Hao ren looked down at his hand, and this card was a ghost. He didn’t know what happened to him at that time. He didn’t throw it back for the first time, but took it home.

When Hao Ren and Zhang Ting left, Hong Shengmo talked to himself alone in the hall. "If Wang Er were still here, it would be so big."
Chapter 9 Cold Rice Noodles
Out of Jiafu, Zhang Ting glanced behind him, and Hao Ren thought of the’ re that he took over just now and looked at him curiously and asked, "What do you want with that’ re?"
Hao Ren smiled and looked up at Zhang Ting and replied, "Keep it. Anyway, it’s also something that people give away for nothing, not for nothing, or maybe later."
"You go back to school. I’m ready to go home now." Zhang Ting glanced at it. It’s only half past this afternoon. This man is estimated to learn something when he goes back to school.
Hao Ren shook his head and smiled. "No, before I came, I had taken a leave from the school. Today, I won’t go back to the school to study. I’ll take you home. I’ll take you home and I’ll pick up Hao Yi."
After hearing what he said, Zhang Ting thought that since everyone had taken a good vacation, forget it. She nodded her head and came to this dark horse. Before Zhang Ting worked out how to pose best, the horse suddenly felt that she had a big hand in her arm. In a moment, she was pulled by the owner of this big hand.
This is the first time for Zhang Ting to ride a horse. Although this dark horse has taken root in Hao’s family, it is a strange horse, and there is Hao Ren to ride it in the whole family. Others can’t get close without Hao Ren around.
When Zhang Ting was in the horse, the black horse was still a little unhappy, and its feet kept turning around. Finally, Hao Ren came out of the black horse and became quiet.
"Don’t be nervous. Hold my hand if you are afraid." Hao Ren, sitting behind her, naturally felt that she was tight and endured Hao Ren or whispered this soothing word in her ear.
Hao Ren waited until Zhang Ting nodded yes before he caught the horse’s belly and reprimanded a horse toward the dark horse. On the way back, Zhang Ting was nervous and then relaxed to the back. Zhang Ting was completely afraid of this riding feeling, but felt that it was still very comfortable.
In less than half an hour, the two of them went back to the courtyard at the gate of Hao’s house. Hao Gui took a well-off family and two children, An An, and wrote on the ground. These were all arranged for them by Zhang Ting when she left for Jia’s house. The purpose was to prevent the three of them from doing any mischief when she was not at home.
Hearing the horseshoe outside, the three guys immediately threw their sticks to the ground, and the three ran outside to meet them. Zhang Ting and Hao Rensan jumped from the horse’s face and stared at the dark horse with bright eyes.
Hao Ren tied the horse and saw three eyes behind him. In the first month, she couldn’t help smiling at the three of them and saying, "I’ll take you three riding when I come back in the afternoon."
The three guys almost jumped up from the ground when they heard it. The three guys gathered around Hao Ren’s side and hugged their legs, hugged their legs and hugged their arms. Immediately, Hao Ren was full of people.
After Zhang Ting went in, he heard the laughter coming from outside. Looking back, he saw that he was hung by three little guys. Hao Ren couldn’t help but chuckle. "You three are pestering your eldest brother and let your eldest brother come in for a drink." Zhang Ting shouted at the outside.
After coming in, Zhang Ting didn’t rush into the house, but went to the backyard. Today, the backyard was quiet here. Zhang Ting planned to let the ten women rest for two days, and then invited those people to come and work after she had dried the chicken cakes into chicken essence.
This side of the backyard is filled with a large piece of chicken cake, which was inspected before Zhang Ting. After half a day of drying, the chicken cake has been dehydrated, and many meat cakes have been slowly dried and developed in the direction of powder crushing.
After checking these chicken cakes to make sure that there is no problem, Zhang Ting left the backyard and came out to the yard. When Zhang Ting found that the three boys and girls were still playing outside, he shook his head and smiled and shouted again, "Stop playing and come in and drink water."
Hao Ren heard the sound in the courtyard and looked up to see Zhang Ting’s figure in the thatched hall. Hao Ren still respected Zhang Ting in his heart. "Well, I promise you that when I come back in the afternoon, I will take you three to ride horses. Then everyone can ride like this. Now, we will enter the house. If we don’t enter the house, your sister Zhang Ting will scold us."
Hao Gui three guys are not afraid of Hao Ren and Hao Yi brothers in this house. The three of them are most afraid of Zhang Ting. Who told you that Zhang Ting stays with them for the longest time in this house? Sometimes if the three of them do something wrong, Zhang Ting will mercilessly beat their calves with bamboo branches.
In the thatched hall, Zhang Ting poured each of them a cup of honeysuckle water which had been soaked in advance. In this water, Zhang Ting also put a little sugar in it, which was almost like drinking a modern drink. This family likes to drink this kind of thing.
Hao Ren is really thirsty this half a day. After drinking two bowls of honeysuckle water in a row, it is considered to stop and rest for a while. Hao Renji hung up and read his brother in school. "I’ll pick up my second brother first. If there is no water at home, I’ll pick you up when I come back. Don’t do it yourself."
Hao’s family is full of water now. Hao Ren goes to that big well in the village every day to pick it back. Today, Hao Ren forgot to pick water because he was worried about Zhang Ting going to Jiafu.
Zhang Ting replied, "Be careful not to ride too fast when you know it." Zhang Ting sent him out until Hao Ren rode out of sight. Zhang Ting turned around and went directly into the room where she lived. For a moment, Zhang Ting’s hand immediately gained a hairpin.
Looking at Princess Hong’s gift of such a hairpin, it is made of pure gold and still gives off dazzling light when placed in the sun, and that style may not feel that there are many choices in modern times, but this kind of gold hairpin is estimated to be the best in this place.
Take it and watch it for a while. Zhang Ting chuckled and turned to hide this hairpin. Now she can’t afford to wear this style. Put it aside. If there is something urgent, take it as a pawn.
Coming out of the room, Zhang Ting turned into the kitchen and thought about lunch at noon. Now the weather is so hot, Zhang Ting’s appetite is not so good. I want to eat something cold. I want to go to Zhang Ting and try to make a cold noodle.
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Chapter 91 Afraid of ants biting you
In front of Zhang Ting, there was a colleague who did this at home. Usually, when two people chatted, Zhang Ting heard the most, that is, the colleague said how to make her cold rice noodles. I didn’t forget all these things when I crossed in Zhang Ting.
According to the method mentioned by my colleague in my memory, Zhang Ting really tried it. First, he didn’t make a good wave. Later, Zhang Ting mastered a little trick, but let Zhang Ting make a crystal cold rice noodle. Although the seasoning here is a little less modern, it tastes good.
Busy in the kitchen, Zhang Ting didn’t notice that there were three heads poking around at the door of the kitchen while she was busy inside. The owners of these three heads were Hao Gui Xiaokang and An An.
Not long after Zhang Ting entered the kitchen, the three guys have been curious about what lunch they will order at noon today. The three guys are also well-known by Zhang Tingjiao. They know that Zhang Ting is busy in it and dare not go out to disturb Zhang Ting. So they have been afraid to watch at the kitchen door.
By the time Zhang Ting found them, her hands were already busy. "Why are you three here? Come on in. It’s so hot outside. Be careful." Zhang Ting smiled and beckoned them three guys to come in.
You’re welcome as soon as the three guys listen. They quickly ran towards Zhang Ting. After three little faces and noses sucked hard for a while, Xiaokang took Zhang Ting’s hand and asked, "Sister, what are you doing? It smells good."
"Good sweet sister Ann can have a taste?" Ann believes that she is the youngest in the family, and she dares to say anything.
Zhang Ting stretched out his hand on the forehead of the three of them and ordered "Three greedy cats know that you want to eat. Hurry up and get a bowl and I’ll give you a little taste." Zhang Ting also made a lot of cold rice noodles this time. Anyway, it’s a hot day. She is sure that the family will like it and will not be afraid to leave a lot of things.
With Zhang Ting’s words, the three guys turned and ran to one side to get their bowls and chopsticks. After they got them, the three guys ran back to Zhang Ting, blinking and waiting for Zhang Ting to share them.
Zhang Ting smiled and gave the three of them half a bowl of cold rice noodles. "Take it to the other side of the hall to eat. When your eldest brother comes back, we will have dinner."
The three guys didn’t think Zhang Ting gave them such a little. If they could taste them, they would be happy. At the same time, three smiling faces were exposed to Zhang Ting, three small mouths were sweet and said thank you to Zhang Ting, and then they went to the front yard to eat with their cold rice noodles.
Hao Ren and Hao Yi came back when the sun was high in the middle of the night. When they came back, it was twelve o’clock. When they came back, their faces were sweaty.
Just now, the three guys who tasted the cold rice noodles sat on the eaves with low stools, looking forward to their eldest brother and second brother coming back soon so that they could eat the delicious cold rice noodles earlier. It was so delicious that they couldn’t help licking their lips when they tasted the cold rice noodles not long ago.
As soon as the Hao Ren brothers came back, they immediately found out that the three guys in the family seemed very happy and welcome to come back today. Before they were happy, they knew the fact that the two brothers lost half of their smiles immediately.
"Sister Zhang Ting, what’s this called? It’s delicious!" Hao Yi ate cold rice noodles in his mouth, and the heat in his stomach seemed to disappear.
Zhang Ting is also quite satisfied with his craft today and has eaten a lot. "Is this called cold rice noodles delicious?" Zhang Ting feel this sentence finished don’t ask a look at this a few people eat.
"Delicious Zhang Ting elder sister, let’s eat this the night after. It’s delicious." Hao Gui has eaten two bowls, and now Zhang Ting is eating the third bowl. Looking at his little belly, he is a little worried that if this Hao Gui eats his little belly again, he won’t burst it.