Really? "Wang erwa asked this sentence and quickly left his eldest brother. He had to wait for his head to be knocked by his eldest brother again.

Everyone looked at Wang Erwa’s escape and couldn’t help laughing. Wang Dawa looked at her brother and shook his head and glanced at Zhang Ting’s side. Seeing that she was not angry, she was not going to be a questioning brother.
Zhang Ting glanced at her and waited for her answer like a pug. Wang Erwa chuckled and continued to answer, "Yes, if I don’t sell them, will I eat them as food?" If you sell this chicken essence, you have to sell a bottle for one or two silver. "
As soon as Zhang Ting said this sentence, Zhang Ting personally heard four pumping sounds to work for the Hao family. When four people heard Zhang Ting quote this price, all four people felt that the powder in front of them was not chicken essence, but gold, which was so terrible.
While everyone was chatting, the day finally passed today. Just as everyone was about to leave home, Zhang Ting stopped the four of them.
"You guys have done a lot of things for my family these days. I, Zhang Ting, thank you very much. These two bottles of chicken essence are for your two families. Don’t say that you haven’t known the taste of this chicken essence for so long. That’s not good, is it?" Zhang Ting looked at the four of them with a face of mirth and said.
When Wang Dawa and others saw the two bottles handed by Hao Ren, they all knew that it was expensive to contain one or two silver and a bottle of chicken essence. When they thought about it, they felt that this bottle was valuable. For a while, four people didn’t know whether they should pick up this bottle.
"Brothers and sisters, this chicken essence is so expensive. Isn’t it too rough for us louts to sell silver?" Hao Qingshan handed Hao Ren the chicken essence back.
Zhang Ting smiled and took the two bottles of chicken essence from Hao Ren’s hand and stuffed them directly into their hands. "Although these two bottles of chicken essence are sold for one or two silvers, they are sold outside at home. Here are two bottles of seasonings for you to taste."
Hao Qingshan and Wang Dawa declined with Zhang Ting for a long time. Two big men finally lost in the words of Zhang Ting, a little woman. Finally, the four of them went home with these two bottles of chicken essence.
In the next few days, these four people don’t know whether they owe something for taking such an expensive gift from Zhang Ting or how to get it. In these days, the speed of these four people is much faster than before, and soon it took everyone half a month to finally make those two hundred bottles of chicken essence.
Two hundred bottles of chicken essence are ready. On the second day, Liu Fei and Jia Lin, the brothers who had beaten each other to death, entered Haojiacun in a carriage again.
However, this time they didn’t come in quietly as they did the first time, because they came in during the day and swaggered in with a carriage, which naturally attracted the attention of the villagers.
When the villagers saw that the carriage went directly in the direction of Hao Ren’s house, they immediately fried the pot because the carriage went to Hao Ren’s house.
Surprised by everyone in the village, Zhang Ting and Hao Ren were completely unaware of it. At this time, they were at home greeting the two gold owners who were coming to make a deal.
"Liu Gong, there are 200 bottles of chicken essence here. Why don’t you count first?" Zhang Ting pointed to the basket containing two hundred bottles and told Liu Fei.
Liu Fei gently nodded, got up and walked to the table, took out a bottle from the basket, and sniffed a fragrant smell at the mouth of the bottle, which was exactly what he got when he was eating food here in Hao’s house.
Liu Fei showed satisfied eyes and looked back at Zhang Ting. Then he put one hand on his chest coat and touched it. When his hand came out, he had one hundred and twenty silver tickets in his hand.
"Miss Zhang Ting, this is the silver left. Please put it away for Miss Zhang Ting." Liu Fei put this one hundred and twenty silver ticket on the table and looked at Zhang Ting with a smile.
Zhang Ting glanced at this silver ticket on the desktop and knew that people paid this one hundred silver tickets, so he said that people were very satisfied with their delivery.
Zhang Ting smiled and put away the one hundred and twenty silver tickets on the desktop and then looked at vlon and asked, "I don’t know when Liu Gong still needs this chicken essence? Please let me know before you nee it again. "
Liu Fei glanced at the two hundred bottles of chicken essence. According to the restaurants outside his home, it is estimated that the two hundred bottles will be finished in half a month. "Zhang Ting girl, do you think this is good? Will Liu tell Zhang Ting girl this answer after half a month?"
"Yes, of course. Then Zhang Ting will wait for Liu Gong for half a month." Zhang Ting laughed.
At this time, while sitting, Jia Lin touched his flat belly and said to Zhang Ting, "Sister, your brother, I’ve been hungry for a long time. Please make something delicious to fill your brother’s stomach."
Zhang Ting saw his miserable appearance as soon as he saw that he was hungry and seemed to be sticking to the table, and immediately smiled, "I know that you will sit here for a while and I will go to the kitchen to make lunch for you."
"Go on, go on, but make more delicious food. I didn’t even eat breakfast." Jia Lin waved and asked Zhang Ting to go to the kitchen quickly
In order to come here for dinner, he just omitted all the breakfast today. Come here to have a good meal, but the food here is so delicious.
Zhang Ting smiled and shook his head and took a look at Hao Ren’s side. After he nodded his head at himself, Zhang Ting was relieved and went out.
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Chapter 5 Good Day
In order to express my gratitude for this meal, I also cooked a delicious farm food with chicken essence seasoning for these two people who came from the city to taste Liu Fei, and I firmly believe that it is wise to buy these 200 bottles of chicken essence.
After eating and drinking enough, Jia Lin burped and looked at Zhang Ting with satisfaction and said, "Sister, your family is too poor and there are not many rooms. Now you have a silver brother to teach you a way to spend money or build a better room first."
Of course, he didn’t say a word later, that is, he left one for him after it was built. He planned to come here to eat a meal cooked by his own dry sister sometimes, and it was a wonderful day.
Zhang Ting knew from his expression that Jia Lin must be thinking about how to calculate the personnel. "This is not your concern. This building has been put into my plan, and soon we will build a house like a landlord with our strength."
But what makes Liu Fei and Jia Lin more curious is that they ate that spicy food that set their tongues on fire tonight and what was that delicious food sprinkled on the meat slices.
"Zhang Ting girl Liu has one more thing to ask a Zhang Ting girl, that is, we have two things besides chicken essence tonight. It’s true that Liu has eaten so many delicious foods. Those two things were Liu’s first time to eat!" Liu Fei looked at Zhang Ting with a face of sincerity and asked.
Zhang Ting chuckled and looked at the two gentlemen calmly. "Liu Gong doesn’t know and it’s not surprising that these two things are what I found when I went to the mountain to collect herbs. One is called pepper and the other is called cumin."
"It turns out that it’s no wonder. I said how come I’ve never eaten this kind of food? It turned out to be Zhang Ting girl, your new discovery." Liu Fei nodded at Zhang Ting with a face of education.
Jia Lin smiled and said to Zhang Ting, "Sister, you think you recognize my dad as michel platini, and my dad, that is, your dad, has such delicious food that you can’t have it for yourself. What do you think? Let you taste it in michel platini, that is, my dad, don’t you think so?"
Zhang Ting gave him a sidelong glance at this Jia Lin’s trousers, and Zhang Ting already knew whether he wanted to shit or pee. "I know, I’ll send michel platini some of this stuff for you to take back to this trip."
"Uh-huh sister, it’s very kind of you to my dad, but my dad is also your dad. My dad really didn’t accept your dry daughter for nothing." Speaking of which, Jia Lin stretched out his hand and patted his forehead and looked at Zhang Ting with a flattering smile and said, "Sister and brother have one more thing to tell you. Your dad, that is, my dad asked me to tell you a trip back to the office sometimes."
"michel platini looking for me? What can I do for you? " For Master Jia, this michel platini Zhang Ting still respects from the bottom of his heart. After all, this old man is quite interesting, and people are also good to themselves.
"It’s nothing. It’s probably the sewing thing. You’ll know when you go back." Jia Lin answered Zhang Ting with vague words after touching himself.
At about the same time, when the two gentlemen left, they took out their bags from the Hao family and returned to the city.
Hao’s side is also a room full of happiness. Everyone knows that the family took money again today. The family kept the gate and the door well. The family kept six pairs of eyes on the table in the thatched hall, staring at the desktop with those silver tickets and silver.
"Sister Zhang Ting, are all these silvers our home?" Hao Gui looked at the table with shining eyes. These silver eyes sparkled with disbelief.
Hao Yi pretended to be calm, but his eyes were excited and he sold him. He had never seen so much silver in his life. Thought of this, Hao Yi looked at Zhang Ting with a worship in his eyes. He believed that one day this sister could lead their family to live a good life.
Zhang Ting looked at this table. The silver divided the silver with the silver ticket. In fact, the silver moved to Hao Ren’s side. "You go to the school in the city and ask how much you want to continue reading. You paid the silver and Hao Yi also paid it. You two brothers went to the city to study since the day."
Hao Ren’s face was calm, because he had already agreed with Zhang Ting about this matter, so he was not shocked when Zhang Ting talked about it now.
It has always been that Zhang Ting casually said that Hao Yi looked shocked and looked at Zhang Ting with wide eyes after hearing this sentence and asked, "Sister Zhang Ting, can I really read it?"
"Don’t you know it when you follow your eldest brother to the school in the city? But let me say first-although you can’t study at home, you still have to do it after school, do you know?" Zhang Ting doesn’t want to raise two farmers who can read but can’t do farm work.
Hao Yili nodded. "If I can go to school, I will come back every day to help Zhang Ting’s sister with your work."
"Do the heavy work at home until I come back. Don’t do things by yourself." Hao Ren sincerely looked at Zhang Ting and told him.
Zhang Ting looked at him with a chuckle and said, "Don’t worry. If there are heavy jobs at home, I will definitely leave them until you come back."
The family gathered around the table to discuss things. Zhang Tinggang just hid the desktop silver and the silver ticket when she heard the noise outside, "Hao Ren Hao Yi, you come out to the old lady."
"Sister Zhang Ting, I’m afraid she’s coming again." Hao Anan was so scared that she buried her whole head in Zhang Tinghuai when she heard the sound outside.
Hao Ren’s eyes looked at his sister’s shadow, and he clenched his fist and said to Zhang Ting, "You stay in the house with Ann and Xiaokang, and things outside will be solved by Hao Yi and me."
Zhang Ting looked at him and asked, "Can you solve it?"
Before Hao Ren turned blue, he bullied his brother and sister by this uncle and mother because he was working outside, and his brother and sister had to rely on this uncle and mother to take care of them, but he didn’t expect that this uncle and mother had helped him take care of his brother and sister in recent years.
This time, it happened that he put the old and new accounts together with this uncle and mother.
"Cheep!" A thatched door hit Hao Ren’s face. The face appeared in Hao Mengshi’s eyes. After Hao Mengshi saw that it was Hao Ren’s brothers, he was relieved. When she called just now, she was really afraid that it was Zhang Ting, the goblin who came out inside.
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Chapter 51 Want to rob money?
"What’s the matter with Uncle Niang yelling at my door?" Hao Ren’s face stared at the Hao Mengshi in the courtyard.