"Well, you guys, don’t be so hard to step on. Your eldest brother, second brother and second brother are not coming back. They will come back later." Zhang Ting looked at the three little guys around him and said to them with a smile.

Hao Gui glanced at Zhang Ting and replied hesitantly, "Sister Zhang Ting, I just can’t bear to see my eldest brother and second brother all day. I feel a little scared without them by my side."
Zhang Tingyi patted Hao Gui on the top of his head and pretended to be very sad. He said to him, "Smelly little yesterday, didn’t you praise me as the best person in this family?"
Hao Gui touched his head, hey hey smiled, and ran to Zhang Ting with a face of pleasing to Zhang Ting, saying, "Sister Zhang Ting, of course, you are the best person in our family, but in my heart, eldest brother and second brother are also the best people in this family. You are all."
Zhang Ting chuckled and led a well-off life with Ann’s two hands pointing at Hao Gui’s hand. "Let’s go. I don’t think all three of you have a good breakfast. I’ll fry an omelet for each of you later."
Yesterday, I chatted with Hao Ren and Zhang Ting, only to know that when this village goes to study in the city, it is necessary to go home every day, because there is no accommodation in that school. By noon, Hao Ren and Hao Yi, the two brothers, will come back to Hao Jia Village.
However, Zhang Ting didn’t want to buy a house in the city for this reason. In fact, after living in this village for some days, she still likes this place. The owner of this place can help her implement the beautiful life she has taken over.
When Zhang Ting returned to Hao’s house with three guys, Hao Qingshan and Wang Dawa were waiting at the door of Hao’s house.
"Sister, you can come back. Just now, we knocked at the gate of your hospital for a long time, but no one came out and we came late." Wang Dawa said to Zhang Ting with a simple and honest smile on her face as soon as she saw Zhang Ting coming back.
Zhang Ting looked at the three of them and remembered that he seemed to have made an appointment with the three of them yesterday. He also made an appointment with them to get the twenty acres of land today.
"Three sorry, we just sent Hao Ren and Hao Yi to the city. You have been waiting here for a long time. I’m really sorry. Come in." Say that finish, Zhang Ting beat the gate and invited the three of them in.
Hao Qingshan knows that Hao Ren and Hao Yi, the two brothers, are going to the city to study this matter, which is a big thing, and he is really happy for his good brother. "It’s great that Hao Ren went to the city to study."
"Yeah, isn’t this just sitting in the village bullock carts to the city? By the way, would you three like some breakfast? I’m going to make breakfast later. If I’m not full, I can stay and eat some. "Zhang Ting asked the three of them with a smile.
Hao Qingshan three people immediately waved with Zhang Ting Hao Qingshan walked over to Zhang Ting and said, "Sister in law, this breakfast is enough. We are all full of food. Come over and you’d better arrange things for us."
Zhang Ting listened to the three of them and nodded. "Well, I’ll arrange things for you three first. Later, I’ll ask Hao Gui to take you three to the field to see how many people you need. I have a request that this 20 mu of land must be ready for me in ten days because I’m waiting for it to grow herbs."
When Wang Dawa and his brothers heard Zhang Ting’s words, they were stunned for a long time before they came back to God. Erwa stammered to Zhang Ting and asked, "Sister Zhang Ting, do you mean to let the three of us be foremen?"
Zhang Ting looked at Wang Erwa’s side and saw that he was so stupid that he smiled unkindly. "Yes, it is to let you three be foremen. This 20 mu of land will be jointly managed by you three. The requirement for artificial money is 20 articles a day. Please look at it."
Hao Qingshan has lived such a big life. This is the first time to be a foreman. I can’t be excited when I think about it. "You can rest assured that you can leave this matter to the three of us. The three of us will definitely help you turn over the twenty acres in ten days."
This is probably the first time for these three men to be foremen. Before they walked out of Hao’s gate, the three men looked excited and almost lost their way. Finally, Zhang Ting found Hao Gui and took the three of them to the fields.
Hao Ren and Hao Yi left home, and Hao Gui, two brothers, went to the village to play with an An and a well-off society. Suddenly, Zhang Ting was left to work at home.
Zhang Ting, who was working in the backyard garden at this time, didn’t know that the 20 mu of land at the entrance of the village had fallen out in the village.
It turned out that Hao Qingshan, who had gone to see the fields early, hurried out of the village after seeing the fields and found the village head and counted the number of people, saying that he wanted to find ten hard-working men in the village. The salary for working in the past was twenty pence a day.
As soon as the village chief heard it, he counted himself first and then went to the village to tell the news from door to door. In less than an hour, the whole village was noisy because of this matter.
At this time, the face of the big poplar tree at the head of the village is almost occupied by the villagers. Now everyone is discussing the matter that the village head said in front of their house not long ago.
"Is the village chief really such a good thing?" Women just love to worry and worry about whether such a good thing will really happen on this day.
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Chapter 55 Look down upon
The village chief glanced at this sentence and snorted. He looked at the villagers in front of him and said, "Just believe it yourself. Anyway, I have signed up for my two children and there is still a quota. Who wants to go?"
"The twenty mu of land at the head of the village seems to belong to the Hao family. Can the Hao family be so poor that they can afford to pay twenty pence a day?" The speaker is Hao Mengshi. Since he was swept out by Zhang Ting broom yesterday, Hao Mengshi has always hated Zhang Ting and Hao’s four brothers and sisters.
The village chief glanced at Hao Mengshi with a look of displeasure. He didn’t know that Hao Mengshi was doing things in Hao’s house these days. Now the village has already given her a few things to do.
Hao Mengshi let the village chief stare at him and almost scared him to death. He quickly hid himself behind the people around him.
Hao village chief saw Hao Mengshi’s eyes filled with disdain smile when he hooked the moving corner of his mouth. "Anyway, that’s the way it is. Who of you wants to be here and sign up for me?"
"I’ll go to the village chief" as soon as the words of Hao village chief fell, someone came out to quote this name.
Hao village head glanced at the applicant. "Hao Laosi, are you sure you want to sign up?"
Hao Laosi touched the back of his head and hung a simple and honest smile. "I, the village chief, really signed up for Hao Laosi. Anyway, I’m alone. If Hao Jiazhen can’t pay, I’m not afraid of starvation."
Hao village chief’s eyes showed satisfaction when he heard this sentence from Hao Laosi. This village chief was not in vain. When Hao Ren came to his home with silver to buy land, he had already seen that the Hao family was estimated to be rich from this, and it was for this reason that he agreed to let the two sons also work in the Hao family.