Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law looked embarrassed. "No, we had dinner before we came. I just wanted to talk to Xiaoting about something."

Zhang Ting glanced behind Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law. Hao Xiaoshan found that the little guy had been staring at their wooden table from time to time since he came in. The little guy was probably taught by his parents, even though he can’t talk now, but he didn’t say a word to his mother that he wanted to eat. Besides, people looked at the wooden table for a while and bowed their heads as if they were afraid of being seen that he was licking the meat.
"Hao Yi Hao Gui, you take the hill to your table to eat" Zhang Tingchao Hao Yi shouted at their table.
Hao Yi and Hao Gui immediately got up and the two brothers came running to pull Hao Xiaoshan over.
Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law said that she was busy to stop "No, we can’t have dinner, so we won’t bother anymore." Then she stretched out her hand to pull Hao Xiaoshan’s arm, but Zhang Ting stopped her when Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law just reached the middle.
Zhang Ting smiled and said to Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law, "Auntie, let Xiaoshan eat a little. Today, we cooked a lot at home. A child in Hill can’t eat much. Just be a companion with Hao Yi and them." After this sentence, Zhang Ting saw Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law want to say no again and quickly pulled another question and asked her, "Auntie didn’t say that there was something for me? Let’s go there and talk."
Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law took one look and was dragged by Hao Yi and Hao Gui brothers. In the past, the hill was sour in my heart. Since my man was injured, life at home has become difficult. Before, I was able to eat meat several times a month because my man went hunting in the mountains. But now their family is really broken with meat. If there is meat these days, I can leave it to my injured family to eat wild vegetables, just like their mother and son.
Chapter 1 Here comes the gift
With tears, Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law said to Zhang Ting, "Thank you, Xiaoting, for your kindness. Our family will keep it in mind."
They came to the other side of the courtyard. Zhang Ting looked at a face of urgency. Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law smiled softly. "Hey, did you come to tell me that you want to come to me to do things?"
Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law crossed her face when she heard Zhang Ting’s question. She nodded her head gently. "You’re right, Xiaoting. I just want to ask you this thing tonight. Do you think it’s okay?"
Zhang Ting looked at her carefully questioning Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law and smiled. She held Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law’s hand and said, "Auntie, didn’t I tell you at the beginning that you can come to work here at any time when you want to? The salary is just like everyone else. After twenty days, when Uncle Dashan is well, he can come to work here if he doesn’t want to hunt. If he is ready, the salary can be doubled."
Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law was so happy when she heard Zhang Ting’s words that she held Zhang Ting’s hand and shed tears. "Thank you, Xiaoting. If that’s the case, it would be great. You don’t know that your uncle Dashan went hunting in the mountains every day before, and you know that the mountains are dangerous. Every time I go to other mountains, I worry half to death. If I don’t live, I really don’t want him to hunt in the mountains."
The two discussed this matter. Aunt Wang and Wang Dawa’s daughter-in-law have been calling on them to hurry up and have dinner.
Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law has always insisted that she is not hungry and doesn’t eat. Later, she asked Zhang Ting to drag her directly to the end of the meal and sit down.
A Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law shouted that she was not hungry. Actually, where would she be hungry? She ate porridge at home every day, and there was no oil and water in her belly. But I thought that she was here to beg people to do something important. How can I eat here? Later, when I smelled the meat, people around her kept clamping meat for herself. Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law couldn’t help but pick up a piece of meat and took a bite. She almost ate it. She didn’t bite her tongue. It was delicious.
Everyone present knows that Hao Dashan was caught by prey because of the second mountain. Now the family must be hard up. Seeing Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law eating meat, her eyes were red, but she warmly greeted others to eat meat.
A dinner didn’t end until a good night. The two big wooden pots cooked tonight were directly wiped out, and the table was full of bones after eating meat.
The next morning, a carriage was parked at the gate of Hao’s house. Hao Ren got up early to carry water. When he hit his own gate, he twisted his eyebrows when he saw the carriage at the door. Before he went to ask about the carriage, he was the first to jump out of the carriage and came forward to explain, "This is Hao Gong, right? I was sent by Prince Hong."
When Hao Ren heard this explanation, he gently nodded and asked, "What can I do for you?"
The driver glanced at Hao Ren’s heart and felt a little strange, but he couldn’t tell where the driver was strange. Soon the driver put this strange feeling behind him and looked at Hao Ren and said, "Little is to send something to Dr. Zhang on the orders of my sovereign and princess." After that, the driver turned and walked to the carriage.
It wasn’t long before I saw someone bring out a box from the inside and put it in front of Hao Ren. Then when Hao Ren looked over, the driver smiled and explained, "Here is a little token of my princess’s gratitude to Dr. Zhang for curing my princess’s disease. Besides, my princess should tell Dr. Zhang that she sometimes hopes to see Dr. Zhang in Beijing."
Hao Ren listened without words, and his eyes glanced at the wooden box. It was clear in his heart that Jia Fu lived there, and the Hong couple had left here and returned to Beijing. Hao Ren was relieved when he thought of this.
If Mr. and Mrs. Hong want to stay in this place for one more day, Hao Ren will be afraid of one more day. He is really afraid that Mr. Hong will go crazy one day and take the small court to Beijing, but now that the couple have left, he will no longer bear this heart.
"I took the trouble for Dr. Zhang for this gift. This little brother helped me to give a word to Prince Hong and Princess Hong to thank them for this gift." Hao Ren pulled out a happy smile at the driver’s mouth and said.
The driver looked at Hao Ren’s face and smiled slightly. Soon he came to his senses and said to Hao Ren, "I’ll leave Hao Gong first."
Hao Ren nodded his head gently and walked a few steps forward. He watched the carriage turn around and smiled and said "Little Brother Walk Slowly" until he sent him away for a long time. Hao Ren’s face became wider and wider, and at last he was so excited that he shouted "Great to go back."
"What are you talking about? And where did this box come from? " Just after Hao Ren shouted this sentence, suddenly he came to Zhang Ting and couldn’t understand the sound.
Just wake up and get ready to go to the kitchen to make breakfast. As soon as Zhang Ting got out of the hall door, he saw Hao Ren outside the courtyard looking at the direction outside the village. Out of curiosity, Zhang Ting came over to check it. I didn’t expect to hear his words when I approached.
When Hao Ren heard the sound behind him, he quickly turned and smiled and said to Zhang Ting, "Nothing’s right. This box is sent by Lord Hong from Jiafu. Besides, after they have returned to Beijing, we are no longer afraid that they will force us to do things we don’t like."
Zhang Ting heard this sentence from him naturally, and he said that what they didn’t like was not that Hong Wang forced her to go to Beijing together, but she didn’t expect that this Hao Ren had always remembered it.
Soon Zhang Ting’s eyes were caught by the wooden box lying on the ground. She was given a wooden box with a lot of gold and silver in it. It won’t be those gold and silver again this time, will it?
Thought of here, Zhang Ting couldn’t wait to pick up the wooden box and said to Hao Ren, who was still at the door, "Don’t go in with me and see what’s in it." Zhang Ting quickly turned around and entered Hao’s house.
Hao Renwang Zhang Ting act quickly to catch the figure in the house. She chuckled and followed Zhang Ting into Hao’s house.
Chapter 19 Make a fortune
Just after they went in, at the same time, they just left Haojia Village. The driver was driving the carriage and sitting in the carriage. He didn’t know what he was talking about. He heard his mouth muttering, "Where have I seen it? Where is it?"
Whispering to the back, the driver’s eyes suddenly became bigger, and then I heard him yell, "Like a sovereign, isn’t it? That little smile is really like a sovereign."
Thought of this, the coachman shook his head again, thinking to himself, how could a small village have a relationship with their great sovereign? It must be impossible. It must be that he worships his sovereign too much to give birth to this feeling.
So he took the carriage and sat driving it, and the coachman murmured, "It must be like this. It must be like this."
For what happened on the side of the road, Hao Ren and Zhang Ting were in Hao’s house at this time, but they didn’t know about it, but the two of them were now in Hao’s hall, and their eyes were fixed on the wooden box on the desktop.
"Hao Ren, you go and hit that wooden box." After waiting for so long, Zhang Ting found that he was still a little scared. He was afraid that if he typed it later, he would definitely be disappointed. It would be better to let the men around him help him.
Hao Ren looked down and looked nervous. Zhang Ting asked curiously, "Don’t you want to fight by yourself?" Just now, I saw the expression on her face when she came in with this wooden box, but I was very much looking forward to Hao Ren returning it. She would fight the wooden box herself.
Zhang Ting was embarrassed when she heard this question from Hao Ren. She smiled and looked a little embarrassed. She said to Hao Ren, "I dare not hit it. I’m afraid it’s not what I want. If it’s gold, it’s really not gold. After I saw it, I’m afraid I’ll accidentally throw this box out. It’s better for you to hit it."
Hao Ren shook his head and smiled with a naughty smile on his mouth. He told Zhang Ting, "Then I’ll help you look at it first. If there is gold in it, I’ll call you." After that, Hao Ren walked step by step toward the table with a smile on his mouth.
Hao Ren went to the front of the wooden box and put his hands on the surface of the wooden box. Just as he was about to open the box, he suddenly looked up and cast a glance at Zhang Ting. He smiled and said to Zhang Ting, "Don’t be nervous."
"Don’t talk to me. Knock that wooden box and see what’s in it." Zhang Ting saw this man talking to himself at this time, hurting himself and being startled by him. Suddenly, he glared at her with a complaining expression and smiled at Hao Ren.
After being told, Hao Ren touched his nose with a face of koo. Didn’t he just worry about this woman? I didn’t expect to get the ass, but I got the horse’s ass. Thought of this, Hao Ren shook his head and smiled and looked straight at the table with this wooden box.
The hall suddenly became very quiet. Suddenly, Hao Ren hit the wooden box with a click.
After a while, Zhang Ting didn’t see Hao Ren telling himself what was inside, and finally he couldn’t wait for Zhang Ting to shout to him, "Hao Ren, don’t be stupefied. Tell me what’s inside?"
Hao Ren slowly glanced at Zhang Ting’s side with a wry smile and said to Zhang Ting, "Xiaoting, come and have a look at what’s inside. I’m not sure what they are?"
Zhang Ting a listen to the eyes suddenly flashed light in my heart can’t help but wonder if the couple surnamed Hong brought this rare treasure to themselves. Thought of here, Zhang Ting also came up to Hao Ren’s side regardless of whether it contained gold or not.
When Zhang Ting came over, it was also Zheng because she saw something Hao Ren said she didn’t know was actually some medicinal materials, Ganoderma lucidum, Polygonum multiflorum and some ginseng things, which added up to almost half a box.
Hao Ren carefully looked at Zhang Ting’s face for fear that this woman would be sad because these things are not gold, so he coaxed her, "Don’t be sad, Xiaoting. Without gold, there will be no gold. I will earn more gold for you when I take the exam soon, okay?"
"Ah, what did you say?" Zhang Ting, immersed in the joy of these herbs, didn’t hear the man clearly and knew that he had just said something in his ear.
Hao Ren was more anxious at the sight of Zhang Ting, and his heart was more sure of what he was thinking, that is, this woman was sad and still very sad, or else how could she not hear what she had just said?
Hao Ren was even more nervous. He couldn’t help holding Zhang Ting’s hands to comfort him. "I know you are sad. After Hao Ren swore to you, I will definitely make a lot of gold for you. Don’t be sad, okay?"
Zhang Ting listened a little confused. Suddenly he smiled and looked at himself nervously. Hao Ren asked, "Hao Ren, what are you talking about? I can’t understand what you are saying. What am I sad about? I am in a good mood. I am not sad."
Hao Ren stared at her for a while and then carefully asked, "Aren’t you sad just now because it’s not gold?"
Zhang Ting smiled again at this silly and lovely man and laughed. "Hao Ren, I’m not sad. Although it’s not gold, it’s more precious than gold. Do you know what they are?"
Hao Ren stared at Zhang Ting carefully for a while and saw her face with a smile as if she really didn’t like what she thought. Now she heard Zhang Ting’s question and Hao Ren shook her head honestly. "I don’t know what they are."
In fact, it’s no wonder that Hao Ren doesn’t know these things. He has been living in this small place. Even if he once worked in an escort agency, he is still a dart. Where can he see these precious medicinal materials?
Zhang Ting happily picked up one of the things in the box and said to Hao Ren, "See this is Shouwu? This is Shouwu for a hundred years. Can this person live longer if he eats a little? Or are these three centuries-old Ganoderma lucidum? They are all century-old ginseng. Great, Hao Ren. We are really rich."
Chapter 11 Help!
Yes, it’s really rich. Compared with Zhang Ting, who was given gold by Hong Sheng Mo, he felt that it was more suitable for people to give things this time. But these medicinal materials are hard to buy with money. I didn’t expect people to be so generous and give themselves so much.