"Why did you come here? I’m fine. Who is he? How could he hurt me?" Zhang Ting told him with a smile.

Chapter 121 Don’t harm women!
Hao Ren saw that she smiled at herself, only then did she believe that she was really not hurt. When she came out just now, she saw this woman tearing at Hao Ren with a strong Zhang Dahai. At that time, she really regretted that she had just listened to her words and was not here to watch her, otherwise Zhang Dahai would not dare to beat her so boldly.
"You laughed at how dangerous it was just now. Why didn’t you tell me what to do if this person hurt you?" Hao Ren rarely showed a trace of anger in his tone and said to Zhang Ting.
Listen to him a little angry, Zhang Ting quietly spit out his tongue in a soft tone and said to him, "Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect so many people to see him so annoying just now, so I just wanted to get him out of our place as soon as possible, but I promise you I will never let myself be in danger again, okay?"
Hao Ren’s face is still not very good after listening, and he nodded gently, and then his angry eyes turned directly to the ground and he was still crying in pain.
Da-hai Zhang just remembered to sprinkle a muddy words, and suddenly he was frightened by a threatening and fierce look. In his heart, he was unwilling to come here today, but if he didn’t get the silver flower from his niece, he didn’t come for nothing. Thought of this, Da-hai Zhang swallowed saliva and dared to stare at Hao Ren.
"This is a matter between my niece and me. What kind of hand do you put in?" Every time Da-hai Zhang said a word, his heart thumped for fear that this surname Hao would throw him out from here, because this surname Hao was young and that kind of ferocity made him an elder who would be afraid.
Hao Ren sneer at a look with a sneer at staring at da-hai zhang asked "your niece? Uncle, you are mistaken. I remember when you took my silver and said that Xiaoting was not your Zhang family. Now you say that Xiaoting is your niece Zhang Dahai. Are you kidding me? " When it comes to the latter sentence, Hao Ren is almost biting his teeth and asking
Zhang Dahai was blushed by Hao Ren’s words and finally replied hesitantly, "I don’t care. Anyway, Zhang Ting is my niece Zhang Dahai. The whole Zhangjiacun people know this."
"In this case, let’s go to the yamen. Just today, I just got elected to the yamen to catch the fast. I have a little friendship with the fast there. Let’s go there and say," Hao Ren stared at Zhang Haidao with a smile on his face.
When Da-hai Zhang heard this sentence, Hao Ren’s face turned white and he dared not come to the yamen. Now he hears this young Hao family guy in front of him, who is actually a city policeman. Suddenly, his legs trembled with fear.
"I’m not going, I’m not going to kill me, I’m not going. You don’t want to say anything. I don’t know that you’re in the yamen now, and you will definitely impose my crime on the people there. I won’t be so stupid." Zhang Dahai shook his head at Hao Ren with a picture of himself being very clever.
Hao Renwang shook his head desperately, and Da-hai Zhang said in his heart, it seems that Da-hai Zhang still has a little brain, but he is still not very clever.
"Zhang Dahai, even if you don’t go to the yamen, I can put you in the yamen and squat down in prison because you are making a scene at my door now. Do you want to have a try?" Hao Ren facial expression, a cold look at also want to continue to search here da-hai zhang asked.
Zhang Dahai’s neck shrank. If it was just now, he might not be afraid of these two small children at all. But now that he knows that this young man of Hao’s family actually became a city policeman, it makes him feel afraid of this young man.
Besides, it’s not easy to sit in a prison in the city, but I’ve heard that the place needs good people to go in and take off a layer of skin when they die. He doesn’t want to be like those people
Thought of here, Da-hai Zhang quickly stared at Hao Ren with a hint of fear in his loud voice, fearing that if he really angered this Hao family guy, it would be bad for people to put themselves in jail and sit.
"Don’t get out of here, don’t you really want me to throw it into a cell in the city?" Hao Ren saw that Da-hai Zhang didn’t want to leave here and suddenly his face sank.
Da-hai Zhang looked up and cast a glance at Zhang Ting’s side, where he had never spoken. When he left, he planned to see if he could ask the niece for some silver again. "The small court thing is that uncle is wrong, so have pity on your uncle. Your uncle, I will say a daughter-in-law in a few days. How can I marry a daughter-in-law now that I don’t have some silver in my hand?" Don’t you think so? "
Zhang Ting was taken aback when he heard it. I didn’t think that there was a woman who was not afraid of death in this world who wanted to marry this Zhang Dahai. As far as she knows, this Zhang Dahai had married a daughter-in-law, but because of his laziness, the woman who married him at the beginning was really unbearable. After a few years, she lost her two-year-old son and ran away.
Since then, this Da-hai Zhang has lived with that two-year-old son, but because Da-hai Zhang’s father is a bastard, he is also a little bastard, and his father and son are a negative example of teaching children in Zhangjiacun.
"I still don’t have the money and please. At such an old age, don’t harm other girls now. With your lazy personality, the woman who marries you is estimated to starve you to death." Zhang Ting’s tone is full of contempt for Zhang Dahai.
Da-hai Zhang let Zhang Ting this sentence flushed with anger and looked at Zhang Ting with wide eyes and roared, "Zhang Ting, don’t underestimate your uncle. I don’t want you to look down on your uncle if you give yourself a little interest. I tell you that one day I will definitely make you respect me."
Losing this sentence, Zhang Dahai probably made Zhang Ting’s eyes red with anger. He even forgot his purpose of coming here, and he didn’t look back from Hao’s house.
Looking at Da-hai Zhang’s angry figure, Zhang Ting chuckled and breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to Hao Ren around and said, "It’s finally easy to get rid of him."
"If you don’t want him to come to our place, I can take him to the prison in the yamen for a while." Hao Ren suddenly feels that he is actually quite good when he is a policeman. At least if someone dares to come to his house, he can take this identity to deal with others.
Chapter 122 Wish him dead
"Come on, I think he scared you so much this time. I guess he won’t dare to come here again and give it to Liwen Learning Network." Zhang Ting smiled and looked at a face of defending himself, Hao Ren.
To tell the truth, after today’s incident, she realized that the man beside her had changed a lot and had something to protect the family.
When Zhang Ting and Hao Ren returned to the courtyard in tandem, there was still a lot of meat on the table. It seemed that people in the courtyard were still worried about them when they went out.
"What about the king’s egg? If it hadn’t left me, I’d help you fight it off." Jia Lin asked with a full face of anger at Zhang Ting.
Just now, if the people in this courtyard hadn’t stopped him from going out, he would have gone out to deal with the king’s egg with his stepsister. It’s disgusting to dare to bully his stepsister in front of him. Is that person tired of living?
Zhang Ting looked at Jia Lin’s slight warm face and smile in his heart, which brought a lot of warmth to Jia Lin, the so-called dry eldest brother. In fact, Zhang Ting wanted to develop his own medical career through this layer with others, but the more he got along with Jia Jia and his father, Zhang Ting found that the father and son were sincere to her.
"Thanks, big brother, but you’re out. My uncle has been driven away by Hao Ren, but I still want to thank you for being so kind to me." Zhang Ting looked at Jia Lin and said.
Jia Lin was thanked by Zhang Ting for being so serious, and she felt a little unnatural. She smiled and touched her head and said to her, "Sister, you should talk to me as big as usual. I’m not used to it when you suddenly talk to me so gently."
Zhang Ting turned slightly black when he heard this sentence, and suddenly he didn’t good the spirit and said to him, "I’ll talk to you after the line. I think you are just looking for a scolding." After that, Zhang Ting shook his head and smiled.
It’s a little dull in the courtyard. Because of Jia Lin’s noise, everyone laughed again in the whole courtyard and washed away all the unhappiness that Zhang Dahai had just brought.
Zhang Ting glanced at it and didn’t come out in the room. Hao Gui and the well-off eyes darkened and said to everyone in the yard, "You should eat my advanced room first." After that, Zhang Ting looked at Hao Ren and said, "Hao Ren greets everyone."
Hao Ren nodded his head gently, and his eyes were also a little worried. He looked inside the house for a while when Zhang Ting came to Hao’s house with a well-off family. Hao Ren still remembers that he is afraid of a well-off family now. Will Da-hai Zhang return to Hao’s house just now? That would be bad.
When Zhang Ting walked into the house, Hao Guizheng stayed in the room with Xiaokang at the door. Zhang Ting vaguely heard Hao Guian caressing Xiaokang inside. "Don’t be afraid of Xiaokang’s younger brother. Sister Zhang Ting is so powerful that she can definitely drive that bad guy away."
"Well-off brother, don’t be afraid. If that bad guy dares to hit you, I’ll help you. We’ll beat him up and cry. What do you say?"
Zhang Ting waited at the door for a long time and heard Hao Gui speak from inside. Zhang Ting didn’t hear a word.
When Zhang Ting lifted the curtain and came in, he saw that Hao Gui was well-off at the edge of * *, but he was lying on his face facing * * and looked very scared when he was wrapped up.
Hao Gui was the first to find Zhang Ting coming in. As soon as he saw Zhang Ting and Hao Gui, he immediately ran towards Zhang Ting. His small hand clutched Zhang Ting’s skirts and said to Zhang Ting with a face of injustice, "Sister Zhang Ting, I’m sorry, I can’t take care of a well-off society, but he ignored me."
Zhang Ting patted Hao Gui on the back to calm the little guy’s mood. "Sister Hao Gui’s perverse court knows that you just tried your best. Go out and eat first. Just leave it to Sister Zhang Ting."
Hao Gui didn’t go immediately after hearing Zhang Ting’s words, but cast a glance at the well-off side of the * * and finally encouraged his eyes in Zhang Ting to walk out.
As soon as Zhang Ting and Hao Gui left, they immediately moved toward * * and let the quilt cover a well-off side. Sitting on the edge of * *, Zhang Ting looked at the well-off eyes hiding in the quilt and gently put one hand on the quilt cover to try to lift the quilt.
Zhang Ting made great efforts to lift the bag in a well-off body as if it were stuck in a well-off body.
"Well-off, I am a sister obedient to be smashed?" Zhang Ting eyes a little red to hide in the well-off coax way inside.
Zhang Ting’s eyes were piled up like a hill, but Zhang Ting continued to say to the pile in front of him, "Well-off listen to your sister and tell her that you are afraid, but you are not afraid. That man has been driven away by her sister. Don’t worry, he can’t hit you anymore."