"The family name is Zhang, but my nephew’s family name is not Zhang’s. What qualifications do you have to drive me away? I won’t leave. You drive me away!" Since she can’t get anything to do when she’s angry, Hao Mengshi can get a broken jar and fall, and she will be stuck in this place until this surname Zhang promises to give her something to do.

Zhang Ting saw her posture and guessed what people were thinking. Maybe others would be afraid of her dead-tie-up method, but she was not afraid.
"Hao Gui, take out the stick that put me in the house. I’ll show you a dog today." Zhang Ting glanced at his face Gherardini and said this sentence to Hao Gui around him.
Hao Gui glanced proudly at Hao Mengshi’s side and replied with Zhang Ting, "I’ll give you a stick when I know Zhang Ting’s sister." After saying this, Hao Guifei ran into the thatched cottage.
Hao Meng’s heart was shocked. She remembered that when she came here once, this name was Zhang, but she chased her with a stick. Now when she remembered the situation at that time, she immediately felt as if she was in pain.
For a moment, when Hao Mengshi’s eyes were fixed on Hao Gui’s hand stick, Hao Mengshi’s footstep consciousness moved a few steps in the direction of Hao’s gate and then nervously stared at Zhang Ting with a stick and asked, "What do you want to do with Zhang? Do you want to hit people again? I tell you, if you hit me again, I’ll go to the village chief and tell you. "
Zhang Ting raised his hand and cudgel his face. The wicked man knocked the cudgel on the palm of his hand for a few times, smiling and looking at a face of fear. Hao Mengshi said, "If you run wild in my house, I’ll hit you. Come on, then I can play hard."
Hao Mengshi’s heart trembled with the beating of the stick in Zhang Ting’s hand. He looked pale and looked at Zhang Ting and stammered, "I won’t scatter if you promise to let me work with you."
Zhang Ting a listen to the corners of the mouth smile more and more Dahey this Hao Mengshi is persistent? However, she Zhang Ting was not intimidated by opening her mouth wide. Zhang Ting answered seriously word by word, "If you don’t give it to me, I will not give it to other people in the village. You can’t do things with me."
Hao Mengshi was so angry that he gritted his teeth and stared at Zhang Ting. His eyes couldn’t wait to bite Zhang Ting. But when Hao Mengshi saw the stick in Zhang Ting’s hand, she dared not move forward. It seemed that the stick was quite big. If it really hit her, it might make her peel off.
"If you walk or not, I’m really going to fight." Zhang Tingke didn’t care if people were going to eat their eyes. Anyway, as early as the second time when she hit this Hao Mengshi with a stick, she didn’t think about making a good relationship with others. If people want to hate it, Zhang Ting waved his hand and shouted at Hao Mengshi.
Hao Mengshi gritted his teeth and had an idea in his heart, that is, she wouldn’t go back and die if she couldn’t let Zhang Ting agree to her work in Hao’s house.
I bit my teeth again. Hao Mengshi sat down in the yard with his mouth wide open, complaining bitterly. "Oh, what’s going on in this world? There are younger generations bullying their elders. Come and have a look. The future niece is going to play the future uncle."
Hao Gui stared angrily at Hao Mengshi with his teeth clenched and his fist held for a while. He looked up at Zhang Ting’s face and asked Zhang Ting, "What does Sister Zhang Ting do now? This person is too shameless."
Zhang Ting looked down at Hao Gui, whose face was flushed with anger. He stretched out his hand and touched his head and smiled and said to him, "Hao Gui, don’t worry about this matter. Just leave it to Zhang Ting’s sister to deal with. You can take a good look at your sister Zhang Ting and how I can beat up a shameful person."
Hao Gui nodded his head when he heard Zhang Ting’s words, then slowly retreated to a certain distance and looked at Zhang Ting with his eyes wide open.
Zhang Ting glanced at Hao Guichao and smiled at him, then walked to Hao Mengshi’s side step by step, raised his hand and said to Hao Mengshi again, "Hao Mengshi, I ask you again, are you going or not?"
"Don’t go, you don’t promise to give me something to do, and I won’t go if I die." Although Hao Mengshi said such car-scrapping words in his mouth, his eyes were always paying attention to the stick in Zhang Ting’s hand
Zhang Ting low a smile "well, since you are so spineless, I’ll be you. I’ll count to three. If you don’t leave my hand, this stick won’t recognize people and hit you. Don’t blame it." Say that finish this sentence, Zhang Ting slowly shouted "one, two, three" with a serious face.
As the word "three" fell, Zhang Ting’s stick really swung from the middle.
"Shit, I killed someone." Hao Mengshi got up from the ground and ran faster than a rabbit. He stumbled out of Hao’s gate and shouted while running.
Chapter 99 Gentle women are also fierce
Zhang Ting looked at himself and didn’t swing the stick. He glanced at the figure like running for his life and left the corner of his mouth.
Hao Guifei generally ran over and hugged Zhang Ting’s thigh, raised his head and looked at Zhang Ting with admiration. "Sister Zhang Ting, you are so fierce that you beat away the fierce uncle and aunt again."
Zhang Ting smiled and patted him on the head. "Well, the bad guys have been driven away by my sister. Why don’t you go to the house and help my sister watch Ann? Their sister will come with you later today?"
Coaxed Hao Gui away. When Zhang Ting saw that he was here, he thought of pulling herbs out of the backyard. Hao Qingshan turned and went to the backyard again.
At this time, Hao Qingshan and Wang Dawa in the backyard are not the kui. They were taught by Zhang Ting personally. When Zhang Ting came over, they had already let the two of them manage properly.
"Sister, I seem to have heard your uncle’s mother’s voice here just now. Is she coming to get you in trouble?" Wang Dawa asked Zhang Tingxin at the sight of coming.
We are all from the same village, Hao Ren, who is the uncle and mother? It is estimated that no one in the whole village will not know that Zhang Ting has helped his Wang Dawa to recognize himself so much that Zhang Ting can’t suffer from Hao Meng’s loss.
Zhang Ting felt Wang Dawa’s heart sincerely smiled at him and looked at Wang Dawa and said, "Thank you, Dawa’s heart is fine. She really came to make trouble, but she scared me away with a stick."
Wang Dawa whoosh Hao Qingshan a listen to this answer two wait for a while looked at each other and then Hao Qingshan a little can’t believe looking at Zhang Ting and asking "Zhang Tingmei, can you still hit people with a stick?"
Zhang Ting smiled and looked at the two of them and asked, "Don’t I look like I can pick up a stick and hit people? In fact, if I get fierce, I can be very fierce. "
Hao Qingshan and Wang Dawa laughed again, but both of them were a little afraid to believe that Zhang Ting, who is so gentle in front of them at ordinary times, would beat people with a stick and couldn’t think of the picture.
It took a group of people almost an hour to get several herbs seedlings out of Hao’s backyard. Hao Qingshan sent Hao Yi to school as soon as their front feet left. Hao Ren came back on horseback, but when he came back this time, his back seemed to be carrying something through the door.
Busy getting fertilizer in the yard, Zhang Ting looked up and gave him a casual look, smiled and said hello to him "back"
Zhang Ting dialect just fell into a shadow and ran to her side. Something similar to a certificate appeared in front of Zhang Ting. "What is this?"
"Call and see!" Hao ren a face of excitement encouraged Zhang Ting to bring him the paper to play.
Zhang Ting hesitated to look at his face and saw his eyes full of hope, which immediately made Zhang Ting curious about what the man gave him. He gently hit the paper and found that it was actually Hao Ren’s registration for the yamen.
Zhang Ting looked up at him in surprise and asked, "Did you sign up?"
Hao Ren’s eyes were fixed on Zhang Ting’s face. Suddenly, she found that she was not happy at all after reading her registration sticker. Hao Ren was a little worried that Zhang Ting didn’t like to register himself. If so, he wouldn’t go.
"Do you want me to sign up?" Hao Ren nervously stared at Zhang Ting and asked.
Zhang Ting smiled and shook his head. "I don’t want you to sign up. I’m glad you finally chose something you like. Since you have chosen this, you can do it boldly. I support you."
Hao Ren’s eyes were still fixed on Zhang Ting, and he was a little uneasy. He continued to ask, "Just now, I saw that you didn’t seem very happy to see my registration sticker. I still don’t like me to do this. If you like me to study for fame, I will read it."
If she likes it, even if it is to let him give up his favorite career, Hao Renjue has nothing to do with himself. He wants to see her happy.
Zhang Ting looked at this sentimental man, shook his head and smiled at him and said, "Don’t think too much. I’m really not upset. I was shocked by this registration sticker just now. It’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of registration for a quick post."
"Are you really not unhappy?" Hao Ren still doesn’t believe Zhang Ting’s words and repeatedly confirmed with Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting discovered that she was going to marry a man and still had a mother-in-law personality. At this time, she just raised three fingers and swore in front of him. "I’m really not unhappy. Believe me, in fact, I think it seems pretty good to be a catcher. At least this is also a public official, don’t you think?"