Village head Hao immediately turned ugly when he heard them say this, and he snorted at these villagers. "What are you talking about here now? Who said that you couldn’t come here to work now? Do you feel embarrassed?"

The villagers who were scolded were slightly embarrassed and didn’t dare to look up. Some people in the crowd muttered, "We didn’t come here the day before yesterday. Aren’t we worried that the Hao family couldn’t afford the wages? Now we know that others can afford it, of course we will do it."
"Don’t you know that the Hao family doesn’t want these ideas? I’ll tell you that the Hao family says it doesn’t want people now, that is, it doesn’t want people. I’ll tell you that it’s impossible for the Hao family to recruit people this time. According to the situation that the Hao family is getting rich now, it’s mostly after you get into trouble with others now that you can see how you can come to work in their homes."
Everyone listened to the warning of Hao village head. It is impossible to see Hao family recruiting now, but the village head said that they must have made money by buying 20 acres of land for Hao family. It is only a matter of time before they get rich.
Now it’s better to give Hao’s family a convenience and it’s more convenient for them to come here to ask for a job.
Think clearly about this truth. Originally, I refused to leave here and wanted the villagers’ faces. It was not long before this group of villagers who refused to leave Hao’s house finally disappeared one after another.
When Zhang Ting looked through the door and saw that the people at the door were gone, she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. Without these people at the door, she suddenly felt that her family was fresh.
"Sister Zhang Ting, do you think my handwriting is good?" Hao Gui squatted on the ground with a twig in his hand and shouted at Zhang Ting with excitement.
Zhang Ting smiled and came to Hao Gui’s side. "Well, it’s well written. If you continue to practice Xiao Gui, your writing will be more beautiful."
Two days ago, when she wanted to teach the three of them to write, this Hao Gui refused to learn to write anyway. Later, Zhang Ting told him that if he wanted to do business outside, he had to learn to write first, and this little guy Hao Gui agreed to learn to write.
Yu Xiaokang and An An, because these two little guys are still a little young, can’t grasp the branches yet, so Zhang Ting just taught them a few numbers and they can fold the vines at will.
With the teacher Zhang Ting, Hao Gui’s motivation to learn Chinese characters seems to be much more. "I will learn to write well when I know Zhang Ting’s sister. When I can write, I will follow you in a fine business."
"Good that Zhang Ting elder sister is waiting for you to help" Zhang Ting smiled and touched the little guy’s head.
Listening to Hao Guiqi’s chicken essence, Zhang Ting remembered that he sold chicken essence to Liu Fei, and I don’t know how people are selling the 200 bottles of chicken essence now. Is this business good?
Just when Zhang Ting was thinking about chicken essence, a restaurant in the city called Feixiang was like a cloud. Since Master Biao brought the chicken essence in their restaurant, their restaurant business has become hot, and earning money every day has flowed to the counter of their restaurant like rain.
"The shopkeeper’s chicken essence is almost gone. If there is no chicken essence, our restaurant business is estimated to drop again." The chef in the restaurant came up to the shopkeeper’s side and reported.
"Why didn’t you lose your watch so soon? Didn’t you give us ten bottles? It’s finished so soon." The shopkeeper in the restaurant got a fright. It’s only been a few days. These ten bottles of chicken essence are finished
The restaurant chef touched his head and was embarrassed to say to the shopkeeper, "The shopkeeper, if there are more guests, this chicken essence will soon be available. There is nothing we can do. Now, if the guest essence is not put, they will not buy it."
The shopkeeper was in a hurry to rub his hands in a hurry, and his eyes were suddenly patted on the shoulder by a bright light instead of the shopkeeper. "No matter what, you must support me. I’ll find a way to get this chicken essence now." The shopkeeper rushed out of the restaurant without looking back.
In Liu’s mansion, it turned out that the restaurant shopkeeper came here, and Liu Fei was sitting in front of him with a flattering smile.
"Master Table, this matter is really in a hurry. Please help me. Without this chicken essence, the restaurant business will come down again." The shopkeeper of the restaurant pleaded with Liu Fei with a bitter face.
Vlon raised his eyebrows. These days, he received urgent letters from shopkeepers in restaurants all over the country. They all named him to send them chicken essence. It seems that this chicken essence is really a good thing and has entered the restaurant business so quickly.
"I know this matter. Give me a few days and I’ll send the chicken essence." Liu Fei took a sip of tea and said with the shopkeeper.
Restaurant shopkeeper took one look at the face so bitter that Liu Fei continued to say, "Master Table, it is estimated that I won’t last two days here, and the chicken essence is almost gone."
"Boss Yang, it’s hard for you to be a shopkeeper in this restaurant for so many years. Won’t you reduce the amount of chicken essence appropriately, or will it be reduced if the price is higher?" Liu Fei lost a supercilious look and gave the shopkeeper Yang a deep contempt in his eyes.
The shopkeeper who was despised Yang didn’t feel embarrassed, but looked at Liu Fei with a grateful smile. "Master Yang knows how to do it."
Just as the two of them were talking, Jia Lin ran into the room with a face of urgency. "Liu Fei accompanied me to Hao Jia Village to find my sister."
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Chapter 65 Go to town for help
Liu Fei saw Jia Lin twist his eyebrows when he hurried into his house. "Jia Xiong is here, but how did you come to my side in my house?"
Jia Lin grabbed Liu Fei and drank a cup of tea just now, and then he felt thirsty. Then he boldly wiped the water on his mouth and looked at vlon. "I didn’t know what to do. I was going to ask you to visit Yihong Hospital. My father sent someone to stop me, saying that an important patient came to my home and asked me to go to Haojia Village to pick up my sister. I thought that since we were so close to your home, we would go to find my sister together."
Liu Fei bowed his head and glanced at his cup that Jia Lin had drunk. "I just want Hao Jiacun to go with us later." Speaking of this, Liu Fei squinted at Jia Lin and asked, "What are you doing in Zhang Ting?"
Jia Lin heard Liu Fei’s question and immediately threw a disgusted look at him. "Liu Fei, you didn’t hear me just now. I’m going to find my sister to help me. We’ll start now without waiting for people." After saying this, Jia Lin took Liu Fei and rushed out.
At this time, Zhang Ting, Hao’s family, is managing a large piece of herbs in the backyard with three little guys at home.
After these days, Zhang Ting doesn’t care much about them. Now this large piece of herbs has grown up a lot, and some of them have been sprouted by flowers. The whole backyard presents a vibrant scene.
"Sister Zhang Ting, I know this herb. It’s called Dendrobium, right?" Pulling grass in the backyard herb garden, Hao Gui suddenly pointed to a pile of herbs at his feet with a look of excitement and said triumphantly to Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting took a look in the direction pointed by Hao Gui. Don’t really say that Hao Gui was right. "Ok, I can’t look down on it. This will make you remember."
Hao Gui got Zhang Ting’s praise. The little face was excited. "Of course, Zhang Ting, I remember you when you taught me."
Zhang Tingxiao smiled and looked back at the two little guys, Xiaokang and An An, who were a little young, but they couldn’t do anything. They could pick wild flowers and catch butterflies outside the herb garden.
At this moment, in the backyard, Zhang Ting faintly heard the sound of a carriage stopping in front of him. He could drive the carriage from home, except Jia Jia and Liu Fei, a noble man, and there should probably be no one else.
Sure enough, when Zhang Ting came out with their three children, she heard the courtyard coming. Jia Lin called her sister "Sister, where are you? Sister, come out quickly."
Zhang Ting just came out. When he heard Jia Lin’s evocative sentence coming out, Zhang Ting immediately threw a dirty look at him. "Evocative? I’m here. What’s the matter?"
As soon as Jia Lin saw it, Zhang Ting immediately ran over and stared at Zhang Ting with bright eyes, saying, "Sister, I finally found you. Great. Come back to Jia Fu with me and ask you for help."
Zhang Ting took one look at his arm and hurried out. "Hey, let go of things first. You didn’t make it clear. How do you want me to come with me and make things clear first?"
Jia Lin rubbed his hands in a hurry and said to Zhang Ting, "Sister, this matter can’t wait. It will kill people. There is a patient in my house who needs to be treated. My father can’t help you. Come with me so soon."
After hearing this, Zhang Ting twisted his eyebrows and shook Jia Lin’s hand and said, "Even if you are in a hurry, let me prepare for it. I have to finish ordering things at home. Please wait for me here first. I will go with you soon."
Jia Linli nodded and urged Zhang Ting to say, "That’s a good girl, hurry up and get ready. I’ll wait for you here."
Zhang Ting saw his one eye and said nothing, but turned to take Hao Guizhao to the side and said, "Sister Zhang Ting of Hao Gui gave you one thing. Now you go to the field and tell Hao Qing that I have something to go out for today, and I will pay the villagers early tomorrow."
"Know sister Zhang Ting, don’t worry, I will take this sentence to you." Hao Guili patted his small chest and told Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "Go ahead. My sister will take you to the city later."
Hao Gui and Zhang Ting were told to turn around and walk to the room where they lived. They found herbs they had accumulated at ordinary times and pills they had made themselves, and they all took them with them.
Speaking of it, it’s not that she doesn’t believe that Jia’s family doesn’t have medicinal materials, but there are some things that have her body, and these medicinal materials can have them.
After Zhang Ting got everything ready, Hao Gui fell back panting. "Sister Zhang Ting, I have told them as you told me, and they have agreed to get paid."
Zhang Ting nodded his head and looked up to see that Liu Fei, who had been beside Jia Lin, saw that people nodded toward him. Zhang Ting also nodded his head and apologized to others and said, "Liu Gong may not be able to greet Liu Gong today."
Liu Fei waved his hand and said, "Zhang Ting girl doesn’t have to be so polite. Since Zhang Ting girl has something important to worry about, Liu can wait for Zhang Ting girl to solve something important, and then it’s not too late for Liu."
Zhang Tingxiao smiled, "Xie Liugong is generous". After this sentence, Zhang Tingchao looked at Jia Lin’s side, but the tone was not as good as just now. "Okay, I’m ready. Let’s go."
Now what Jia Lin wants to hear most is Zhang Ting’s sentence, "Okay, okay, let’s start now."
I don’t know that Jia Lin said that the patient was a square figure. Zhang Ting felt that Jia Lin seemed to be really worried all the way. He urged the coachman several times on the road to hurry up.
After a column of incense, the carriage entered the city head and ran directly in the direction of Jiafu.
When I arrived in Jiafu Zhang Ting, I looked back at the carriage. Hao Gui and the three of them haven’t waited for her to ask someone to arrange it. Liu Fei has arranged it for Zhang Ting first. "If Zhang Ting girl is at ease with Liu, she might as well give the three children to Liu’s care. Liu will do her best to take care of them."
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Chapter 66 Life pays for life
Zhang Ting a listen to where will not allow to take the three of them is also worried about what happens to the three of them at home. If it is put in Jia Fu, it is estimated that there is no one to take care of the three of them. Now that Liu Fei is here, Zhang Ting feels that he can rest assured that he will take care of the three children.
"Then please ask Liu Gong for these three children. When I finish things here, I will come and pick them up as soon as possible." Zhang Ting thanked Liu Fei.