After watching for a while, Zhang Ting immediately took a well-off life and followed things behind him. Hao Guijin entered Hao’s home. Hao Ren and his brothers have returned home, and they are doing work.

Hao Yi, who was sweeping the floor in the courtyard, saw Zhang Ting coming back. They immediately put their brooms away and ran to Zhang Ting to ask them why they were not at home all afternoon.
"I went out to do something. Where’s your big brother?" Zhang Ting looked at his heart Hao Yixiao asked.
Hao Yi saw that Zhang Ting didn’t want to say more about it, and then pointed to the direction of the kitchen behind him and said to Zhang Ting, "Eldest brother is cooking dinner for us in the kitchen."
Zhang Ting handed his well-off hands to Hao Yi in peace and said to him, "Help my sister watch the two of them." After that, Zhang Ting turned to take Hao Gui’s hand meat and some other things and walked directly in the direction of the kitchen.
When Zhang Ting walked into the kitchen, he saw Hao Ren busy with his life. I didn’t know that people still do this kind of work in the kitchen every day. I didn’t think that people do it once in a while
Hao Ren, who was busy in the kitchen, heard the noise behind him and looked back and saw it immediately. Zhang Ting Hao Ren immediately chuckled and gently asked Zhang Ting, "Are you tired when you come back? Dinner will be ready soon and you can eat it later."
Zhang Ting watched his hands busy in front of him in the previous step. It turned out that he was frying vegetables and there was a plate of freshly fried eggs on the stove. It was very attractive that the golden eggs were placed on the plate.
"Don’t put out the fire in the kitchen stove later. I’ll fry another dish. I promised Xiaogui that they would fry a meat for them." Zhang Ting took the hand meat and went to the usual meat cutting board, picked up the only kitchen knife at home and cut it.
When cutting pork, Zhang Ting didn’t stop asking Hao Ren about Hong Shengmo.
"Hao Ren, do you know Lord Hong?" Zhang Ting asked the man who was busy cooking while cutting pork.
Hao Ren looked up at Zhang Ting and gently nodded, "Know what’s wrong?"
"Nothing. Can you tell me something about him?" Zhang Ting bowed their heads and cut their hands pork to hide his expression that continued.
It was only after Hao Ren put the prepared vegetables on the plate that he seriously told Zhang Ting about the story of this Hong Wang Ye. "I heard that this Hong Wang Ye is the most famous Wang Ye in our dynasty and he is also a powerful person. Whenever he leads troops to fight, there is no failure."
"It turns out that he is so powerful that he looks like a ShaQi." Zhang Ting muttered a few words alone after hearing Hao Ren’s explanation.
Hao Ren looked at her and moved her lips to know that she was talking, but she didn’t hear what she was saying clearly, so she asked curiously, "What are you talking about, Xiaoting?"
Zhang Ting recovered and smiled at Hao Ren. "I didn’t say anything. I was talking to myself and I was right. What about the family situation of the Hong Wang Ye? That is, for example, his wife, Princess Hong. "
Hao Ren stared at Zhang Ting carefully for a while and always felt that Zhang Ting was a little strange today. He had been asking about the report of Hong.
Zhang Ting gave him such a stare and smiled, so he told him what he had experienced in Jiafu.
"No wonder you have to ask so many questions. It turns out that this Hong Wang Ye and Princess Hong are in Jia Fu. If you treat Princess Hong now, you can know more about this Hong Wang Ye’s temperament so that we can know ourselves and know ourselves to ensure safety." Hao Ren only showed a white expression at this moment.
"Isn’t it? And now the princess Hong’s illness is very difficult. Prince Hong has a bad temper, so it’s better to know more about a family." Zhang Ting also said with a sad face.
Hao Ren looked at it and lost confidence. Zhang Ting thought for a moment. Finally, he blushed and walked in the previous step, stretched out his hand and held her hand. He stammered with Zhang Ting, "Xiaoting, I believe you. You can definitely cure Princess Hong."
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Chapter 7 A kid is big.
Zhang Ting couldn’t help laughing when she looked at his red cheeks. I didn’t think that this normally sedate man would blush so easily. This feeling was even more surprising than her discovery of the new continent.
Hao Ren looked at her smiling face for a long time, then looked at Zhang Ting hesitantly and asked, "What are you laughing at, Xiaoting? Did I just say something wrong?"
Zhang Ting smiled and waved at him. "No, you didn’t say anything wrong. I just want to laugh. Don’t mind."
After saying this, Zhang Ting gathered her face and smiled and continued to say to him, "But I still appreciate your words of comfort just now. With your comfort, I believe I can cure Princess Hong of that disease."
The two men talked for a while in the kitchen, and while they were talking, Zhang Ting’s braised pork was cooked.
Hao Yi and Hao Gui, the brothers, smelled the meat in the courtyard and ran to the door of the kitchen to ask when Zhang Ting and Hao Ren could have dinner.
"It’s time to eat" in Zhang Ting. Just after shouting this sentence, the two brothers watched Hao Yi at the door of the kitchen and ran into the kitchen. They took the initiative to help the two brothers to serve food and food. The two brothers looked very diligent.
The family ate a meal with meat and vegetables. After dinner, Xiao An ‘an arrived in Zhang Ting. After dinner, everyone went to the kitchen, poured half a bucket of hot water and took a warm bath with cold water. Then they went back to their rooms one by one and entered a beautiful dream.
Today, Zhang Ting fell asleep as soon as she fell into bed. Even the two little guys who slept beside her in the middle of the night didn’t know if they were kicked by her as a sister.
Zhang Ting didn’t wake up until early the next morning. When he woke up, the Hao Ren brothers had gone to the school in the city to learn the quiet courtyard, and she, Hao Gui and the four of them were left.
When Zhang Ting woke up, he was going to cook a breakfast casually. Just when he lifted the lid, he saw a big pot of rice congee and a bowl of pickles and leftovers from last night.
See these Zhang Ting corners of the mouth gently tick tick don’t guess she can guess who these breakfasts are, think of Hao Ren Zhang Ting corners of the mouth smile more and more big bright smile with a hint of sweetness.
I learned that I didn’t cook breakfast myself today. Zhang Ting went to wash herself first, and then went back to her room to wake up Xiaokang and An An.
Two little guys followed Zhang Ting into the city yesterday. I guess they were exhausted. They should have woken up long ago at this time, but today they want Zhang Ting to wake them up.
When Xiaokang woke up, he yawned and watched himself wake up his sister, rubbing his eyes with one hand and saying "Good morning, sister" to Zhang Ting.
At this time, Ann also sat up from the bed, rubbing her eyes with her hands and saying "Good morning, Sister Zhang Ting" to Zhang Ting with sleepiness.
Zhang Ting looked at the two of them so cute and couldn’t help kissing each other on their cheeks and touching their little asses. "It’s getting late, and the sun is almost drying up."
The two little guys are only five years old and the other is only four years old. Although children of this age are not small in ancient times, Ann and Xiaokang have suffered a lot because of some time ago. Both of them have suffered losses. Now it seems that they are both one year younger than their actual age.