"Yes, Hao Ren, I can’t believe that you, a wooden knot in one’s heart, have already rung and scared people to death. Actually, you chose to be a fast catcher without saying a word." Jia Lin still couldn’t spit out the words like a dog’s mouth, although it wasn’t very pleasant to hear, everyone could tell from his words that he was really happy for Hao Ren.

Hao Ren chuckled and smiled and said to the two of them, "Thank you, Hao Mou, when he was a catch in the city, please take a lot of photos."
"That’s for sure. Even if I don’t look at your face, I’ll look at my dry sister’s face. Don’t worry. In the city, Jia Lin’s power there is not a vegetarian. If you meet someone who doesn’t have eyes to annoy you, you can quote me Jia Lin’s name. They won’t dare to ask you." Jia Lin said to Hao Ren with a triumphant face.
The more Zhang Ting listened to it, the more he felt that what was said in Jia Lin’s mouth was a bit unpleasant. After glaring at Jia Lin, Zhang Ting said with a smile, "Today is a good thing. Sister-in-law Qingshan gave birth to a big fat baby not long ago, and now you have to be chosen as a catcher. Today, our family will also celebrate and celebrate."
Zhang Ting looked at his dead duck mouth shut and she chuckled. When she left, Zhang Ting finally went back and explained the beggar chicken to him. "Don’t worry, although this beggar chicken was created by itself, I made it delicious. You will want to eat it again after you taste it."
Say that finish this sentence Zhang Ting left Hao’s house with a smile and walked in the direction of the village.
There is a stall selling pork near the entrance of the village. Usually, if the villagers want to eat some meat, they will buy some meat there and go home to taste it.
Chapter 116 Know so much
Just when Zhang Ting came over, there were a lot of pork left in this pork stall. The owner of the pork stall was called Su Sanpang, because he was the third in the family and gained weight. Everyone was called Su Sanpang.
"Brother Su, please cut me three catties of pork. This pork is still at the old price. There is no long price, right?" Zhang Ting immediately smiled and told Su Sanpang, who was catching Cang rope in the stall.
Su Sanpang is no stranger to Zhang Ting, a woman. First of all, what people do in the village is worse than a man in the village. Secondly, people still patronize their customers in his stall. In this village, Hao family can eat pork every day, which also drives his business a little better.
When Su Sanpang saw Zhang Ting coming, he immediately got up from his chair and greeted Zhang Ting with a warm face. "Zhang Tingmei is here. Do you want three pounds of meat? Brother Su will give you a beautiful cut to ensure that the fat is thin and the middle is thin."
Su Sanpang gave Zhang Tingxuan the piece of meat from the pig’s hind legs, which really made people look appetizing when they cut it.
"Three catties, two liang, count you three catties. Is the price still the old price? Fifteen pence a catty, a total of forty-five." Susan told Zhang Ting with a smile.
Zhang Ting nodded his head and was about to pay the silver when he suddenly saw two pig legs on the meat stall. He thought of Qingshan’s daughter-in-law who had just given birth not long ago and Hao Qingshan’s mother-in-law who didn’t work hard. I guess that mother wouldn’t think of making some milk food for her daughter. Finally, Zhang Ting asked Su Sanpang to weigh the pig’s feet for her.
A total of 60 pieces of meat and pig rubs were spent in Zhang Ting. These meats were warmly sent to Zhang Ting in Su Sanpang. This time, they walked in the direction of Hao Qingshan’s home.
When Zhang Ting came to Hao Qingshan’s house, there was a baby crying and the anxious sound of the new parents.
"Daughter-in-law, what’s wrong with this? Why are we crying in Bao Er?" Not long ago, Hao Qingshan and his wife just gave them a nickname called Bao Er.
Castle peak daughter-in-law is also anxious to hear this sentence from her own man. Both of them are just parents, and they are all at sea for this new son.
"I think he is hungry. Did you breast-feed him?" Zhang Ting came in and saw the two new parents shaking their heads and smiling at them.
"Sister in law, you’re here." Hao Qingshan looked at Zhang Ting and shouted.
Qingshan’s daughter-in-law showed an embarrassed expression on her face after hearing this sentence from Zhang Ting. "Qingshan, I think my sister-in-law said that Bao Er may be hungry for us. Please give him to me quickly and I will nurse him."
Hao Qingshan should carefully put his son in his woman’s arms. He just wanted to lift his clothes. Qingshan’s daughter-in-law suddenly realized that there were Hao Qingshan and Zhang Ting in this room, and he was a little embarrassed and was afraid to lift his clothes again.
Hao Qingshan waited for a while, but he didn’t see his mother feeding him, and his crying was very miserable. He cried his heart out when he was a father. "Daughter-in-law, what are you dawdling about? You cry so badly. Hurry up and feed him."
Qingshan’s daughter-in-law stared his one eye. "How can you feed me here? Get out of here quickly."
Hao Qingshan’s face turned red. I was embarrassed to look at Zhang Ting’s side, and then he smiled and touched his head and said to his daughter-in-law, "I’ll go out first."
Zhang Ting also saw that the castle peak daughter-in-law was embarrassed to be here. Suddenly Zhang Ting shook his head and smiled and planned to follow Hao Qingshan. But he just turned around and suddenly thought of one thing. He turned around and told the castle peak daughter-in-law that "Castle peak sister-in-law will apply hot water to you when you feed Bao Er later, so that Bao Er will be easier to suck up." Finally, Zhang Ting was afraid that Castle Peak daughter-in-law would not be white. She said that she also gestured with her eyes.
Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law flashed an embarrassed expression on her face. Just now, she was embarrassed to see Zhang Ting here. Where did she think that this little girl who looks not much older than her should know so much about this kind of thing? Suddenly Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law bit her teeth and shouted "Sister in law, can you stay? I don’t understand this matter."
Zhang Ting stopped and looked back at her with a smile and replied, "Of course, it’s okay to ask Qingshan Sao not to be shy because I’m here."
Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law blushed even more when she heard Zhang Ting’s words. She bowed her head and said haltingly to Zhang Ting, "Sister, I was really sorry just now. I just feel a little embarrassed to show that thing in front of others."
Zhang Ting smiled and looked at a face of embarrassed expression and explained to herself that Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law laughed. "Qingshan Sister-in-law doesn’t explain to me. I know that if you feel this way, I guess I would be embarrassed."
"No, you won’t. I know you won’t be a sister-in-law. I’m not praising you. I really think you are doing better than us women. You have done a lot of things that we women haven’t done or don’t know that you are really good." Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law stared at Zhang Ting with a face of worship.
Zhang Ting let people praise these words. I’m sorry. "Come on, sister-in-law, don’t praise me again. If you praise me again, I’ll be on cloud nine and I won’t find my way home."
At this time, Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law hugged the little guy and cried hungry. This time, the cry was louder. The little guy seemed to be complaining to his mother about why he had been out for so long and his mother had not breastfed himself.
Zhang Ting Tao Tao his ear and smiled and said to Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law, "Qingshan Sao, your Bao Er is in poor health, but crying is going to make my ears deaf. Good."
In this world, there is no mother who doesn’t like to hear others praise her children. Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law now also hears Zhang Ting praise her son. Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law’s face is smiling and her face flashed anxiously. She looked at Zhang Ting. "Let’s hurry up and breast-feed her when her siblings are hungry and crying."
Zhang Ting nodded and suddenly shouted to the outside, "Castle Peak Brother, is the hot water ready? Don’t hurry up and bring it in. By the way, bring a wool handkerchief."
In a short time, Hao Qingshan’s anxious voice sounded outside. "It’s almost ready." It didn’t take long for Hao Qingshan to come in with a pot of hot water.