Zhang Ting really made his family laugh and cry and secretly cast a glance at Hao Ren’s side. I didn’t expect this guy to secretly look at her. Something called passion twisted in their sight.

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Chapter 125 Just call siblings.
Soon, Hao Ren became a fast catcher in the city, and things have reached the village home. Now Hao Ren is in Hao Jia Village, which is used by villagers to educate children. Sometimes when Zhang Ting walks in the village path, he will hear his parents scold their naughty and naughty children. "If you mix around like this again, you will definitely not be as promising as Hao Jia Hao Ren." Every time I hear this, Zhang Ting laughs.
With Hao Ren as a catcher in the city, it is not only Hao Mengshi who please the Hao family, but even Hao Gui, a few of them who play in the village, are also loved and cared for by many children in the village. Zhang Ting has to sigh that it seems that no matter where the dynasty is powerful, it can lead a good life.
It’s sunny today, probably because it’s getting closer to winter and it’s getting a little cold recently. This morning, Zhang Ting took out the winter clothes she bought from the city and changed them for the three little guys when they woke up.
"Zhang Ting sister good-looking? Isn’t An An beautiful? " Although Hao Anan is the youngest, it is only because of girls that she becomes very boastful at an early age.
"Look at what our family wears in peace." Zhang Ting smiled and braided the little guy.
When I heard Zhang Ting’s words in peace, my face smiled even more. Suddenly, there was a headdress flower next to my finger and said to Zhang Ting, "Sister Zhang Ting asked eldest brother to buy back those two headdresses so that they would look good when tied up in peace."
Zhang Ting took one look in the direction of An An’s finger. They were two red bouquets blooming like flowers. Hao Ren once bought them for this sister when he was working in the city. Hao An liked them very much.
"Good sisters, they must tie your hair and make our home beautiful." Zhang Ting smiled and tied two braids for Ann, and this little guy in red looks pink and tender, which makes people love him very much.
Dress Hao Anan and tie up her hair. Zhang Ting dressed Hao Gui and Xiaokang. After the whole family was dressed, four people took Zhang Ting to borrow an ox cart from the village and slowly set out for the city.
I haven’t been in town for some time. Zhang Ting entered the city, only to find that it is still as lively as usual. There are people coming and going everywhere, and those vendors can make people’s ears deaf.
"Sister Zhang Ting is the eldest brother." Suddenly, sitting in the ox cart, Hao Gui suddenly shouted from the ox cart in a direction not far away, "Big Brother, we are here."
Hao Ren, who was patrolling the street, vaguely heard this busy street and seemed to hear his third brother’s voice. Just as he glanced around the street with a pair of suspicious eyes, suddenly his eyes were attracted by people not far in front of him.
Another catcher next to Hao Ren smiled at Hao Ren’s face, then looked in the direction of Hao Ren’s eyes, and then his arm hit Hao Ren’s shoulder and asked, "Hao Ren, what are you looking at? Do you know the four people over there?"
Hao Ren nodded and gently replied, "Well, they are my family."
Next to the arresting officer, I heard Hao Ren’s words that it was not so cold than usual, and I stared at the four men again. Soon the arresting officer locked his eyes on Zhang Tingshen among the four men.
"Hey hey brothers, I see you are seeing your lover. Come on, who is that man? Are you in love? Ok, are you hiding something deep? We’ve been colleagues for so long, and you didn’t say a word. "The arresting officer first joked with Hao Ren and changed his face to stare at Hao Ren with a very dissatisfied expression.
Hao Ren took back his eyes and glared at him. Then he walked directly towards Zhang Ting without saying anything.
When Hao Ren came over here, Hao Gui had jumped into the bullock cart and ran towards Hao Ren’s side. "Eldest brother, you were really awesome just now." Hao Gui just saw his eldest brother walking around the street like a boss. It’s nice to see his eldest brothers smiling in this street.
Hao Ren chuckled and took his third brother’s hand to Zhang Ting’s side. He looked at Zhang Ting’s face and told Zhang Ting with a hint of softness in his voice. "Did you come to town to see me?"
Zhang Ting looked at his cheeky funny and replied, "No, I’m here to do things."
Hao Ren’s face showed a little loss after hearing Zhang Ting’s explanation. He just saw her and her third brother go to town. He also came to see him in this special city, which made him happy for nothing.
"Hao Ren, who is this? Please introduce me quickly?" At this time, a sound of mirth was inserted into Zhang Ting’s dialogue with Hao Ren.
Zhang Ting looked at this strange man who suddenly appeared in front of his face and flashed puzzled eyes. He looked at Hao Ren’s side and waited for him to explain to her that this strange man suddenly broke into them.
Hao Ren received Zhang Tingwang’s eyes and smiled at her, and then introduced her to this man. "This is Gao Fu from Xiaoting, who is now working with me in the yamen."
"Gao Fu, she is my fiancee Hao Ren. Her name is Zhang Ting. Just call her sister in law." Hao Ren doesn’t know what’s wrong with herself. Anyway, she just wants to introduce herself and Zhang Ting to herself.
Zhang Ting glared at Hao Ren’s introduction eyebrows and looked up at his side. Unfortunately, Hao Ren couldn’t see anything. Zhang Ting could stare whatever he wanted, but he refused to change his mind.
"It turns out that younger siblings are good. My name is Gao Fu. I am Gao Gucun and Hao Ren. We are not only good brothers now." Gao Fu smiled and introduced him and Hao Ren to Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting saw that people were so enthusiastic, so he let go of the idea of getting even with Hao Ren and concentrated on coping with Hao Ren’s "Hello, I’ll call you Gao Dage, just call me Xiao Ting". Then Zhang Ting glanced at Hao Ren with a frown.
Gao Fu didn’t think much of Zhang Ting’s last sentence and called out to Zhang Ting "OK, then I’ll call you Xiaoting."
Hao Ren pulled Gao Fu’s arm with a faint expression and said to Gao Fu, "Go and inspect first, and I will come soon."
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Chapter 126 Momentum outweighs others
When Gao Fu saw Hao Ren’s face, he knew that he was a newly recognized brother. This was a little unhappy, so he smiled and touched his nose and said to Zhang Ting, "Xiaoting, I’ll go and inspect it first. You can have a good chat with Hao Ren for as long as you want. I’ll help him do things first. Don’t worry, give it to Liwen Learning Network." Gao Fu shouted at Zhang Ting as he walked.
Looking at the lively figure of others, Zhang Ting looked up at Hao Ren and asked, "How did you meet such an interesting person?"
Hao Ren’s face was a little glum, but when he heard Zhang Ting’s question, Hao Ren still answered seriously, "I met him when I was taking the fast test, and when I took the archery test, Gao Fu’s bow and arrow broke, and then I lent it to him and became friends."
"So this is where you patrol the streets every day?" Zhang Ting looked at him, and he felt that this man seemed to be born to wear this kind of clothes, and his eyes lit up at a glance.
"Well, it didn’t take long for Gao Fu and I to keep these street vendors and people safe every day," Hao Ren replied gently.
After listening to Zhang Ting, he worked hard at the yamen office. This is finally a relief. It’s much better to patrol the streets than to really fight the bandits to death. At least the job of patrolling the streets is safe and life-threatening.
She didn’t expect this man to create a rich and expensive future for her, so she had a small wish to have him here to watch over her and her children at home, so she could do some business here and the family could live safely.
They chatted in the street for a while. Zhang Ting knew that this man was still doing something for the yamen, so he said to him, "You go to patrol the street first, and I’ll go to work."
Hao Ren knows very well that he has a job. Although he really wants to go to work with her, he also knows that it is impossible. "When will you go back? I will go home early in the afternoon and I will go home with you. "
Zhang Ting thought about what he wanted to do today, and it should be noon when it was finished.) "Well, I’ll wait for you here at this hour." After that, Zhang Ting saw Gao Fu, who was not far from patrolling the streets, and looked back at Hao Ren and said, "Hurry up and do things."
Hao Ren gently nodded his head and said to Hao Gui when he left, "Hao Gui helps eldest brother to take good care of you. Do you know Zhang Ting’s sister and brothers and sisters?"
Hao Gui is now full of admiration for his eldest brother. Now when he hears that his eldest brother has arranged this for himself, he immediately stands up and assures Hao Ren that "eldest brother can rest assured that I will protect sister Zhang Ting and them."
Hao Ren stretched out his hand and touched Hao Gui’s head and smiled, then cast a glance on Zhang Ting’s side, then turned around and walked in that direction.
Such as Hao Ren figure more walk more far, Hao Guicai took Zhang Ting’s hand with a happy face and said, "Sister Zhang Ting, is my eldest brother very powerful? He looks good in this suit."
Zhang Ting looked at this has become a brother accused of Hao Gui nodded and smiled and said, "Yes, your eldest brother is a great man. Let’s go and do things." After saying this, Zhang Ting drove the ox cart slowly in this street.
Not far away, Hao Ren looked at the figures of the ox cart until the ox cart was covered by the figures of pedestrians in the street. Hao Ren didn’t give up his eyes.
Gao Fu looked at his brother grinned and patted Hao Ren on the shoulder and said, "Brother, you don’t know if people are still here. Are you going to never meet again?" Isn’t it just that I won’t see you for a while? Is it necessary to be so unhappy? "
Haven’t equal rich words say that finish immediately got Hao Ren a sharp supercilious look to frighten Gao Fu hurriedly put his hand over his mouth "don’t be angry, brother, it’s my mouth that I can’t talk very well." Say that finish, Gao Fu patted his mouth gently until the sharp light in Hao Ren’s eyes disappeared before he stopped.
Seeing that he had gone to the other side to inspect his brother Gao Fu sighed, he didn’t know why he was older than this Hao Ren, but sometimes when they got along with each other, he felt that the advantage of his age didn’t make him stop this Hao Ren, but he seemed to be small.
Words on the other hand, Zhang Ting drove the ox cart with several children to the gate of Jia’s house. Because Zhang Ting brought these children here several times, three children immediately rushed to the gate of Jia’s house like birds released from a birdcage, patting the gate of Jia’s house.
The three children just knocked at the door, and soon the people inside Jia Fu’s gate smiled when they saw these three children’s faces. "It turns out that Miss Zhang Ting is back. Great. Today, the master also asked if Miss Zhang Ting Jr. would come today?"
Zhang Ting knew that the person talking to her at present was Jia Fu, who was about thirty or forty years old. I heard that Master Jia had taken him back from outside, and Jia Fu people called him old-fashioned.
"Uncle Tu, good Uncle Tu, would you please help me take this ox cart to Jiafu stable?" Zhang Ting smiled and said to the old-fashioned
Old-fashioned nodded with a smile. "Miss Zhang Ting had been at ease. Old-fashioned will help Miss Zhang Ting to take good care of this ox cart." Old-fashioned heart is white. Although this girl is not Jia Fu’s serious master, she is as good as Jia Fu’s serious master.
With the old-fashioned guarantee, Zhang Ting was relieved to put the ox cart at the gate of Jia Fu, picked up the ox cart baggage and walked into Jia Fu.
When Zhang Ting went to Jia Fu Hall, he had heard Master Jia talking to Hao Gui and they smiled happily. "Uncle Jia, it’s really amazing that you didn’t see my eldest brother wearing that dress. My eldest brother still has a knife. It’s a killer knife." Hao Gui told Master Jia in the hall about his idea of leading a big brother.
"michel platini, I’ve come to see you." When Zhang Ting came in, he shouted at Master Jia with a smile. Master Jia held a well-off life in one hand and an Ann in the other. He was surrounded by Hao Gui, a junior and a junior, who looked down upon it and looked happy.
Master Jia moved his eyes when he heard the sound of Zhang Ting, and then pretended to be angry and said to Zhang Ting, "Why did you come to see me now, michel platini? I also told you that you had forgotten my michel platini."
Chapter 127 cheated
Zhang Tingxiao smiled and put his hand on the side table and walked over to Master Jia, explaining, "michel platini, didn’t you listen to the eldest brother? I’m very busy now, not only making chicken essence, but also planting herbs. Where can I come to this city so often? I can come here to see michel platini now."
Master Jia also heard from his own son about the situation of this adopted daughter. Naturally, I know that this adopted daughter has been very busy recently. Just now, I also want to complain to this adopted daughter that I am not really angry with this adopted daughter.
"How are things at home recently? I heard from your eldest brother two days ago that there is a Lai Lai in your home. Has he come to bother you again recently?" Master Jia looked at Zhang Ting with sincerity in his eyes and asked.