Unreasonable is the best truth in the emotional world, and it is impossible for this woman to come back voluntarily.

Anyway, he’s shameless. So what if he doesn’t face it again?
I haven’t seen anyone for five days. He has to pay some interest in advance. He doesn’t want to pretend anymore.
Mo Jun bowed his head and kissed someone’s swollen lips again at night.
This big rascal!
All the struggles and anger of Gu Yi were swallowed by men.
The plane took off on time.
Gu Yi asked for a blanket as soon as he sat tight.
When I couldn’t board the plane, everyone’s eyes fell on her badly swollen lips.
Lose face and grandma’s house.
As soon as the blanket came, it immediately blindfolded itself and pretended to sleep, but its heart pounded and it finally calmed down.
The man’s arms are so warm and comfortable that he has to admit that she has just indulged in them.
What’s wrong with her? Didn’t she say she was going to forget and start over?
I thought we agreed to enjoy the single life.
What? When I met this man, all the principles of mental construction were gone.
What should she do?
The plane finally landed after six hours’ flight.
Italy walked out of the airport with luggage, and there was a meeting party waiting at the door with cards.
I just called my mobile phone and two Wechat messages came out at the same time.
One is Mojun Night, and the other is Chang Xi.
She was stunned for two seconds and was honest. She clicked Mojun Night WeChat according to her heart.
"A woman kissed her stomach six hours ago, and when you come back, you will know what I prepared for you."
She was so angry that she wanted to roll her eyes. She felt that she had no choice but to take this man.
Changxi WeChat seems to be normal. "Is it safe?" I miss you very much when I send a message. "
Meaning distress frowned simply a also don’t back.
Stay in the hotel and get to know the busy schedule of the meeting. Because it is the first time to attend this world-class hotel meeting, Gu Yi immediately put himself into work.
Now the country
Mo Jun looked at the phone again at night and there was no news of the woman.
I should have flown by this time, and I must have missed that WeChat. I must be angry.
Mo Jun’s mind immediately came up with that slightly pouting face full of Jiaochen face.
His abdomen tightened slightly, and he gasped.
Even if you think about it, you must have put up with it for too long.
Hand ringing