When Zhang Ting heard this sentence, he stopped suddenly and looked up at Hao Ren and asked, "Did Ding Dali solve the case so quickly?"

Hao Ren gently nodded. "Yes, that’s him, but this man is really a fool. He took the things he took back from those two women home and gave them to his mother, who didn’t know that these things were pulled back from the dead by her. Let’s go to his house and find out immediately."
"What is Master Lin going to do with this Ding Dali?" The only thing Zhang Ting can think of now is Ding Niang and her daughter who was born less than a few months ago. I don’t know what happened to their mother and daughter now.
Hao Ren snorted. "This Ding Dali is a beast with a human face. His methods of killing women are too cruel. I think Lord Lin will sentence him to a question."
Zhang Ting didn’t say much about this matter. After a while, Zhang Ting couldn’t help asking Hao Ren about Ding Gu’s affairs. "How did you get Ding Dali away from his mother?"
Hao Ren suddenly laughed, but Zhang Ting recognized that his smile was full of ridicule. "You didn’t go to see that Ding Gu old woman in Xiaoting, which is also unreasonable. I think Ding Dali became what he is today because of his mother."
"What did she do? But I heard from my second aunt today about the Ding family. It seems that this old Ding family woman still sleeps with her son every night. Is this true? " Zhang Ting is a little sick when he talks about it. So many adults still sleep together.
Hao Ren ha ha smiled. "Isn’t that right? We also asked their neighbors about this matter before we knew about it. It turns out that this Ding Jiamu is also a poor couple. Da Li’s father abandoned his wife because of a woman. This Ding Dali was brought up by his mother. When she was a child, the old woman whispered in Ding Dali’s ear every day about how those young women were, and for a long time, Ding Dali’s supplies became a mentality of hating young women. All these evils were created by Ding Dali."
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"But now it’s also the wicked who deserve what they deserve. This Ding Dali went to prison. This Ding old woman died when she heard that her son had killed someone." Here, Hao Ren’s face is disdainful to laugh. This is what the poor people must hate.
Speaking of which, the hot water in this cauldron is also ready. "Well, don’t think about these things. When the water is ready, go and wash it quickly."
Hao Ren gently, um, made some water, then turned around and said to Zhang Ting, who was busy in the kitchen, "Go to bed first."
Zhang Ting glanced at the kitchen and saw that the busy things had been finished, so he nodded happily. "That’s fine. You can go to bed early after washing. Don’t make it too late."
After talking, the two men went back to the room to sleep and take a bath. After a while, Hao’s home was quiet and fell back. This silence directly arrived the next morning.
After breakfast, Zhang Ting kept thinking about things in her own workshop, and Ding Niang didn’t know if people had come to work with Aunt Wang today.
Zhang Ting told this story to Hao Ren, and Hao Ren agreed that "we really should go and see that people are working on our side now, so we should settle them down well. Why don’t I go with you?"
Zhang Ting shook his head. "No, I can just go by myself. Please watch these children for me at home. By the way, teach them to write a word. I have checked the lessons of the three of them these days because I have nothing to do outside."
Hao Ren nodded his head without hesitation when he heard this command from Zhang Ting. "That’s fine. If she didn’t come, don’t worry. It’s understandable that Ding Gu didn’t come for such a big thing now."
"Don’t worry, are you and I such unreasonable people? If she doesn’t come, I should also go to her house to see if I don’t come back for lunch later. You can handle it yourself. Then I may go to Ding Gu Village with my second aunt." Zhang Tingbian told the man behind him as he walked into the house.
Hao Ren opened his mouth and later thought that the murder case in the city had been solved. Now it won’t be dangerous for her to walk outside. Thought of this, Hao Ren swallowed the words and said "Be careful" to Zhang Ting when Zhang Tinglin went out.
When Zhang Ting came to Aunt Wang’s house, she asked Aunt Wang’s house and got the news that Ding Niang really didn’t come today.
"Tiny court, this Ding Niang is really pitiful. Is your Hao Ren back? Did that Ding Dali really kill those two female murderers?" Wang Er aunts looked at Zhang Ting and asked
Zhang Ting gently nodded. "Isn’t it him? I heard Hao Ren say that when I went to his house to search last night, I found the stolen goods. This Ding Dali couldn’t admit that she was the murderer. I also heard Hao Ren say that Ding Niang’s mother-in-law learned that her son was a murderer and died without a breath."
"What can I do? This man has become a murderer’s mother-in-law and lost this Ding Niang’s life. It’s really bitter." Aunt Wang heard Zhang Ting’s sympathy for Ding Niang in this sentence.
Zhang Ting also sighed and looked at Aunt Wang and said, "Aunt Wang, I want to go to Dingjia Village. Can you come with me?"
Aunt Wang nodded, "Of course, I’ll tell my daughter-in-law now, and then we’ll go to Ding Gucun together. This man is in prison, and her mother-in-law is gone. Where can a woman like Ding Niang do? We should go to see a family." After saying this, Aunt Wang hurried in that direction in the backyard.
After a while, Aunt Wang hurried out again and let Zhang Ting stop before entering the room. "Aunt Wang, take out two raw chickens. You wait for me at home for a while. I’ll go home first and bring the carriage here."
When Aunt Wang heard this command from Zhang Ting, she replied, "Oh, well, go ahead. I know how to do it." Then Zhang Ting told Aunt Wang to grab the chicken without any hesitation.
Later, when she heard Zhang Ting say that she was going to Ding Gu, she also thought about catching one or two chickens to other people’s homes, but it was hard for her to say that the chickens in this family were all Zhang Ting, so she kept this idea in her heart, but fortunately, Zhang Ting, a girl, was a heart-breaker.
When Zhang Ting came home, he found a carriage parked at his gate. When Zhang Ting took a closer look, he found that the carriage was not his home.
Before Zhang Ting finished watching Hao Ren’s figure carefully, he appeared in front of Zhang Ting. "I just heard you say that you are going to Dingjia Village, which is a distance from our village. I think you must come to this carriage and I will pack it for you."
After hearing this explanation from Hao Ren, Zhang Ting immediately smiled and said, "Thank you, Hao Ren. I’m welcome. My second aunt is still waiting for me at home."
"Let’s go, be careful when driving the carriage. Don’t drive too fast." Hao Ren sent Zhang Ting for a long distance until Zhang Ting told him not to send Hao Ren again. This stopped and watched Zhang Ting leave home.
When Zhang Ting drove the carriage to Aunt Wang’s house, Aunt Wang was already at home. When Aunt Wang saw Zhang Ting rushing over, her face flashed with excitement and she borrowed Zhang Tingli to fart and sat down on the carriage.
Sitting in the carriage, Aunt Wang said with excitement to Zhang Ting, "Aunt Wang sat in the carriage this time, but she finally got a chance to take a carriage, but this carriage just can’t compare with the ox cart. This carriage is comfortable and faster than the ox cart. No wonder all the rich people sit in the carriage instead of taking the ox cart." Aunt Wang sat in the carriage and looked curious like Grandma Liu visiting the Grand View Garden.
Zhang Ting chuckled at the words of Aunt Wang and said to Aunt Wang with a smile, "Aunt Wang, you should be a rich man today and let me catch the carriage for you."
Aunt Wang laughed at Zhang Ting’s joke and said to Zhang Ting, "That’s all right. Today, aunt Wang, I will be a rich man and enjoy a ride in a carriage."
Two people sit in a carriage and say a few words from time to time. This road has a companion. During the journey, both of them don’t realize how far Ding Gu Village is from Hao Jia Village.