"Thank you, michel platini." Zhang Ting smiled gratefully at Master Jia and then turned to Hao Ren. "Well, we can start. Do you want me to take the medicine box out?"

Hao Ren shook his head. "No, you just go with me." Say that finish this sentence, Hao Ren took Zhang Ting’s hand and strode out of the side of the horse parked in front of Hao’s house. Then Hao Renxian helped Zhang Ting to help the horse, and then he followed across the horse. Soon, the two of them quickly disappeared into everyone’s sight.
Out of Hao Gucun, I haven’t ridden a horse. Zhang Ting clung to the horse rope tightly, and the strong wind blowing in her face also distracted her nervousness. However, Zhang Ting would like to know what she did when she followed this man out.
"Hao Ren, you haven’t told me where we are going. What can I do for you?" Zhang Ting looked back and shouted at the man holding himself behind him.
Hao Ren, who is in charge of the horse, felt guilty when he heard the woman shouting in front of him. If he hadn’t been talkative at that time and said a few more words there, I’m afraid the women around him wouldn’t run back and forth with him now.
"I’m sorry to say that the small court is the cause of the incident. This incident is all my fault. If I hadn’t been talkative and said a few more words in the yamen, you wouldn’t have hurried to follow me to the city today." Behind Zhang Ting, Hao Ren was full of apologies
Zhang Ting frowned slightly at his words and turned to the man behind him and asked, "Hao Ren, what do you mean by this sentence? I can’t understand you. Did you say that in the yamen with me?"
Hao Ren’s guilt in his eyes became more obvious and he nodded gently at Zhang Ting. "Well, I accidentally told Hao Gui that there are actually many ways to help the deceased after someone died. I don’t know how to let my yamen hear this sentence and insist that I take you there today."
Zhang Ting was silent when she heard this. She said this sentence at that time to teach several children in the family to know more about this unknown world.
Hao Ren saw that Zhang Ting didn’t say a word. She must be angry with herself. She immediately had a good attitude and apologized to Zhang Ting. "If you want to blame me, it’s all my mouth. You can scold me if you want to scold me. I know I deserve it."
Listen to the ear and admit your mistake. When Zhang Ting looked back at someone’s self-reproaching face, Zhang Ting chuckled and looked at him and said, "What am I blaming you for? I know that you didn’t mean to say it. Anyway, it’s not a big deal for people to know this sentence. They will know it when they know it."
Seeing her forgive her eyes, Hao Ren clenched his hand and made a promise to Zhang Ting. "Thank you for forgiving me for this stupid thing, Xiao Ting. I promise you it won’t happen again."
Just as they were talking and riding horses, the situation soon stopped at the entrance of the yamen where they were going.
This is the first time for Zhang Ting to come to this place. To be honest, Zhang Ting was still nervous when he set foot here. He always felt that this place was a bit suffocating.
As soon as I got off the horse with Hao Ren in Zhang Ting, I saw Gao Fu, who usually patrolled the street with Hao Ren, running out happily. I said to Zhang Ting and Hao Ren, "Little sister Hao Ren, you two can finally come. Come on in. Adults have been asking me if you two have come."
Zhang Ting eyebrows a cu took Hao Ren arm is preparing to move forward "we are going to see the county government in the magistrate’s adult? Why didn’t you tell me just now? "
Hao Ren saw Zhang Ting wringing his eyebrows and crossing the expression of apology. "I’m sorry, Xiaoting. I just didn’t dare to tell you that we are going to see adults. I’m afraid you will be even more afraid if I say it."
Chapter 133 can make the dead talk?
Zhang Ting looked at him with a wry smile and said, "You will be even more afraid if you tell me now. At least if you tell me on the road, I can calm down my nervousness on the road. Now that I’m fine, you just tell me that I don’t even have to calm down my nervousness."
"Little sister, don’t be nervous. We adults are very nice. You will know when you see him later." Gao Fu looked at Zhang Ting with a face of mirth and said.
Zhang Tingchao Gao Fu smiled, took a deep breath and said to Hao Ren, "Come on, let’s go in. Don’t keep the magistrate’s adult waiting." Say that finish this sentence, Zhang Ting took a deep breath and walked into the yamen again.
Just after she had just gone two steps, she suddenly let the human hold Zhang Ting with one hand, looked down and looked up at the man around her, and then heard Hao Ren’s assurance in her ear that "I am not afraid of protecting you, and no one can hurt you".
Zhang Tingchao chuckled at him and gently nodded his head. He looked at him with a pair of eyes full of letters. "I believe you."
Behind them, Gao Fu looked at the two of them so lovingly, and his heart was a little envious, but Gao Fu soon thought that there was also a happy smile in his mother’s eyes, and he strode towards Zhang Ting and Hao Renfang.
After a short journey, Zhang Ting soon saw the master of this city, that is, the magistrate of this yamen.
The magistrate’s adult is neither thin nor fat, and the middle-aged man with a moderate figure shows his imposing manner when he laughs with Zhang Ting. With this feeling, Zhang Ting also feels that he doesn’t look like a corrupt official
At least after she has been here for so long, the simple villagers in those villages in Haojia Village in the city still have a high opinion of the magistrate’s adult. Four words can sum up that people remain uncorrupted
Lin county magistrate saw a little surprise in Zhang Ting’s eyes when he was led in by Hao Ren. I didn’t expect that the real words from Hao Ren’s mouth were actually a little girl of such age.
"Small court, this is Lin’s adult." Hao Ren told Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting gave an official and civilian ceremony to Lin County magistrate to "meet the adults".
Dr. Lin smiled kindly. "The girl doesn’t have to bother. Today, it’s also an official faux pas. In a hurry, Hao Ren will invite the girl into the yamen, but it’s also a last resort. Please don’t blame the official."
Listening to people’s words, Zhang Ting felt that even if she didn’t like coming here very much in her heart, the unhappiness in her heart had long since disappeared.
"Adults don’t say that. It’s a blessing for a small court to be able to do things for adults." Zhang Ting said this sentence from the heart. People are so respectful to receive themselves, and she doesn’t need to feel wronged.
Lin county magistrate showed satisfied eyes, and he could see that the little girl looked young, but she talked more like a prick than an old prick who had been in officialdom for a long time.
"Hao Ren, you are a good sister. You can talk at an early age." Lin’s adult saw that Zhang Ting was smaller than Hao Ren and Zhang Ting was Hao Ren’s sister.
At Zhang Ting’s side, Hao Ren’s face turned slightly ugly when he heard this sentence from Lin’s adult. Xiao explained to Lin, "My adult, you misunderstood that she is not my sister, she is my fiancee."
Lin’s adult’s face flashed with embarrassment when he heard this sentence from Hao Ren, and his face was embarrassed after he was stunned. He said, "Oh, I’m so sorry. I still think you two are brother and sister."
Hao Ren continued to look unhappy and said to Lin’s adult, "My adult and I are not like brothers and sisters. She is my daughter-in-law, and she is my daughter-in-law." Hao Ren specifically wanted to let Lin remember that Zhang Ting is not his sister, but his daughter-in-law.
Zhang Ting looked at Hao Ren and couldn’t help laughing. Seeing that Lin’s face was embarrassed, Zhang Ting quickly changed a topic and asked Lin, "Adults don’t know if Xiaoting can ask an adult to ask Xiaoting to come over. What is the matter?"
At this time, Lord Lin was really grateful to Zhang Ting for turning a topic and throwing a grateful look at Zhang Ting. After that, Ma said to Zhang Ting, "By the way, you didn’t tell the official, and you almost forgot the reason for calling you here. Hao Ren also told the official a lot of girls, and the official asked you a word. Can you really let the dead talk?"
Zhang Ting chuckled and looked at Lin Daren and said, "Lin Daren, how can you believe this kind of thing? The dead are all dead. How can you talk?" Seeing Lin Daren’s eyes flashing and lost, Zhang Ting smiled again and continued, "Lin Daren, don’t be disappointed. Listen to me slowly. Although I can’t let the dead talk, we can still find out what the dead experienced before they died."
"Don’t you think it’s those things?" Lin asked with an eyebrow at Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting shook his head and nodded at him for a while, which confused everyone present.
Lord Lin looked at Zhang Ting puzzled and asked, "Girl, you just nodded and shook your head for a while. What do you mean? Didn’t the official just say it was wrong?"
Zhang Ting smiled and explained, "Lord Lin, in fact, what you just said is right or wrong. I said that we can find out what the deceased experienced before he died, but it is also different from the mortuary, because I said that these things sometimes have to be solved through the corpse department of the deceased."
"The dead body department? What the hell is going on here? Why is the official getting worse and worse? " Adult Lin still looked at Zhang Ting with a puzzled face.