jia went in and didn’t come out of the room until half an hour ago. His face was bright and smiling. He took this letter and handed it to Hao Yi, who was going to study in the city. "Hao Yi, please help Jia Bobo to give this letter to you. Jia Dage gave it to Liwen Learning Network."
Hao Yi glanced at the letter handed by Master Jia and nodded gently. "I know, Uncle Jia." Hao Yi packed it carefully.
It wasn’t long before the meal was set. Hao Ren rode back when it was dark. He heard the horseshoe outside the door and Zhang Ting came out smiling. He just saw Ma Haoren speed up a few steps and approached him. "How about your colleagues in the yamen who are willing to come and help our family?"
Hao Ren heard the sound behind him and smiled and said to Zhang Ting, "They promised to come to our side early in the morning to help, but Xiaoting promised them that they would cook beggar chickens and entertain them to drink good wine." Hao Ren was a little embarrassed when it came to the back.