Hao Ren was happy to see Zhang Ting’s face and smile. Although he didn’t know what these herbs were, he was happy to see Xiaoting so happy.

With these things, because Hong Shengmo and his wife are living in Zhang Ting, it can be said that it is smooth sailing. It is enough to take good care of the people at home and things outside every day
After almost five or six days, the 20 mu of land outside the village was planted with herbs that Zhang Ting needed. A large area of herbs was planted on the surface, which made people feel very green and liked from a distance
These days, it is estimated that good things have happened in Hao’s side. In addition to planting the medicine field, Aunt Wang also made a lot of chicken essence here. Liu Fei, the duke of Liu, also took away the first batch of chicken essence they had agreed on. Of course, Zhang Ting also received a large sum of money here.
The villagers don’t know that Zhang Ting is now the invisible rich man in this village. In addition to these two good things, there is another good thing, that is, Hao Ren will also go to the city to take the exam today.
This morning, Zhang Ting made a sumptuous breakfast for the future catcher. In the kitchen, Zhang Ting was eating breakfast at present. Hao Ren asked, "Hao Ren, do you want me to go with Hao Yi and them? We can give you some oil."
Hao Ren stopped eating and said to Zhang Ting with a smile, "The little court can’t help you and your second brother. They will wait for my good news at home today. I promise you that I will bring you a catcher back to make you face in this village."
Zhang Ting chuckled and smiled. Although this fast worker is very hard, he can’t stand it. He is also a court worker. Therefore, in the eyes of these ordinary people, this fast worker is almost as great as an official.
Zhang Ting saw that he was serious and nodded. "Well, be careful when you go to the exam alone. Just do your best. We have no regrets even if it doesn’t work. Besides, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work. Now our family is so busy and we need your help."
Hao Ren grinned at this woman’s comforting words. Although he was sure that he would be able to give this fast worker an exam, he listened to her comforting himself. Hao Ren felt very comfortable in his heart. He liked listening to her heart.
After breakfast soon, Hao Ren rode a horse alone in Zhang Ting, and watched him gallop out of the entrance of Hao’s village in Zhang Ting, heading for the city.
Today is Hao Yi’s day off in school. He has always been used to getting up early. He also knows that today is the big day for his eldest brother to go to the city to take an exam. When he got up, he went to the kitchen door and heard Zhang Ting’s sister talking to his eldest brother. Hao Yi immediately stopped walking inside, but turned around and went back to his room.
Wait until he heard his eldest brother in the sound after Hao Yi walked out of the door behind Zhang Ting, especially to see Zhang Ting’s sister so happy with her eldest brother Hao Yi from the heart.
Since the death of his parents, his eldest brother has been both a father and a mother to take care of their brothers and sisters. Now that his eldest brother has a heart, Hao Yi has many unspeakable happiness in his heart.
"Sister Zhang Ting, don’t worry about my eldest brother. My eldest brother is so powerful that he will definitely be able to take the exam back." Hao Yi suddenly said behind Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting heard the sound behind him and looked back and saw Hao Yi suddenly smiled at him and nodded, "Of course, I believe in your eldest brother." Say that finish this sentence, Zhang Ting looked up at the sky at this moment when the genius just lit up. "How did you wake up so early and get little sleep? But you don’t go to class today. "
Hao Yi touched the back of his head and smiled and said to Zhang Ting, "Sister Zhang Ting is used to getting up early to go to school every day these days. Now it’s really a little hard for me to sleep later."
After listening to Hao Yi’s words, Zhang Ting smiled and rubbed his head in the previous step. He said to Hao Yi like he usually treats Hao Gui and Xiaokang. "Since I can’t sleep, I’ll have breakfast with your sister first. After breakfast, can I arrange something for you?"
Hao Yi nodded at Zhang Tingli as soon as his eyes lit up. "Good sister Zhang Ting, I will try my best to do a good job in arranging things for my sister Zhang Ting."
"Smelly little went to school and read it. I found that you are becoming more and more sensible." Zhang Ting said with a smile while rubbing his head, holding Hao Yi’s hand and walking in the direction of the kitchen
After breakfast Hao Yi received the arrangement from Zhang Ting, he realized that what he had to do was to help Zhang Ting’s sister arrange for Liu Gong to come to pull the chicken essence later. He learned that it was this matter, and Hao Yi patted with confidence and promised Zhang Ting that it would be completed perfectly.
On the day when the sun rose slowly from the east, three other little guys in Hao’s family also started to play * * Zhang Ting to help them get dressed and gave them a cup of food. Just after breakfast today, they were told to eat slowly when suddenly they heard Hao Qingshan calling her in a hurry outside.
"Brothers and sisters, where are you? Help! Help!" Hao Qingshan immediately shouted at the Hao family as soon as he entered the Hao family courtyard. This cry almost didn’t lift the Hao family thatched house.
In the kitchen, I heard Hao Qingshan yelling. Zhang Ting hurriedly told the three little guys who looked at her, "Don’t watch your sister eat quickly and go out for a while." Zhang Ting hurriedly ran out.
"Castle peak eldest brother what’s the matter with you? Did something happen? " What happened to Zhang Ting when he saw Hao Qingshan in the courtyard, especially when he saw his pale face?
Hao Qingshan heard Zhang Tingyin and immediately found out that people strode towards Zhang Ting at the kitchen door, and then without saying anything, they reached out and grabbed Zhang Ting’s hand and strode to Hao’s house outside the courtyard.
Chapter 111 into the ring
Zhang Ting looked at himself without saying anything and walked forward. Hao Qingshan ran in the footsteps of others and asked, "Castle Peak, what’s wrong with you? You haven’t told me yet?"
Hao Qingshan glanced back at Zhang Ting’s eyes and said to Zhang Ting, "Sister-in-law, your eldest sister-in-law is going to give birth. Now the midwife is over there. I don’t believe those people. I believe your eldest brother, please go with your eldest brother and help me watch my mother. Be a big brother, please." After that, Hao Qingshan’s eyes are about to cry. It seems that he is really anxious.
When Zhang Ting heard this, Hao Qingshan’s wife’s belly could be said to be that she was guarding this person’s birth period. It seems that it is not these days. "Castle Peak Brother, what is going on? This castle peak delivery period is not these days. How can it be born now?"
Hao Qingshan heard Zhang Ting’s expression of annoyance, sighed and blamed himself, "Your eldest sister-in-law was angry with her. In fact, it’s all your brother’s fault. If I hadn’t bothered to give your eldest sister-in-law’s family, please come and take care of your eldest sister-in-law. Your eldest sister-in-law wouldn’t have been angry with her previous life."
Zhang Ting glanced at Hao Qingshan, who was full of remorse, and shook his head. It seems that this is a very female family. Considering that this matter is a family matter, it is not good for Zhang Ting to continue asking, so he changed another topic and said to Hao Qingshan, "Brother Qingshan, let’s hurry up."
Hao Qingshan heard Zhang Ting’s words, but he was not immersed in his remorse immediately. After he recovered, he took Zhang Ting to speed up his steps and walked home.
When Zhang Ting followed Hao Qingshan to the back room, she heard Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law shouting, "It hurts. It hurts me. I want a small court."
Hao Qingshan heard the daughter-in-law in the house calling her face whiter and pulling Zhang Ting to go inside. "The daughter-in-law daughter-in-law court has come, and I have called the court."
At this time, a woman in the room came out and looked at Zhang Ting. Then she looked at Hao Qingshan and said, "Qingshan, who is this woman at such a young age? What are you doing with her now? It’s a flower. What can this girl do when she gives birth? Isn’t this nonsense?"
Hao Qingshan’s face turned white and blue for a while, especially when he saw this woman. His face was very ugly and he didn’t good the spirit replied, "Mom, what do you know about this person, but the best doctor in our village? Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know it, and think about who my daughter-in-law is now lying in * *."
When the woman heard Hao Qingshan’s complaint, her face changed. Just now, she looked aggressive. Now, like a mouse crossing the street, she quickly hid aside and obeyed.