Of course, he doesn’t know about the five-color robbery, and he doesn’t know the real power of Chen Han, but only these are enough to shock him.

To ice house secretly planned that even if Chen Han was lucky enough to live, he would find a way to kill his vein. When Chen Han was exposed to nature, he saw that he had broken through to the surprisingly late Mahayana realm in just less than two hundred years, and the result was completely different.
After 200 years, from the late Du Jie to the late Mahayana, this speed is not unprecedented, but it is absolutely shocking and rare.
Plus, he has two power increases, and the qualification of Yuan God is one order higher than the realm. It is also very good, and its value is comparable to that of super physique. Once he is promoted to the dharma protector or the elders, he will definitely surpass the ordinary elders in strength and power.
Draw in!
The six-robbery scattered fairy immediately made a judgment and quickly took out a message to the ice house owner.
Almost in a flash, thousands of miles away, Taiyi Xianmen Taixuanfeng closed his eyes in a secret room, and the ice dryer suddenly opened his eyes.
After reading the message in the message operator, he couldn’t help but frowned and muttered, "It’s strange that the little one came back alive? In less than two hundred years, he broke through a big realm, nearly twice as fast as the ice pupil in those days, and he also found that vein, um … "
He suddenly had a decision in his heart, even if he put it in the genius cloud, it was too cold to be a fairy door, and it was a kind of excellent talent that was worth attracting and cultivating by the ice house
Not far from the array that enveloped the whole Taiyi Xianmen compound, a bright brilliance flashed in the array. After three consecutive days of sending Chen cold, it appeared in the array.
Several brothers who patrol the gate in shifts can’t help but see a ghost in broad daylight when they see him floating in the air.
"Qin Yang in Tianxuan Peak bothers several senior brothers to hit the gate" Chen Han handed over and said.
"Qin Yang? You … aren’t you dead? "
"Something happened to my younger brother when he was honing, and he temporarily hid. Hehe …"
The door immediately hit the cold front foot and entered the mountain gate. These men gave the news to some of their fellow friends, Tianxuan Peak, who had been identified as dead in the training of Wufeng 100 years ago. Qin Yang actually came back!
Tianxuan peak
Tens of thousands of meters of mountains are suspended with inverted small peaks and pavilions, surrounded by waterside pavilions and cloisters, and connected with flowers and clouds.
Chen cold sword light flashes but three or five breaths have stopped at the entrance of Tianxuan Peak, and several outside brothers are stunned.
"Qin Yang?"
"Qin Yang has seen your other disciples."
Chen Han’s body flashed straight to the inner road, and all the brothers who saw him were stupid and stood there on the spot. Isn’t this cargo dead?
"Where is Sister Bingtong now?" He grabbed an outside cousin and asked.
"Qin … Qin Shi Xiao Shi Da Shi Jie, she is … healing in Jiuqu Xianyuan. No one is allowed to disturb."
The surprised foreign brother’s words just fell into silence, and it was already cold. Only then did the younger brother realize that he was almost two talents in the middle of Mahayana. How could he be caught by Qin Yang just now? Is he much stronger than himself?
Jiuqu Fairy Garden is a place where ice pupils usually practice. Without her permission, let alone Tianxuan Fengdi, even his master elders will not directly break into it.
Not only is there a strong ban, but direct intrusion is likely to disturb the ice pupil. People with insufficient status are afraid to approach at will.
A slap in the face outside the Jiuqu Fairy Garden banned Chen Han from taking a few steps back, secretly shocked by the powerful ban here.
For a moment, the sound inside was cold and full of anger "unbridled! Can’t you kill someone if you break into the Jiuqu Fairy Garden and get injured? Looking for death! "
At last, the dead word just fell and enveloped the forbidden entrance of Jiuqu Xianyuan and a deep and remote blue sword light rushed out.
"It’s me"
Seeing that the power has been weakened several times than that in the heyday, the sword light was also ready to resist the cold of Chen without rhyme or reason, and my heart was sour.
Fairy suit suddenly surfaced, and he didn’t flash or avoid the body to meet the sword light.
At the same time, there came a joyful exclamation. It’s a pity that the sword light came too fast and temporarily removed most of the immortal power or fell on Chen Han’s chest. The ice pupil panicked and flew out from the inside. The badly injured little face was even paler and screamed, "Come on! Flash don’t … "
Huge noise, cold, flying backwards like a broken kite, ice pupil covering her mouth and almost speechless.
How did this happen?
He died a hundred years ago, and I learned from Kouxun that what happened was that she was desperate for life and death, and she took revenge like crazy. I don’t know how many times she had died over the years, but she never thought that he was still alive and alive in front of her.
It turned out to be a happy ending, but in the end, it was his own sword that blew out. Even if he was seriously injured, his combat power slipped. Even if he temporarily removed most of his attack power, this sword attack was equivalent to his own attack power when he robbed four times. Can his body stop it?
"hey! Dead women always hear that you are in a hurry to come over and you treat me like this? "
"It seems that I am worried about it for nothing. What’s the matter with you shouting and killing?"
Being shot hundreds of meters away, Chen Han got up and patted himself, but he was not in the dust, only to see that the ice pupil was pale and his face was covered with blood, and tears rolled down uncontrollably.
What, he can come back alive?
What sword didn’t hurt him?
For her, these questions are not important. The important thing is that he is still alive and well, and he appears in front of himself intact.
I can’t hold back my feelings any longer. Just as she was about to pounce on each other’s arms, Chen Han once said something in her mind.
That oath!
Don’t change the oath of heaven. If they are together now, they will die if they are cold!
Hurriedly wiped away the tears covered with Jiao Yan. She pressed her lips tightly to prevent herself from crying. "You … are you okay? Are you really not injured? "
Chen Han also has that oath in his heart, fearing that he would never surpass his disciples with the ice pupil when he disguised himself as Yan Zhu to deal with the red beads.
He ha ha smiled and floated to the front of the ice pupil and said, "After such a serious injury, most of the immortal power was removed temporarily. Do you still want to hurt me? Now Qin Yang is not the year when someone ravaged Qin Yang and waited for you to get well, and then I’ll get back to you for revenge. You have to get better soon. "
"You … I can take this as a heart?" I was about to get angry when the tone of the ice pupil suddenly became gentle, with my head down and my face flushed.
"I find you a fool. Do you still want to destroy the temple by yourself?"
"Anyway, if you die, I’m not the only one. The other two are also working hard."
"Two people?"
To say that a person can easily guess that according to the ice house elder, Kouxun must have been closed for meditation all these years.
After all, he doesn’t have six robberies and scattered immortals like Bing Pupil. It’s no different to find trouble in the temple in the early stage of Mahayana than to die. Now it’s a joke to take revenge on the root. He must be promoted as soon as possible. He doesn’t have enough strength to say anything is useless
But the ice pupil said that the other two people, the Taiyi Xianmen, who else would avenge themselves?