Hao Ren pursed her lips, but he felt that she could not go to this kind of thing at all. But the thought of this kind-hearted woman, Hao Ren, completely understood, "Yes, you can go if you want. Do you want me to go with you when you go?"

Zhang Ting shook his head. "No, the yamen should be very busy over there. Just work hard over there. You’re not worried about my side. Now the case is solved and it will be fine."
Two people to discuss this matter, such as Hao Ren after dinner and went to the bathroom to take a bath, Hao’s side was blown out by candlelight.
The next day, Zhang Ting took Hao Gui and the three of them to the Wangs and handed them over to Aunt Wang to take care of Zhang Ting. Only then did he catch the carriage and go to Dinggu Village last night. Hao Ren knew that Zhang Ting was going to Dinggu Village today and specially left the horse at home for Zhang Ting.
When I came to Ding Gu gate, it was different from yesterday. Today, people came and went in Ding Gu courtyard, but Zhang Ting felt a little unaccustomed. As soon as she came, the villagers looked at her.
The courtyard suddenly became quiet in the house. Ding Niang naturally heard what happened at home. Ding Niang rushed out wearing a mourning dress. "Boss, why are you here again?"
Zhang Ting heard Ding Niang’s funny words and looked at Ding Niang and asked, "Ding Niang, don’t you welcome me here?"
Ding Nianli shook her head and her eyes were red, so she came over to Zhang Ting. "No, it’s not the owner. I didn’t expect you to say it again. It’s a funeral today, but none of them will come except these villagers in the village who came to my mother-in-law’s relatives."
"Come on, don’t think so much. It’s true to finish your mother-in-law’s funeral." Zhang Ting patted Ding Niang’s hand and said.
At this moment, an old man in his fifties and sixties came out of the room. Ding Niang wiped her eyes and tears to introduce Zhang Ting to "The owner is the head of our village."
"Village head, this is my boss who works in Hao Village. She came here today to attend my mother-in-law’s funeral." Ding Niang introduced Zhang Ting to Ding Village head again.
Chapter 152 Envy
Out of courtesy, Zhang Ting greeted the Ding Cun mayor, "Ding Cun grows well."
When Ding Cun heard Ding Niang explain to him that this is Hao Jia Village’s chicken essence owner, the village chief Ding’s eyes suddenly flashed with shining light. Now, in those villages near Hao Jia Village, which one doesn’t know that Hao Jia Village is very good because of a woman?
"So you are the female doll that Hao Laogui said in his mouth. I can’t believe that you can save the half-dead village of Hao Laotou at an early age." Ding Cunchang looked at Zhang Ting with envy and said.
Zhang Ting heard somebody else’s mouth say that the old man Hao soon knew who the old man Hao was in his mouth. It must be Hao village head Zhang Ting, who once heard Hao Ren say that every village in this county had some contacts if it weren’t too far away.
"I didn’t do anything when Village Chief Ding was polite. The villagers in Haojia Village can live better and better now. It’s all because they are willing to do it. I just did it. They helped me when they wanted to help a construction site." Zhang Ting said to Village Chief Ding with a polite face.
Ding Cunchang touched his face with satisfaction, and looked at Zhang Ting with a pale face. He sighed in his heart that this Hao old ghost was too lucky to get such a good girl to help him. Why didn’t he have this good life? Thought of here, Ding Cunchang’s face flashed with a depressed expression.
Soon Ding Cun changed his depressed face to a smiling expression and stared at Zhang Ting and asked, "Little girl, I heard the old man Hao say that it is true that you are going to build a workshop in Hao Village."
Zhang Ting heard this sentence from Ding Cunchang, and she was stunned. She didn’t discuss this matter with Hao Cunchang for a few days. How can it be known everywhere?
Ding village head seems to have seen Zhang Ting’s doubts in his heart and explained to Zhang Ting with a smile, "This matter is no secret now. The old ghost Hao in your village has already shown off this matter. This matter has made several village heads around us jealous."
Speaking of which, Village Chief Ding suddenly turned his eyes and looked at Zhang Ting with a funny look, saying, "Little girl, what’s so good about that place in Haojia Village, and that person in Haojia’s village doesn’t look so good. There are many very nice guys in my village. Why don’t I introduce you to one?"
Zhang Ting’s face flashed a little surprised and looked at him and said, "Ding Cun’s marriage with Hao Ren was decided by my parents since childhood."
Ding Cunchang’s face flashed with embarrassment when he heard Zhang Ting’s words. He didn’t know what happened to himself. At the thought of this little girl being an artist, it was so cheap that Hao Gucun was a little reluctant. He just said this sentence without thinking, which was a bit disgusting.
"That’s, that’s, that’s parents’ orders. Marriage is the most important thing. It’s also that I’m confused. I’m sorry, Miss Zhang Ting. Just pretend you didn’t hear anything." Ding Cunchang said to Zhang Ting with a face of embarrassment
Zhang Ting smiled back. "Don’t worry, I think it was just because of Ding Village Chief that you helped Ding Gu get too tired. I just said something at random. I won’t take it to heart, and the two of us will know about it." Say that finish, Zhang Tingchao blinked at the Ding Village Chief.
"Yes, there are too many things in Ding Gu today, and I am going to confuse my old head." Ding Cun saw that Zhang Ting gave himself a step, and Ma Chao’s family cast a grateful look and then sent himself from the embarrassing situation along this step.
At this moment, a cheerful voice sounded from outside Ding Gu. "Sister, are you here to tell me the answer today?" Xiaohua saw Zhang Ting appear in Ding Gu Yard and ran towards Zhang Ting happily.
Zhang Ting saw Xiaohua running to his eyes and was stunned. He quickly remembered Xiaohua’s mouth and said what the answer was. "Xiaohua wants your parents to promise you that you can go out and do things, so you can come to work here."
As soon as Xiaohua’s eyes lit up, she turned around and shouted, "Come in, Empress."
As Xiaohua shouted, a woman came in, but because of the hard life, this woman’s face didn’t look like Xiaohua’s. A child’s mother looked like Xiaohua’s grandmother.
"Xiaohua, what are you doing calling Niang in? Didn’t you see Niang helping out outside? Don’t make trouble everywhere, okay?" Ding Shi heard her daughter calling herself in, and her daughter encountered something difficult in it. There is nothing wrong with coming in and finding her daughter’s roots well.
Xiaohua pulled Ding Shi’s hand towards Zhang Ting before her mother scolded her. "Mom, do you remember what I told you yesterday? She is the same aunt’s boss. I tell you, the same aunt’s boss has promised me to let me go there to do things. I can go to Mom. Tell the same aunt’s boss that you are willing to let me go there to do things."
Ding Shi, after hearing her daughter’s words, paused for a moment and looked up at Zhang Ting’s side. Her face was scared and her head was half lowered. She said to Zhang Ting, "This girl, are you my second sister-in-law owner? Haojiacun makes chicken essence that owner."
After yesterday’s incident, Zhang Ting knew that he was famous in this Dingjia Village. Now when he heard Xiaohua’s mother asking about her identity, Zhang Ting was very calm and nodded at others. "Yes, I am Hao Jiacun’s chicken essence. Just call me Xiaoting."
Ding Shi’s face flashed with joy when he heard Zhang Ting’s admission. He grabbed Xiaohua’s hand and said to Zhang Ting, "Xiaoting girl, I will please you as a child. The child’s father can do some relaxing things at home because he broke his leg. Now it is a problem for his family to have enough food and clothing. His family might as well let the child go to your place to do some work when they are waiting for starvation."
Zhang Ting seems to agree to send her daughter to work when she listens to this mother tone. "Since your parents agree, let her come with Ding Niang in a few days."
Ding Shi a listen to busy according to the floret head to bow and kowtow with Zhang Ting, the mother and daughter this move immediately gave Zhang Ting a fright, busy to stop them both mother and daughter "if you don’t do such a gift to me, if floret can’t do it well, I may not want her. I’ll tell you in advance."
Chapter 153 Regret tears
"We know don’t worry. If you don’t want Xiaohua to do it, it’s also that this girl didn’t do it well. We won’t blame you." Ding Shi told Zhang Ting with excited tears in her eyes
"I’ll work hard, boss." Xiaohua looked at Zhang Ting and assured him that generate was full of tenacious vitality in his small eyes.
Looking at this young girl in front of her, Zhang Ting still reached out and touched her little head and encouraged, "Well, you should work hard. If you can’t do it well, will I ask you to do it for nothing?"
Not long after, many villagers in Dingjia Village learned that when the identity of Zhang Ting came, there were always one or two women with different faces around Zhang Ting. It is estimated that these people all had a heart, that is, to see if Zhang Ting could notice and pick up an opportunity to work in Haojia Village.
For these villagers, Zhang Ting doesn’t know or want to know these thoughts. She knows that she came here today to support Ding Niang.
Even if the deceased is big, Zhang Ting doesn’t like Ding Niang, the mother-in-law. Now that she is dead, Zhang Ting still has to give her a few sticks of incense. When it is getting closer and closer to the funeral time of the deceased, a figure that shouldn’t have appeared at the door of Ding Gu appears. When it appears noisy, Ding Gu suddenly becomes quiet.
Zhang Ting saw the bet Ding Dali came in. Hao Ren immediately got up from his position and came over to Hao Ren’s side and asked in a low voice, "What’s going on here? How did this Ding Dali come?"
Hao Ren saw Zhang Tingchao Zhang Ting coming towards him and gently hooked his lips. After all, it’s a bit inappropriate for him to laugh at this time.
"This Ding Dali today happily admitted that he killed the two female murderers. Lin Daren sentenced him to the autumn, but this Ding Dali pleaded a favor after pleading guilty, hoping that Lin Daren could let him go home to attend his mother’s funeral." Hao Ren said with Zhang Ting in a low voice.
Zhang Ting sighed when I heard this. In fact, this Ding Dali is really a filial piety, but the only pity is that he was badly taught by his mother, which led to a distorted disease in his heart, which led to this tragic thing today.
Ding Dali walked slowly into Ding Gu Hall. When his eyes saw his mother lying in the hall, Ding Dali immediately screamed and cried, "The empress killed your mother, but it was wrong."
Ding Dali’s desperate and regretful cry immediately showed all the villagers present and cried. Although these people hated this Ding Dali in their hearts, they still felt very uncomfortable when they saw Ding Dali’s mother crying like this.
Ding Niang held her hand tightly over her mouth, and the tears in her eyes never stopped. Suddenly, the children in the room were frightened by crying outside, and suddenly they cried inside.
The original crying Ding Dali heard crying inside and slowly stopped crying. A pair of dying eyes looked into the room.
At this time, everyone was worried that this Ding Dali would go crazy again and kill her crying daughter. Just when everyone was very worried, Ding Dali suddenly looked at Ding Niang’s side.
Ding Dali, this is the first time to look at his so-called wife so seriously. He vaguely remembers that when they got married, this woman seemed to look much better than now, but it was because he didn’t have a man that this woman became like this.
Suddenly there was a scene that surprised everyone in the hall. When everyone saw Ding Dali, they suddenly plopped down in front of Ding Niang and grabbed Ding Niang’s hand and wept bitterly. They said, "I made a mistake before Ding Niang. I shouldn’t beat you every day, so please take good care of her. Don’t let her know that she has a father like me. I don’t deserve to be her father."
Ding Niang cried even more when she heard this sentence from Ding Dali. When there was no accident in this family, she looked forward to this man every day, but she could look back at her and her daughter. Now this man finally repented with her and her daughter, but he didn’t expect to repent under such circumstances.
Village head Ding sighed and told the villagers to burn a few sticks of incense and put them in Ding Dali’s hand. "Vigorously, your mother is gone now. You are her only son. Please give your mother incense."
Ding Dali heard this sentence from Ding Cunchang, and his eyes were red. He nodded with Ding Cunchang and said, "Thank you, Village Chief." Then Ding Dali held these incense sticks and gave his mother a face of sadness.
After the worship, Xiang Ding vigorously staggered from the ground to wipe the tears in her eyes and cast a glance at Ding Niang’s side. Then without saying anything, she turned and walked to Hao Ren’s side and said softly, "Thank you, big brother, for letting me worship my mother today. Ding Dali is now dead and sorry, but she can go back to prison."
Hao Ren patted Ding Dali on the shoulder and said, "Do something wrong in this life and strive to be a good man in the next life." Say that finish this sentence, Hao Renchao nodded his head at Zhang Ting and left Ding Gu with Ding Dali.
When Ding Dali was away from Ding Gu for a long time, he was immersed in the sad atmosphere of Ding Dali’s mother and daughter. This sad atmosphere didn’t dissipate until Mrs Ding was buried in the loess and the funeral was completed.
After Ding Gu’s funeral, Zhang Ting was ready to go back to Hao Gucun. When he went back, Zhang Ting gave Ding Niang five taels of silver. "What are you doing? I can’t accept your silver any more. Yesterday, you gave me two taels of silver, and there was still a lot of money left." Ding Niang saw Zhang Ting stuffing the silver into her hand and pushed it back to Zhang Ting with guilt.
Zhang Ting once again put the silver back into her hand. When Ding Niang was about to push it back, Zhang Ting said to her, "Ding Niang, I didn’t give you this money. I gave it to your daughter. I just showed her that she is in poor health. If she suffers from malnutrition for a long time, she may not be able to support herself. Do you know?"
Ding Niang heard Zhang Ting cry her daughter’s tears and whizzed away. Zhang Ting talked about her daughter Ding Niang’s pain in her heart. Since she was born with a father, she has a grandmother who is as delicious as a grandmother. It’s not their mother and daughter’s turn to think about it. Sometimes she really feels that this family is gone, which is actually a blessing for them.
Chapter 154 Visit quietly