"What are you still doing here? Do you think my water tastes bad?" Zhang Ting looked at the villagers with a playful smile on his face.

"Is the sister in law very not easy to bring us water, why don’t you drink it? If you don’t drink it, I will drink it myself." Hao Qingshan glared back at those cowards behind him. Hey hey smiled and took a bowl of sugar water that Zhang Ting had just filled and gulped into his stomach.
"Well, this water is so sweet. It really is white sugar to relieve the heat." Hao Qingshan’s eyes lit up immediately and the second bite gave the big bowl of sugar water a drink.
Other villagers couldn’t help but swallow their saliva when they saw it. Zhang Ting picked up a bowl and walked up to them. "Everyone, we are all in the same village. What are you embarrassed to drink a bowl of water?"
At the front, the villager was none other than the first one who came out to sign up yesterday. When Hao saw his big bowl of water in his hand, Hao Chao Zhang Ting showed a simple and honest smile. "Thank you for your family." After that, he also gulped down.
Others looked at it for fear that such a delicious syrup would be drunk by Hao, and you’re welcome. One by one, they lined up at the front end of the team, and those who had already filled the syrup.
In a short time, there was a big bowl of water lined up on the ground, and the bottom of the bowl was exposed one by one. Everyone drank in a chill, and the sweetness of the sweet water was almost sweet to their stomachs.
Zhang Ting didn’t put the bowls back in the basket until he saw that they had all drunk. He stood up and looked at them and said, "Please, everyone, this 20 mu of land, and you are not worried that Zhang Ting will not be able to pay your wages. Come to my house when you wait for work this afternoon, and I will pay you for the day."
Hao glanced at the villagers behind him, touching the back of their heads, and smiled and said to Zhang Ting, "We don’t believe that you will not pay for your work."
"I know you must think that I can afford to pay for it, but I know in Zhang Ting that there are still people in this village who think that Zhang Ting can’t afford to pay for it, and I, Zhang Ting, have to take a breath. I intend to pay for it every day." Zhang Ting looked at them and announced.
Of course, the villagers present are happy to get paid every day. They never imagined that they would find this village. Everyone dislikes not being able to work, but it is such a good job. I wonder if those people in the village who say that they dislike it will regret it to death now.
Hao Qingshan and Wang Dawa looked at each other. Hao Qingshan took a clap and called the nine people who lost their minds. "Everyone is so accommodating. We must work hard for our family."
At this time, the nine people in this field have long been grateful to Zhang Ting for his family. They have worked for people for so many years, and this is the first time they have met such a kind and accommodating family. If they don’t seize this opportunity, they will be big fools.
"Hao Qingshan, don’t worry, even if you don’t say anything, we will do work for our family." Someone shouted at Hao Qingshan.
Zhang Ting watched these people react with satisfaction. What she just said was that she was worried that these people would have the idea of not coming to work after hearing the gossip of the villagers. Only then did she come up with the idea of paying them every day, so that these people would have motivation to work.
Probably knowing that they can get paid every day, these nine villagers didn’t Hao Qingshan after drinking sugar water. They told them nine to go to work in the fields automatically and consciously.
Yu Hao Qingshan and Wang Dawa’s brothers were stopped by Zhang Ting. "Qingshan Dawa’s elder brother Erwa is here for you."
"Don’t worry, sister in law, I will help you watch these people here. If they dare to cheat and be lazy, Hao Qingshan must be the first to let them go." Hao Qingshan was busy patting his chest and assuring Zhang Ting.
Wang Erwa doesn’t forget to recommend herself. "There is me and me. If these people dare to be lazy, Wang Erwa will not let them go."
Looking at the three of them sincerely helping Zhang Ting, I really appreciate the three of them from the heart. "Thank you for waiting for work. I have good news for you three." Say that finish this sentence, Zhang Ting has a mysterious smile on his face. In the case of these three brothers wait for a while, Zhang Ting went back to Hao’s home with Hao Gui.
Back to Hao’s home, Zhang Ting cooked a lunch with meat and vegetables for the three little guys. Now, for Hao’s family, eating meat is not the most extravagant thing. Now Hao’s family eats meat almost every day. After lunch, Zhang Ting took three little guys to take a nap.
It wasn’t long before Zhang Ting slept when she heard the noise and crying from the village. Zhang Ting immediately sat up from the bed and quickly put on his shoes and ran out.
As soon as I got to the head of the village, I saw that the land was crowded with villagers, and there was a sad cry among the crowd.
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Chapter 5 Do you want to die?
With curiosity, Zhang Ting broke into the crowd and lay insightful beside a middle-aged man covered in blood, crying, which is said to be the middle-aged man’s wife
Before Zhang Ting asked what had happened, he saw the villagers around him discussing this matter. "This Hao Dashan is really poor. All generations have been hunting. I didn’t expect to die face to face in this business."
"Yeah, well, it’s really pitiful. Have you seen that big mouth in Hao Dashan’s chest? Oh, my God, what a big hole. The blood is rushing. It’s terrible."
"The child’s father, you have to hold on a little bit. Someone has sent for a doctor, and the doctor will come soon." The woman who stayed beside the man cried with a lot of tears and a bunch of middle-aged men cried.
As soon as the woman’s words fell, someone outside the crowd shouted, "Let the doctor come quickly."
In a short time, the crowd, which was still packed, immediately gave way to an old doctor in and out of the road and was carried by a villager.
"Dr. Kim, I beg for help to save my man. If anything happens to him, how can I let us orphans and widows live?" The woman cried and worshipped at the sight of the old doctor
The old doctor put his back on medicine without saying anything to the ground. The middle-aged man looked up at the physical injury. The old doctor’s eyebrows never stretched, and his expression looked very serious.
As soon as the woman saw the old doctor, her heart thumped with fear. She looked at the old doctor and asked, "How is the doctor? Is my child’s father okay?"
The old doctor let go and looked up at the woman with a face of shame and said, "I’m sorry for your sister’s" xianggong ".This injury can’t be cured by the old man. Let’s arrange things for him early."
Zhang Ting showed satisfaction. In fact, if this woman doesn’t believe in her medical skills, she is really going to give up treating this patient.
"Ok, have him carried back to your house. I’ll go back to my house and get something. Where is your house?" Although Zhang Ting has been in this Hao family for some time, she still knows very little about the villagers.
Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law is busy wiping her eyes with tears on the back of her hand, pointing out one hand in one direction, which is the innermost direction in the village. "Sister, my man’s name is Hao Dashan, and my family lives at the foot of the mountain. Ask one person and everyone in the village knows."
After hearing this, Zhang Ting nodded, "Time waits for no one. Let people carry your" xianggong "home first. I will come soon." Zhang Ting turned and ran home after explaining this sentence.
Hao Gui, who has just returned to Hao’s home, is sitting in a daze in the courtyard with a well-off society and Ann.
"Sister Zhang Ting, where have you been? We woke up to find that you were not at home and you went to the mountain again." Hao Gui saw Zhang Ting come back and ran to Zhang Ting with a bright eye and asked.
Zhang Ting saw that Xiaokang and Anan, who were well taken care of by Hao Gui, touched Hao Gui’s head and said, "No, I just went out. Hao Gui helped my sister again. My sister is in a hurry to save someone. Can you take Xiaokang and Anan at home?"
"Yes, but who are you going to save, Sister Zhang Ting?" Hao Gui agreed to Zhang Ting’s request without thinking, and at the same time, his eyes flashed curiously and stared at Zhang Ting to ask who he was trying to save.