Dude, when he heard Zhang Ting’s words, his eyes flashed with surprise. He didn’t expect this girl who looks like she is wearing ordinary clothes to have so much 520 gold. Sure enough, Jia Gong’s references are extraordinary.

"Girl, sit here for a while first, and then I’ll ask my shopkeeper to come out to see the girl." Respect said this sentence, and the man quickly turned and ran to the backyard of the bank to call someone.
"Sister, are we rich again!" Well-off corners of the mouth with a face of childlike innocence asked Zhang Ting small appearance is very cute.
Zhang Ting smiled and touched the little guy’s head and said, "Our family is rich, but this matter can be known to our family and can’t be told to others. If people know that our family is rich, they will rob our family of money."
At this time, Xiaokang remembered that when they lived in Zhangjiacun before they moved to Haojiacun, their uncles and aunts just kept robbing their homes.
"Sister well-off don’t say well-off who also don’t say" well-off a face of fear took Zhang Ting hand and said.
"Zhang Ting sister in peace also don’t say" finally eat snacks into his mouth in peace looked up at Zhang Ting a face of guarantee to Zhang Tingda said.
Hao Gui glanced at his two brothers and sisters and suddenly clenched his fist and said to Zhang Ting, "Sister Zhang Ting, if any bad guys dare to rob us, I will fight them desperately."
Zhang Ting didn’t think that this is what he said, which actually provoked such a big reaction from these three people. Suddenly, he was a little in distress situation. "Well, I know that you are all good children. How can you bear it for a while? When my sister finishes things here, we will pick up your eldest brother and second brother at school, and we will go to a restaurant to eat delicious food."
"Wow, it’s good to go to a restaurant." When Hao Gui heard that he was going to a restaurant for dinner, he couldn’t help but think of the time when they went to a restaurant for dinner. It was probably the first time he had gone to a restaurant for dinner since he was so big. Now I think it’s very novel.
Just as they were talking, they just went in to call the shopkeeper and the waiter came out. This time, when he came out, he was followed by a young man in his twenties.
When Zhang Ting saw the shopkeeper in this shop, he was dazzled by himself. How is it possible that the shopkeeper here is a young man in his twenties?
Probably Zhang Ting’s face expression is too rich. When he came out of the store, the shopkeeper immediately laughed and said to Zhang Ting, "This girl is not mistaken. I am indeed the shopkeeper and boss of this store. Just now, my buddy said that the girl has 520 gold here. I don’t know if I can give it a look?"
Zhang Ting came to her senses and showed an embarrassed expression. I didn’t expect the young man to see through those things as soon as I thought about them. Now she is a little skeptical about how Jia Lin’s elm head is making friends with this young man as young as a fox.
"No problem, please have a look." Zhang Ting was not worried that people would rob him of the five hundred and twenty gold, so he put his hand in front of the desktop with a calm face and exposed the lid of the box with five hundred and twenty gold in it.
The name of the shopkeeper in the money house is Qian Zaisheng, which sounds like a name that can’t be used again. When Zhang Ting heard someone introduce himself, he almost didn’t laugh out how much his father likes money. It’s enough to give his son a name like this.
Money regeneration glanced at Zhang Ting’s blushing face and replied faintly, "If the girl thinks the name is funny, laugh it out. Don’t always hold it back and get sick. Anyway, I don’t know how many times I’ve been laughed at in the name. I’m used to it."
Zhang Ting was stunned and immediately said with a look of embarrassment, "No, you misunderstood me. I didn’t want to laugh. Please take a look at my box of gold. How much silver can you change for me!"
"You are pure gold. I’ll give you twelve. You have five hundred and twenty. I’ll give you five thousand and two hundred. What do you think?" Money to regenerate a mouth is like an abacus. It’s like a chip, a mile, a crash, an accurate miscalculation of the answer, and then a confident look at Zhang Ting and ask
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Chapter 7 Don’t underestimate people
Zhang Ting figured it out, and found that the price people gave herself was the same as the number they inquired about. It seems that people really didn’t bully her. She was a stranger. "Okay, just change it into 5,200 silver according to the money boss, but I want to change 4,200 silver into 1,200 silver tickets, of which 5,200 are changed into 1,200 silver tickets, and the other 5,200 are changed into 120 and 520 silver ingots for me?"
Qian Zaisheng nodded with a smile, and then he winked at the man beside him. Then he saw that the man who had just come out smiled at Zhang Ting and immediately turned into the bank counter. In the bank cabinet surrounded by wooden fences, the man smiled and shouted to Zhang Ting, "Girl, please bring this box of gold and change money for you."
Zhang Ting leng looked up and looked at the money regeneration to see him nodded toward himself. Zhang Ting was relieved to put his hand on this box of gold.
Next, I saw the man in the counter playing with his hands on the abacus. The speed of the mental arithmetic hand made Zhang Ting look dazzled and sighed that the ancient abacus kung fu was really not covered
After a while, the guy gave her the money. First, he took out four 1200 silver tickets, then five 1200 small silver tickets, and then there were fifty 1200 silver ingots in the box, which were pushed to Zhang Ting through the fence.
"Girl, you count five thousand two hundred silver faces here. According to your instructions, you divided them into big silver tickets, small silver tickets and silver girls." The banker said to Zhang Ting with a face of respect.
Zhang Ting didn’t count it either, but it wasn’t because she believed the shop assistant, but when the shop assistant was calculating the money just now, she actually calculated the number in her mind and got everything right.
Money regeneration and shop assistants saw that Zhang Ting didn’t go to count it back. The girl in front of them wouldn’t count. There was a trace of white eyes in the eyes of both the master and the servant, but no one broke the idea.
Zhang Ting took out her 520 gold and got silver tickets and silver. After she put them away and made sure they wouldn’t be stolen or robbed, Zhang Ting called them Hao Gui. They said goodbye to the master and servant, and swaggered out from the inside.
"Boss, this girl with so much money doesn’t worry that she walked out of our bank boss just like this. Do you think this girl doesn’t know how much money there is or she doesn’t care about it?" The shop assistant came out of the counter and looked at Zhang Ting. They left the figure and asked their boss with a funny expression on their lips.
Qian Zaisheng looked down at the corner of his mouth with a slight bend, but his shoulder was so high. The man said, "Don’t look down on this girl. She can have such a large sum of money at an early age. Presumably, we may have a chance to do business with this girl after it is not simple." After saying this, Qian Zaisheng raised his mysterious smile and walked slowly towards the backyard humming opera.
Zhang Ting, who was walking in the street at the same time, didn’t know that this pair of servants in the bank had a good or bad evaluation of her. Now Zhang Ting is pregnant with this 5,200 silver, and she feels angry when she walks.
Among the three little guys around her, Hao Gui realized that their family had another large sum of money today, so she came out of the bank, except for Zhang Ting, who had the brightest smile, and the second one was going to belong to this little guy Hao Gui. The little guy’s smile has never been eliminated since he came out of the bank.
"Sister Zhang Ting, where are we going next?" Hao Gui walked over and looked at Zhang Ting. At this time, in Hao Gui’s eyes, Zhang Ting’s sister was the god in his mind. He felt that this Zhang Ting sister was really amazing. She made so much money by treating someone’s illness. Sister Zhang Ting’s real wife was amazing.
Zhang Ting smiled and cast a glance at the left and right sides, holding an in peace and a well-off society, and then cast a glance at them. Hao Gui pursed her lips. Zhang Ting first looked at their place and found that this place was a little close to Hao Ren, who is now studying at that school. Suddenly an idea crossed Zhang Ting’s mind.
"We’ll pick up your eldest brother and second brother after school, and then we’ll go to the horse market to buy horses." Zhang Ting said with a smile that he planned to tell the three little guys around him.
When the three little guys heard that Zhang Ting was going to buy a horse, three pairs of eyes immediately lit up and stared at Zhang Ting. "Sister Zhang Ting, did you just say that we were going to buy a horse?" Hao Gui looked at Zhang Ting with a face of excitement.
"Sister, after we buy a horse, will our family have a horse to ride?" Well-off tightly holding Zhang Ting hand little face is happy smile looked at Zhang Ting asked.
Zhang Ting looked at the three excited little figures and smiled and ordered some ice. "Yes, after picking up your eldest brother and second brother, we will buy a horse and then a carriage. We will go back in our own carriage today."
Hearing and saying that they want to buy a carriage, the three little guys chattered all the way, talking about what they would do with the horse after they bought it. Zhang Ting chattered with three small mouths and finally came to the school where Hao Ren and Hao Yi studied.
When Zhang Ting and others came over, there was no class at the school. There was a quiet class beside the school gate. Zhang Ting once heard from Hao Ren that the schools here were all funded by the government. Therefore, the government was afraid that someone would come to the school to make trouble, and it would send two chief officers to guard it here.
Zhang Ting was born to be afraid of the chief here, so after they came to the school, they found a resting sugar water stall opposite the school and called four bowls with mung bean syrup, one big and three small, drinking sugar water while waiting for the two brothers who were about to learn from Hao Ren.
After waiting for about a quarter of an hour, the school suddenly came. I don’t know what to knock on the porcelain, and soon I saw a lot of learning pouring out at the school gate.
"Sister Zhang Ting is the eldest brother, and they are out of school." Hao Gui was excited at the sight of so many people coming out. After finishing this sentence with Zhang Ting, he immediately ran out of the sugar water shop and looked for him to wait for someone in the crowd.
Soon, Hao Guichao shouted "Big Brother and Second Brother, we are here" in the crowd.
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Chapter 79 Racecourse Fun
Walking in the crowd, Hao Ren and Hao Yi immediately looked up when they heard the sound. When their eyes saw Zhang Ting and the four of them sitting in the sugar water stall, the two brothers’ faces showed joy and laughter at the same time, and they came up to Zhang Ting and their side together.
Zhang Ting saw the two of them coming over and smiled and said to them, "Sit down and have a cup of sugar water first, and I’ll take you to a good place later." After that, Zhang Tingchao asked the proprietress for two more bowls of sugar water.
Hao Ren looked at Zhang Ting, who was sitting here, with a big grin. Obviously, this young man was very excited to see Zhang Ting here. "Why are you here?"
Hao Ren’s excited expression on her face naturally didn’t miss from Zhang Ting’s eyes. It seems that it is quite good to surprise this man occasionally. Anyway, she plans to marry this man in this life. If this man doesn’t regret marrying her, she will follow him. After all, this man in front of her can be regarded as a person who knows her roots.