"Public officials?" Hao ren let her this sentence make two monks confused. It is really hard to understand what this official is.

Zhang Ting immediately realized that he seemed to have said a modern word. Seeing that the man was still there, he said that modern words were entangled. Zhang Ting secretly left his mouth and quickly interrupted his thoughts and changed other topics. "What is it on your back?"
Hao Ren’s thoughts were quickly diverted by Zhang Ting. When she heard that she was carrying things on her back, Hao Ren quickly put aside the words that she had never thought of being a white servant.
With a happy face, I showed my back to Zhang Ting and explained to her, "This is the bow and arrow I bought on the street in the city. I plan to go to the mountain to practice when I am at home. One of them is practicing archery."
After hearing this, Zhang Ting nodded his head gently and looked at him. "I know archery won’t be difficult for you. Didn’t you have it before? I believe you."
Hao Ren was a little embarrassed to hear Zhang Ting’s letter to himself. After touching his head, he said to Zhang Ting, "I haven’t seen it for a long time and I don’t know if my craft is rusty."
"There’s nothing at home now. Why don’t we call Hao Gui and them and we’ll accompany you to the mountain to practice?" Zhang Ting thought about today and found that there seems to be nothing for her to do today, and she hasn’t been to the mountain for a while, just following Hao Ren to go around the mountain.
Hao Ren took one look at Zhang Ting’s eyes and believed in himself. Hao Ren immediately nodded and answered "Good".
Looking at her clear eyes, I believe in myself. Hao Ren clenched his hand and bow and arrow in his heart and secretly vowed that he must pass the exam in ten days’ time. Never let the woman in front of him be disappointed in himself.
Chapter 1 Ambiguous posture
When the three children at home listened to Zhang Ting’s talk about going to the mountain, the three little guys almost didn’t jump up. During this period of time, things at home didn’t go to the mountain for a while, which also made them bitter at home. These three children could stay at home with Zhang Ting every day.
Now when I heard that I can go to the mountain, Hao Gui immediately ran to the backyard and took out his basket. He ran to Zhang Ting and said happily, "Sister Zhang Ting, this is my basket. I will pick herbs for you when I go to the mountain later."
In Hao Gui’s memory, he knew that if they went to the mountain with Zhang Ting’s sister, they must have gone to the mountain to find herbs, and they could sell them after finding them, so that their family could have money again.
Zhang Ting looked at a picture of a small money addict. Hao Gui shook his head and smiled. He touched Hao Gui’s head and praised, "Well, we will pick herbs when we get to the mountain."
Although Zhang Ting felt that her family had gone to the mountains to collect herbs as hard as before, Zhang Ting didn’t want her three children to learn clothes to reach out and live early. After all, they are not rich children, but she always wanted to teach them.
This Hao Ren is also ready. Zhang Ting told him to bring things. When he came out of the hall, he was carrying a bow and arrow and a big basket filled with all the things they wanted when they were in the mountains.
"Have you written the note?" Zhang Ting looked at Hao Ren coming to himself and asked.
Hao Ren gently nodded his head and replied, "It’s obviously in our house when it’s written. If the second brother comes back, he will definitely see it."
Zhang Ting is worried that this group of people will solve the problem directly in the mountain when they go to the mountain. If Hao Yi comes back from school at lunch today, he will be worried that Zhang Ting will let Hao Ren leave this note for Hao Yi at home.
Seeing that everything was arranged, Zhang Ting shouted "Go" to the three little guys around him with a wave of his hand.
As Zhang Ting said this sentence, three little guys shouted happily and ran out of Hao’s gate first. Behind them were Zhang Ting and Hao Ren.
Five people in the family talked and laughed. Zhang Ting didn’t go into the mountain for a while, and she didn’t know the mountain very well. She felt that the mountain gave her another mysterious feeling.
As soon as he entered the mountain forest, a fat white rabbit entered the eyes of five of them. Zhang Ting cast a glance and was pulling an arrow. Hao Ren quickly turned around and made a move towards the three little guys behind him.
Hao Gui ‘an An Xiaokang’s three little guys also saw Hao Ren’s archery. The three little people all knew that they couldn’t go out at this time, otherwise the white rabbit would be scared away by them. The three little guys were very sensible, and they showed them how to do it according to Zhang Ting, covering their mouths.
Then I heard whoosh, a neat arrow shot in a straight line directly to the place not far from them, where the white rabbit was eating, and it was gradually convulsing. The white rabbit probably lost his life without thinking that he just ran out to eat.
When Hao Gui saw the fallen white rabbit, he looked back and looked at his eldest brother, jumping and shouting at Hao Ren, and then strode towards the shot white rabbit.
Zhang Ting is also a face of surprise. "Hao Ren, you seem to have learned archery early in the morning. Where are you from? I think your archery competition is sure to take the first place."
Hao Ren made Zhang Ting boast a little embarrassed and explained to Zhang Ting with a blush, "I didn’t expect my father to teach me archery before. I actually remember that I haven’t seen it for a long time."
"You can do it. I like you. Since you are so good at archery, we will go home with more prey today." Zhang Ting felt a little itchy at the sight of the prey running around the mountain. It’s a pity that she can’t shoot arrows, or hum and see how those animals can jump in front of her.
Hao Ren naturally saw that Zhang Ting was curious about the arrow in his hand, so Hao Ren smiled and raised the arrow in his hand. He looked at Zhang Ting and asked, "Do you want to learn? I’ll teach you."
Zhang Ting leng immediately asked Hao Ren with a smile, "Can I pull the arrow like I have to work hard? I’m afraid I can’t learn."
Hao Ren didn’t say much, but came towards Zhang Ting with a smile. At this time, there were two of them in this place, and the three little guys who had been with them had already run to the nearby side and surrounded the white rabbit that was shot to death.
"Come on, you do as I say. That’s it. This hand holds this arrow and the other hand holds it here. Hold it tight." They are learning how to shoot an arrow in a somewhat ambiguous posture.
Zhang Ting didn’t notice this. Now her eyes are full of curiosity about how to shoot an arrow. "Is this the case or is this the case?" Holding a bow and arrow, Zhang Ting always feels that he doesn’t seem to learn well. From time to time, he looks back and asks Hao Ren at a close distance behind her.
Zhang Ting looked back at someone and didn’t know what he was doing. He didn’t turn his eyes. Zhang Ting pushed him on the shoulder with a funny smile and asked, "What are you doing? I’m asking you. Am I doing this right?"
"Yes, that’s it. Hold on tight." After answering this sentence, Hao Ren’s cheeks were a little red. He was just in a daze because when she turned around and talked to herself, her mouth spit out warm breath and spilled it on him, which made his body suddenly fall into a limp and numb state. There were a lot of words in his mind that he wanted to say, but when her breath spilled over, those words suddenly stopped in his throat and made him unable to finish.
"Forget it, I still can’t learn, or you can do it yourself." Zhang Ting studied for a while and finally found herself really helpless about this high-tech archery. She really couldn’t do it.
As soon as the woman who was leaning on her bosom left, Hao Ren immediately felt that her heart seemed a little empty, and a flash of loss flashed in her eyes.
At this time, three little guys ran to get the rabbit. Hao Gui was holding the white rabbit that Hao Ren had just shot. All three guys were in a hurry.
"Eldest brother, look, this is the big rabbit just now. It’s so big that I can hardly get up." Hao Gui said with a happy face looking at Hao Ren.
Zhang Ting couldn’t help but look at Hao Ren in surprise when he heard that he had given the Hao Gui hand rabbit in the previous step, and said, "Hao Gui said it’s true. This rabbit is at least four or five pounds fat enough." /er
Chapter 11 Picking Wild Fruit
Looking at the faces of his family around him, he smiled happily. At this moment, even if someone in this world offered him a lot of money in exchange for this moment, he would not hesitate to refuse family happiness, which is the driving force of his generation.
"Let’s find a place with water to rest. We will solve our lunch here at noon today." Zhang Ting smiled at the big rabbit’s eyes. Now she has figured out how to arrange the big rabbit.
Hao Ren naturally has no different opinions about this arrangement for her. I’m afraid in his heart, this woman said that everything was for Zhang Ting. I don’t know if Hao Ren, I’m afraid all those villagers who have good contact with Hao’s family are willing to take her words as orders.
A group of five people wandered around the Woods and finally found a place near the stream not far from where they hunted the rabbit.
"Go shoot arrows and hunt. We’ll wait for you here. You’d better give me more prey. When you come back, I’ll bake delicious rabbit meat for you." Zhang Ting saw that he had set up a rabbit rack for himself. She didn’t forget them when he was here. Today, the main purpose of the mountain is to let the man in front of him practice archery more.
Hao Ren was still a little uneasy and looked around. "Will the four of you be upset here? Otherwise, I wish I had a fight nearby?"
Zhang Ting busy motioning with his hand and said to him, "No, no, you go away and fight. The four of us really have no problem. You don’t worry about us. Don’t forget that I’m waiting for you to take the exam for me and get this job back."
Hao Ren looked at her for a long time, and finally nodded his head gently. He decided in his heart that since Xiaoting hoped so much that he could get back into the exam, he couldn’t let her come back. It’s a big deal to look around here more when he leaves.