Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law cried when she heard this. She kept holding Zhang Ting’s hand and thanked him. "Thank you, Xiaoting. Thank you. You are really a big benefactor in my family. Uncle Dashan and I thank you."

Although she has been waiting on her injured man at home these days, Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law also heard that those villagers who went to work in Hao’s house a few days ago came back the same day and said that it was not hard to work in Hao’s house and there were things that could be brought back for her family to eat. Now Zhang Ting wants her to work in Hao’s house. In fact, where is the root of letting her return the favor is to take care of their family.
"Then it’s a date. When Uncle Dashan is much better, you can report to my side and I’ll save a place for you." Zhang Ting said this sentence while turning away and was afraid to hear Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law holding her hand and crying later.
Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law sent Zhang Ting out of the house and walked away in Zhang Ting. People were reluctant to leave at this moment. Hao Dashan’s son Hao Xiaoshan came to his mother’s side and looked at the place where his mother had been looking. In his opinion, there was nothing in front of him, so he curiously asked Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law, "What are you looking at, mother? You look so serious."
When Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law heard this sentence, she took her hand and walked inside and explained to her, "Son, you should remember that Hao Renge’s family is very kind to our family. We should remember that this kindness can’t do anything sorry for others, you know?"
Hao Xiaoshan is ignorant, but he has always been used to listening to his mother’s words. Hao Xiaoshan gently nodded. "Knowing the girl will definitely remember the kindness of others to our family."
At this time, Zhang Ting, who went to Hao Qingshan’s house, didn’t know that he had a right-hand man around him because of his charity this time. Of course, this was all after.
Zhang Ting always remembered Hao Qingshan’s words in his heart. Today, he specially drew a plan to go to Hao Qingshan’s home to see Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law.
When I came to Hao Qingshan’s house, Zhang Ting shouted "Is Sister-in-law at home?"
Making clothes for children in the house Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law got up and came out with a big belly when she heard the sound outside. When she saw Zhang Ting Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law face outside the door, she immediately showed a welcome smile. Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law smiled at Zhang Ting at the gate. "It turned out to be a small court. Come in and give it to you if it’s a little heavy. Just push it yourself."
Zhang Ting looked at her with such a big belly and didn’t have the heart to ask her to come and give her the door, so she said to Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law, "Please don’t come, just face it. I can walk in myself."
Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law also knows that she is not trying to be brave in this situation. She is at the gate as Zhang Ting said.
Zhang Ting once heard Hao Ren say that Hao Qingshan died when he was very young, and his parents and uncles who didn’t want to care about his novel grew up eating hundreds of meals in this village.
However, Hao Qingshan is also a man of backbone. Although he lost his parents long ago, people still built such a thatched cottage on their own, and their lives are also very beautiful.
"Sister-in-law Qingshan eldest brother asked me to come and show you. Don’t be nervous. Just think of me as coming to chat." Zhang Ting told her about his coming here while holding Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law
Hao Qingshan smiled a little sweet after hearing Zhang Ting’s words. Although she married this man and was a parent, it was a bit hard to get pregnant now. She had to do everything alone without the help of her husband’s family, but fortunately, her husband was a pain in the neck. She felt that it was all worth it.
"I know you look at the small court. It’s hard for you to come to see me when you are so busy." Hao Qingshan just feels a little embarrassed to bother others.
Zhang Ting didn’t care to say, "What’s the trouble? Brother Qingshan is helping me with my work now. I should take care of his family. You should lie down first and I’ll touch your belly."
When I was in the emergency room, Zhang Ting herself was exposed to all kinds of patients, like pregnant women. She often took over one of them, touching the belly of pregnant women, which she learned from an old obstetrician and gynecologist.
Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law also knows that Zhang Ting’s medical skill is top-notch. Just say that Hao Dashan is like dying, but she was saved by Zhang Ting. Now Zhang Ting has let her lie down. Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law agreed without thinking.
Zhang Ting and other people immediately reached out and touched their chubby bellies. This touch really made her feel a little bad. The baby in their bellies is indeed a malposition. If it is corrected from time to time, the baby’s feet will come out first when the time comes.
Happy national day, everyone /er
Chapter 94 Please say something.
Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law saw a frown, and Zhang Ting followed up with a bad feeling in his heart. He looked at Zhang Ting uneasily and asked, "What’s wrong with my baby in the small court? Don’t scare her."
Zhang Ting didn’t notice Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law at this moment that she was nervous for fear that others would be scared out of order by herself, so she hurried out to comfort others. "It’s okay to put your baby in a healthy position, but it’s not a big deal. Give me this matter to ensure that your baby will come to this world smoothly and healthily before you give birth."
Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law spat after hearing Zhang Ting’s words, patting her own chest with one hand and telling Zhang Ting, "You scared me to death. I just saw you look so serious or is there something wrong with my baby?"
Zhang Ting smiled and she felt embarrassed. After all, people were just frightened by their own samples and patted the back of her hand to comfort. "It’s okay, it’s okay, sister-in-law, don’t be oversensitive. You lie down first and I’ll give you a few more massages in the belly. Your fetal position is estimated to be correct."
Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law shook Zhang Ting’s hand with gratitude and said, "It’s very kind of you, Xiaoting. Well, when I have a baby, I’ll let the baby recognize you as a foster mother."
Zhang Ting chuckled and smiled. According to the massage technique learned from the old obstetrician and gynecologist in the past life, Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law got a full belly massage. It took almost half an hour to press Zhang Ting.
By the time it was over, Zhang Ting felt as if she had been fished out of the water, but she was wet with sweat.
Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law saw Zhang Ting and helped herself get wet all over her eyes. She was even more grateful. Later, she directly invited Zhang Ting to stay for dinner.
Zhang Ting looked at her a pregnant woman to feed herself. She was probably unable to eat when the time came. "No, my sister-in-law has something to do at home. I’ll go back first. I’ll come over every two days to help you massage and press your fetal position a few times."
When I came out, Zhang Ting heard that people had to send me out, and quickly stopped "Sister-in-law, if you don’t send me off, I can go back. You have a good rest first, so I’ll go first and see you in two days."
Hurriedly came out from Hao Qingshan’s house and ran a long way. Zhang Ting was still a little worried that Hao Qingshan’s daughter-in-law really came out to send herself back and looked at it. I didn’t see anyone at the door. After that, Zhang Ting was relieved and the fast pace slowly slowed down to a small step and walked in the direction of Hao’s house.
At home, they were taking a nap. Hao Gui, they all woke up for a while. Now Hao Yi is teaching the three of them to read. When Zhang Ting came home, she heard that several children were mumbling to read.
Zhang Ting chicken cake turned into powder after two days in the sun. After this batch was dried, Zhang Ting went to inform Aunt Wang and her mother-in-law to come to work with her family.
On Hao Ren’s side, since Hao Ren told Zhang Ting that he didn’t want to go to school again, Hao Ren went to school the next day and told Nafu the reason. He came back with Hao Yi at noon that day. Since then, Hao Ren has stayed at Hao’s house to help Zhang Ting besides sending his brother to school.
Soon Hao’s 20 acres of land have also been turned over, but Hao’s side took out the medicine seedlings and planted them.
Summer nights are always hot and sweaty. Zhang Ting here in Hao’s yard specially invited the Wangs and Hao Qingshan to dinner tonight.
In the courtyard is Wang Erwa, the old child playing with Hao Gui and them. In the thatched hall, Hao Ren and Hao Qingshan are talking loudly.
Surrounded by candlelight in the kitchen, Zhang Ting heard the sound from outside, and her mouth kept smiling. A home is full of excitement, which is what Zhang Ting always thought.
"Small court, you said that you really invited us to eat something like sweet potatoes. Why did you buy so much meat?" Aunt Wang looked at the chicken, duck, fish and pork in the kitchen and felt sorry for Hao’s family.
Zhang Ting smiled. "Your two families have helped me too much these days. These things should be given to you."
Wang Dawa’s daughter-in-law smiled when she heard Zhang Ting’s words. She had worked for Hao’s family for so long. She also saw clearly that the Hao family was really good. She didn’t say that she would get better and better after working with her own family.
After half an hour’s busy work in the kitchen, as Aunt Wang shouted "It’s time to come out for dinner", in a short time, whether it was playing in the courtyard or talking in the hall, the men all sat down at the big table in the courtyard.
There are two tables in Hao’s yard, one of which is borrowed from Wang’s house, one for adults, one for children, and the dishes are the same.
"Uncle, aunt, this is the wine I specially bought in the city. Try it." Hao Renxiao poured a glass of wine for Wang Ershu and Wang Erzhen, the two elders.
Uncle Wang doesn’t like anything, but he just likes to have a sip of wine, but because this wine is really a little expensive, he can only have a sip when he is at home for holidays.
Wang Ershu just smelled the wine when Hao Ren poured it, and he knew that this wine was bought by the Hao family. Wang Ershu couldn’t help shouting "good wine" when he picked up the cup and took a sip.
Aunt Wang didn’t know her man’s hobby, and she was afraid that he would get drunk. She quickly said, "Don’t drink so much. If you get drunk at night, I don’t care if you sleep on the road."
Wang Ershu’s face is passive and he can’t drink any more, but his mouth is full of complaints that Wang Ershu is not allowed to drink.
Zhang Ting sat and looked at the old couple, although it was a little noisy, but she saw a feeling of growing old together from both of them, which was really good.
Seeing that everyone had eaten about the same, Zhang Ting said to the two families that he invited them to come over for dinner this time. "Everyone, in addition to inviting everyone to dinner today, Zhang Ting has one more thing to discuss with Brother Qingshan and Brother Dawa."
Hao Qingshan and Wang Dawa, who were named, let go of chopsticks and looked at Zhang Ting and asked, "Xiaotingmei, if you have anything, just say if we can help you." Wang Dawa looked at Zhang Ting and said /er
Chapter 95 Drunk
When I got home this afternoon, Hao Qingshan also heard from his mother that Zhang Ting had visited his wife and massaged her for half an hour. Hao Qingshan knew that he had an idea when he heard these words, that is, he must repay her well.
"Yes, sister-in-law, just say what you want. Brother Qingshan, I have nothing but strength. If you need powerful and irritating help to find your brother Qingshan, I will do it." Hao Qingshan patted his chest and told Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting smiled and felt a little touched, so he went on to say, "Thank you for your support to Zhang Ting. Then Zhang Ting is welcome. Well, I think I want to plant those herbs every day. I still want to give it to Brother Qingshan and Brother Dawa, okay?"
Hao Qingshan and Wang Dawa looked at each other and their faces showed difficulties at the same time. Wang Dawa said, "Sister, it is absolutely no problem for me to help you with your brother Qingshan. I haven’t done this herb with your brother Qingshan yet, and we are afraid that it will be broken for you."
Zhang Ting chuckled and said to the two of them, "Please rest assured that I will teach you how to plant this herb. You just have to do as I say. Have you both planted things in the fields?"
Wang Dawa and Hao Qingshan once again looked at each other and heard Zhang Ting’s question. The two of them replied with different mouths, "Of course, we have planted it, but how can we not plant it?"