Zhang Wendao: "I am entertaining you. You said yourself that I am thirsty now. I remember that there are many good things in your Zixiao Palace that I didn’t see you to entertain me as a guest."

Hong Jun said, "This big robbery is full of the great robbery of the gods, so you can wait until you go to discuss it." Hong Jun didn’t want to talk to Mr. Zhang again.
Yuan asked, "Is that a list of people in a big robbery?"
Hong Jun said, "The famous list is being robbed."
Always asked, "Should this robbery be robbed?"
Always ask the people to sigh that this is the key, and they hurriedly look at Hong Jun.
Zhang Wendao: "After a thousand years, there is a person who has flying bear’s confusion. It is a lifelong method to become immortal. That person is rich and prosperous. How do you calculate this?"
Hong Jun said, "Daoyou are suffering. It’s a matter of days. He should rob people, so you don’t have to go against the sky."
Zhang Wen laughed. "What number of days are you talking about now? How about my number of days?"
Hong are silent again Zhang Wendao "what are you thinking? Thinking that your way is wrong, heaven is wrong, everything is wrong, and now even you and I are wrong. All this is wrong. What do you say is true and what is false? True or false, everything turned out to be a dream. Haha. "
Hong Jun said with a straight face, "You must be a friend of the floating clouds. Even if heaven really shows that you will fall, you should stop entertaining me."
Zhang Wendao: "You said that the number of days is so, so who can tell me the number of days? You and I are both days. Hongjun, you won a game today, and I will find it back. I also want to see who will let me fall."
Zhang Wen laughed when he left with the panda, but still echoed in this purple palace. Several saints also suspected that even the clouds were so high that they would fall in this catastrophe.
A few saints dare not think about it any more. They believe Hongjun’s words. After all, Hongjun represents heaven, and even saints are ants in their eyes. Even saints dare not talk nonsense. That Hongjun’s words will definitely make a difference. This has to be believed by several saints.
Hong Jun said, "When you go to discuss this robbery list, you will sign this list after consultation." Hong Jun said that and disappeared in Zixiao Palace, leaving a few saints to look at each other there.
The Nuwa said, "I didn’t teach this sacred thing, but it’s not our turn. Go and discuss it yourself."
Nu Wa’s words are also acquiescent to the fact that a few children and saints have not established a religion for this Nu Wa.
The old saying goes, "We are only one brother and should not be on the list."
Yuan Dao said, "Our door is blessed by virtue, and we shouldn’t be listed behind it."
The west must say, "My younger brother in the western paradise does not touch cause and effect, but he should not be on the list when he recites scriptures and worships Buddha in the west."
Tongtian saw that everyone said that his brother shouldn’t be on the list. He was furious and said, "Your brother shouldn’t be on the list. Most of my cousins are virtuous and rich."
A few saints are quarrelling here, and no one wants to see their younger brothers on the list. "My younger brother is not lucky enough to be on the list, so I’ll be a teacher on his behalf. It’s whether you wait or sign this list as soon as possible."
The old man said, "Write your name on the list." The sage no longer has three realms and five elements, but this list of gods can’t be sealed. When he saw the old name shining on the list for a moment, the old man walked out and looked exactly like the old man.
The Taoist said, "I’ve seen Taiqing sage being original and Tailaojun meeting all of you."
Old-fashioned "Taoist friends will go once."
Too old gentleman said, "Your brother is also my brother, but I should let him go once." Then he went to the heaven. The old man sent himself to the heaven to give his brother a list. Who dares to instigate this old body double to come to this heaven and send him an idle position?
A few saints who always do this have to be determined to solve the disputes between several saints, and even put their bodies in the heaven to rob them. Some saints always take the lead in this matter, so they have to write their own disciples before making a list of gods.
Chapter 31 Dayu water conservancy (7)
It is said that some saints who always send their bodies to heaven have to sign their brothers. These saints are also selfish. This list of gods wants their own brothers. The list of gods will be ordered by heaven to be sent alive by heaven, and the status of saints’ brothers is high. It should be sent by others. That is a drop.
Saints and saints will eventually have that herringbone dough and luck, which are the targets of saints’ competition. Without dough, whoever can’t stand being pushed into a hurry by the old will write a list of those who are shallow-rooted and shallow-rooted. These people are doomed to ashes in this big robbery, but several saints have signed them on the list with dozens of names.
I’ve always looked at the list and said, "You can discuss it yourself, but I don’t want to take part in it."
Yuan Dao said, "My brothers are all blessed and deeply rooted, and the younger generation should not suffer from that amount of robbery."
"My western paradise has nothing to do with cause and effect, and my cousins are all in that paradise, but they are not on this list."
Yuan heard, "This matter needs 365 people on the list, and our younger brothers are all short of this number. You are all the egg-laying wet generation, but you will be turned to ashes when the sacred list is robbed."
Tongtian said, "My cousins are all seniors. You should enjoy the quiet when you wait for the door. You dare to bully me."
I’ve always seen a few saints clamoring again, "This is a big deal. You should make a decision by now."
The old man said that everyone said "great goodness"
Several people called Hongjun Na Hongjun, saying, "Now that the law has signed this list, you can do three businesses. After the three businesses, you can’t change your body. The sage should also think about heaven. Don’t do that disrespectful thing again. I will take care of heaven’s general trend and this god’s position to complete this amount of robbery. Don’t make this amount of robbery evolve and rob you."
Hong Jun’s words were a knock on several saints, and it was also a warning to several saints not to do things that didn’t respect the number of days again, and finally he got himself into it.
Lao Dao said, "This list of gods is still in the teacher’s place for me to give it to him when I find the person who should be robbed."
As the old saying goes, several saints have thought about it, so everyone has to go back and discuss the list of people.
Hong Jun said, "This list is in my Zixiao Palace. You can wait for the three merchants and wait for the person who should be robbed to worship at the door before handing it over."