Zhang Ting didn’t intend to hide Hao Gui, so he told Hao Gui what happened in the village just now.

Hao Gui was taken aback when he heard that the injured person was Hao Dashan. Hao Gui still had a little impression on this uncle. He remembered that one winter he went to the mountains with his second brother to find food and just met this Hao Dashan who went hunting in the mountains. At that time, this Hao Dashan gave them one.
"Sister Zhang Ting, you have to save Uncle Hao. He gave me a rabbit with my second brother before he was a good man." Hao Gui looked at Zhang Ting with a nervous face and said.
Zhang Ting looked at this anxious little guy and nodded and promised, "Don’t worry, even without you, I will treat him well."
Zhang Ting told Hao Gui to pay attention to a few things at home before he turned around and went to the room where she lived. He took some herbs she usually collected in the mountains and some medical tools before striding out of the house.
Fortunately, this Hao Dashan family is not difficult to find, and Zhang Ting soon found this family.
When Zhang Ting arrived, both inside and outside were crowded with spectators.
"Make a way, make a way" Zhang Ting shouted this sentence while biting his teeth and struggling to squeeze into this Hao Dashan home from these people
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Chapter 59 It’s amazing
Most families in Hao Dashan’s family live in thatched cottages, but the only difference is that Hao Dashan’s family hangs a lot of prey fur, which is probably obtained by Hao Qingshan’s usual hunting.
When Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law saw Zhang Ting coming in, she immediately got up from the ground like a savior and ran towards Zhang Ting. "Well, you have finally come. I have put my man in bed as you told me."
Zhang Ting glanced at it and was cleaned up. Hao Dashan gently nodded. "Good. Now I need you to do one more thing. You go and burn some hot water and bring me a candle. I have it."
Hao Dashan daughter-in-law listened to Zhang Ting’s command and quickly replied, "Okay, I’ll burn it now." After saying this, Hao Dashan daughter-in-law walked back to the outside step by step.
Zhang Ting, who was preparing to turn around, suddenly found a problem in this room, that is, the light inside was blocked by outsiders. "Would you please go first? You all stay here and block the light here, making it too dark inside."
"You people, please let Eun Gong see my father quickly. You should go quickly." At this time, a little boy of almost six or seven years old came out of a corner with tears and put on an evil look, hurrying the villagers who were watching at the door.
Standing at the door, everyone looked at it, and although they said it was difficult to obey, they still moved their steps and left here.
Finally, I drove people away. The little boy wiped his face and looked at Zhang Ting with tears. "Grace, I drove these people away. Grace, I beg you to cure my father. I beg you."
"You are Hao Dashan!" Zhang Ting looked at the little guy.
The little boy nodded. "Well, Hao Dashan is my father. My name is Hao Xiaoshan. My father is very powerful." Then Hao Xiaoshan looked at the bed. Hao Dashan’s eyes were adoring.
"Don’t worry, dad, I’ll help you cure it. Go outside and watch it first. I didn’t ask you not to come in, okay?" Zhang Ting is worried that the situation inside will be a little bloody and will scare the little guy.
Hao Xiaoshan hesitated and glanced at lying in bed. Hao Dashan finally nodded his head. "Well, I’ll go out first and please you." After Hao Xiaoshan gave a please gift to Zhang Ting, the little guy reluctantly left here.
It was not until Hao Xiaoshan went out that Zhang Ting turned around with a smile and found that there was another person in this room. If she remembered correctly, the old man seemed to be the old doctor who saw Hao Dashan.
"The old doctor, why are you still here?" Zhang Ting looked at the old doctor and asked.
The old doctor coughed and pretended to be calm and said to Zhang Ting, "I’m here to watch, of course. If you can’t do it later, I can take over to save lives."
Zhang Ting heard the old doctor explain the corners of his mouth with a hook and thought to himself that the old doctor was too old and so thick-skinned just to see how she treated Hao Dashan here. It happened that the words in his mouth seemed to be helping her.
After the old doctor finished this sentence, a pair of fine eyes turned a circle and then asked Zhang Ting, "Little?"
Girl, let me ask you something. Do you really have a way to cure this man? Don’t brag! "
Zhang Tingchao smiled at his old man’s house. "Am I bragging? Just wait for the old doctor."
At this time, Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law has just been commanded by Zhang Ting to go out and burn the hot water and brought it here.
"Eun Gong, I’m ready for your hot water. What else do I need to do?" Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law looked sad and looked at the man lying in bed with tears in his eyes.
Zhang Ting shook his head gently. "There’s nothing to do here. Go out first. I’ll call you in if you have something to do later."
Zhang Ting, Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law, was coaxed away. This gave Hao Zaishan a medical treatment for this chest wound. It was really shocking when he saw the wound on his chest. The wound was caught by a large prey claw. Not only was Hao Dashan’s chest skin missing a large piece, but those claws were also caught in Hao Dashan’s flesh and bloodied.
"Girl, I think this man is really hopeless. Look at his blood. It’s going to die." The old doctor looked at him and immediately screwed up his eyebrow to comment on Zhang Ting who was disinfecting Hao Dashan’s wound.
Zhang Ting said nothing and continued to take his own manual photos. According to Hao Dashan’s injury now, Hao Dashan should have caught the blood artery by his prey claw, which would make him bleed.
Zhang Ting knew that the only way to stop Hao Dashan’s chest blood now was to cut off the blood. Zhang Ting played her role in the past life, and soon tied Hao Dashan’s broken blood vessel and the blood output was slowly reduced.
While guarding the old doctor, he suddenly looked at Zhang Ting with a look of surprise and shouted, "Girl, you are really amazing. How did you do this?"
Zhang Ting glanced at him lightly. "Old doctor, I have to treat patients. Can you be smaller?"
The old doctor was not angry when Zhang Ting said this, but he had a good temper and responded to Zhang Ting’s "Ok, I am a little younger and you continue."
Take Zhang Ting and give Hao Dashan that torn skin with * * * * in a piece. Finally, she sprinkled a little disinfectant powder on Hao Dashan’s wound. This operation is successful.
"It’s up to the old doctor to see you. Can you help me see if Hao Dashan’s pulse is normal?" Although Zhang Ting is good at these emergency operations, she is a green hand at taking the pulse.
The old doctor took one look at Zhang Ting, and felt that this female doll was really strange. The medical skill was so powerful that he even asked the old man to fatten the patient’s veins. This is not to test his medical skill, is it?
Thought of here, the old doctor stood tall and strode to the bed. Hao Dashan reached out and gave him a pulse.
Zhang Ting looked at the old doctor and asked softly, "How is he?"
Glared at the old doctor Zhang Ting "girl, you just medical skill is not very severe, you won’t give him your own pulse."
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Chapter 6 Pay for Life
Zhang Ting hey hey a smiling face across embarrassed smile "old doctor to tell the truth, I won’t give people a pulse, if I were a conversation, I wouldn’t invite you, right?"
After hearing this sentence from Zhang Ting, the old doctor suddenly stared at Zhang Ting like hearing something big. "Girl, you’re not lying to me, are you? You just saved a dying man. You told me that you can’t feel the pulse. You’re kidding me, are you?"
Zhang Ting a listen to busy in a hurry with his hand to explain "the old man I said is true, I really can’t feel the pulse".
The old doctor looked at Zhang Ting with a pair of eyes for a long time, and then bowed his head and said to himself, "You are such an interesting girl. Your medical skills are so great that you can’t give people such simple medical skills as pulse."
Zhang Tingchao smiled at others again and looked down at the bed. Hao Dashan dared to breathe a sigh of relief. "Is Dashan’s sister-in-law outside?" Zhang Ting shouted to the outside.
At this time, there was a nervous response outside, "I am here". As soon as this sentence fell, Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law ran in from the outside with a nervous face. Her eyes first looked at Hao Dashan lying on the bed and then looked at Zhang Ting with a face of fear.
When Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law looked over, Zhang Ting knew that people wanted to ask questions in their hearts, so she answered her first before she asked them out. "Dashan’s sister-in-law is not worried. Brother Hao is fine."
Zhang Ting didn’t expect it was Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law who cried when she heard her words.
This sound has also made the villagers who have been watching outside listen to it red-handed. "Did you hear that Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law is crying so badly that it must be Hao Renjia who gave Hao Dashan a medical death?"
"I told you that the woman couldn’t cure the disease. Hao Dashan’s family wouldn’t listen to me. That woman killed the villagers in Hao’s family. We can’t let this stranger go so cheaply." As soon as this sentence fell, some nosy villagers immediately came into Hao Dashan’s family.
As soon as these people rushed in, they immediately said to Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law, "Dashan’s daughter-in-law, don’t be afraid that we will send this evil woman pretending to be a doctor to the government and let her pay for your life in Dashan."
Zhang Ting looked at these villagers who thought they were very kind, and looked at these buffoons with a hook and a face.
Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law wiped tears from her eyes and looked at the villagers who suddenly ran in. They looked puzzled and asked them, "What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand what you are talking about?"
"Dashan daughter-in-law, don’t hide for this woman. We all know that this woman has cured Dashan. Don’t worry, we will help you send this woman to the government and let her pay for Dashan." Someone came out to tell Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law
As soon as this sentence fell, Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law and Hao Xiaoshan’s mother both turned smelly and looked at the villagers who rushed in with a face of disgust.