Castle peak daughter-in-law looked down and saw what her man was holding. "Where did these things come from?" Qingshan daughter-in-law looked at Hao Qingshan with a face of excitement and asked

Hao Qingshan walked with his paunchy daughter-in-law and said, "It was Hao Ren’s family who gave it to his daughter-in-law. You didn’t know that Hao Ren’s family killed 50 chickens today. These chicken kidneys were separated from 50 chickens. Hao Jia’s younger sister asked me to bring them back to eat with the Wangs."
"Then we won’t miss eating with so many Hao family members?" Although Qingshan’s daughter-in-law is also greedy for these meat things, she still understands some truth.
Hao Qingshan hey hey smile "daughter-in-law, don’t worry, there’s still Hao’s family. Hao’s younger sister is a fine girl. She won’t let them go hungry. Let’s rest assured."
"That’s good, but Qingshan Hao’s family is so good to us. You should do a good job in Hao’s family, you know? This job is good. No matter what the villagers say, we will follow Hao’s family anyway."
"Daughter-in-law, your man knows what to do. Is my son at home today?" In a short time, Hao Qingshan’s family slowly rang with their husband and wife whispering about their children.
At the same time, when the Wang brothers came back with chicken kidneys, they were also asked by their parents at home.
"Mom, these chicken kidneys are really Hao Renjia. I told my eldest brother Hao Renjia that they couldn’t finish eating so many chicken kidneys, so they gave them to us and Hao Qingshan for fifty chickens. I’ve never seen so many chickens killed in my life." Wang Erwa thought of killing those chickens today. If she cooked them, she would be able to eat her stomach.
"I don’t know what Hao Ren’s family is doing after killing fifty chickens. What are you doing killing so many chickens?" Aunt Wang was a little worried that there was no adult in Hao Ren’s side who did something wrong on impulse.
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Chapter 46 Head Responsibility
"Mom, don’t worry, I think the daughter-in-law who didn’t go through the door in Hao Ren’s brother’s house is a terrible woman. You don’t know that today’s fifty chickens are her. Let me kill her. I think she has an idea." Wang Yangshi spent half a day with Zhang Ting today. During this half a day, she felt that Hao Ren’s brother’s house was an idea. Maybe Hao Ren’s brother’s house is getting better now because of this woman in front of her.
Aunt Wang didn’t say anything after listening to her daughter-in-law’s words. They brought back the chicken kidney. "We haven’t eaten meat in our family for more than a month. Today, it’s a blessing for Hao Ren’s family."
So at noon today, a good smell came from time to time in the village, which attracted many people in the village to come out and ask which family was so rich that they were willing to go to the city to scrape meat.
Zhang Ting, the head of Hao’s family, also cooked chicken kidneys, which were specially treated by Zhang Ting and put a little bit. Zhang Ting picked peppers from the mountain and fried them at noon, which was very popular with these guys at the dinner table.
After lunch, Zhang Tingzheng is going to take a well-off family back to the house to take a nap. I didn’t expect the Wangs to come with Hao Qingshan early.
"It’s all my fault that I forgot to tell you that everyone doesn’t work so early in the afternoon, but it’s not too late to take a nap at home before coming to work." Zhang Ting looked at the four men coming over in the sun and felt a little embarrassed. After all, this thing was that she didn’t make it clear to them in advance.
The four people were stunned when they heard Zhang Ting’s words. I didn’t think that there was such a good thing in this world. They also worked for other families. Those families wished they could come to work early every day. Where is this one that actually allows them not to come to work so early?
"Siblings, we don’t sleep or take a nap. It’s better to come and work early." Hao Qingshan told Zhang Ting with a smile.
When Zhang Ting saw that he was about to give up taking a nap and arrange them to do things, Hao Ren came out of the room where he was asleep. "You tell me how to do the next thing, you should take a nap first."
Zhang Ting glanced at him and didn’t refuse. It was because she was used to taking a nap. Now she doesn’t know if she has the spirit to finish her lunch work. "Well, you arrange for them to chop the fifty chickens into paste, but the bones should be taken out and let them be careful not to hurt themselves."
"Ok, I know. Go back to sleep. I’ll watch it for you here." Hao Ren gently nodded and remembered what she just said.
As soon as Zhang Ting left Hao Qingshan, he patted Hao Ren on the shoulder and smiled at Hao Ren and asked, "Hao Ren can’t see it. I can’t believe that you still feel bad about your daughter-in-law."
Hao Ren’s cheeks flashed with embarrassment when he heard this sentence from Hao Qingshan. He concealed his embarrassment at this time and immediately told them, "Everyone follow me and I will teach you to do things."
In a short time, the kitchen knife came to that place in Hao’s yard, and it was pounding.
When I got up after a nap, Zhang Ting heard that the backyard was banging and sleeping next to her. Well-off and Ann didn’t wake up at this time. Two little guys each put a thin sheet on their bellies, and both of them slept peacefully.
After watching the two of them for a while, Zhang Ting slowly walked out of the room and came to the place where these people worked. I have to say that these people worked really fast. It was only an hour before the fifty chickens were chopped off by them.
There are still chicken bones they picked out on the ground, and there are some chicken necks and chicken skins. There is a big pot next to Hao Ren’s feet, which is the chicken paste that they chopped out in front of them.
"After you sleep, do you think we did it right?" Hao Ren saw coming Zhang Tingma let things go and walked beside her and asked
Zhang Ting nodded with satisfaction. "Good job, good job. How many chickens have not been made?"
Get her affirmation. Hao Renjue feels that it is not a white face to do all this today. Don’t be brilliant. "Oh, there are fifteen chickens, and we can finish them in half an hour."
"Well done" Zhang Ting smiled and told him again to finish this sentence. Zhang Tingchao and the Wangs looked over here and ordered, "You wait a minute. After the fifteen chickens are finished, everyone will take some of these chicken bones and chicken necks back. When you go back, you will take your wages back."
"Know the sister in law, you can rest assured that we won’t forget if we get paid." Talking is Hao Qingshan’s busy work and fast progress, while still talking leisurely with Zhang Ting.
I took the Wangs and Hao Qingshan to thank Zhang Ting for being so kind to them. When the four of them started to work, they didn’t catch their breath. The four of them thought about repaying Hao Jia for being kind to them.
It was because of everyone’s enthusiasm that it was not long before the fifteen chickens were quickly processed by a few of them.
When they finished their work and came out to have a look, they found that it was still early. Now the villagers in the village are going to work in the fields. Now they can go home from work.
"Sister-in-law, it’s still early at this hour. Why don’t we help you do some work?" Hao Qingshan is thick-skinned enough, but he still can’t do it to take advantage of Hao’s family. Moreover, he is now paying Hao’s family 30 pence a day.
It’s so easy to think about what they do today. It’s so easy to get thirty pence for this day.
Zhang Ting looked at the faces of the four of them and smiled and said to the four of them, "No, today’s things have been finished. Come early and there are things waiting for everyone to do together."
As Zhang Ting followed the four of them to say these words, Hao Renzheng in the room looked nervous and counted the wages of the four people outside.
Not long ago, Zhang Ting called him into the house, but I didn’t expect to arrange such a calculation for him, especially when Zhang Ting said to him that he was a member of this family and he wanted to protect this family.
Soon, Hao Ren tied the wages into four strings of copper coins and took them out.
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Chapter 47 Face flushed
Come out Hao Ren glanced at Zhang Ting and saw that she nodded toward herself. Hao Ren just handed these four strings of copper coins to Hao Qingshan and the four of them. "Brother Qingshan, Mr. Wang, the second daughter-in-law Wang, this is your salary today. Please accept it."
Hao Qingshan and others saw Hao Ren handing them these wages, and the thirty coppers were strung in a string and hung in front of them. Four people were excited and took over this string of their own wages.
"Great, I finally get paid." Wang Erwa was so excited that she clutched this string of wages as much as she thought. This is the first time he has been paid for living so big.
Wang Dawa looked at his younger brother and shook his head and smiled. He stretched out his hand and patted the younger brother’s head funny. He told the younger brother, "Smelly little thirty coppers should be taken back to Niang Niang and kept for you to marry."
When Wang Erwa heard this sentence from her eldest brother, her dark face showed a shy blush. "Eldest brother, I’m still young. I’m not in a hurry." Wang Erwa immediately made everyone present laugh.
Before the evening, the four of them went home with a happy face, their day’s wages and the joy given by the Hao family to the chicken bones. Of course, when they got home, it was another kind of celebration, but the situation would not be the same.
Zhang Ting, who sent off four helpers who worked for his family, also learned the most important step in making chicken essence by himself. After dinner, the family gathered in the small backyard of Haozhai to make chicken essence.
"Oh, it smells good, it smells good, it smells good, and the saliva in my mouth is about to flow out." In the backyard, Hao Gui has been hovering around Zhang Ting with a well-off and an An, and he still doesn’t forget to say something he wants to eat.
After hearing this sentence, Zhang Ting couldn’t help laughing and called Hao Gui not far away. "What’s the matter?"
"No, my stomach is full, but this meat is so delicious that my mouth is greedy, sister Zhang Ting. Can you give me a taste of this meat when it is steamed later?" Hao Gui a face of embarrassed touching his head to Zhang Ting out such a small request.
"Sister (Zhang Ting) I want to eat, too." When Hao Anan came over with Zhang Xiaokang, he just heard Hao Gui’s greedy words and immediately ran to Zhang Ting’s side, demanding the same.
Zhang Ting looked at these three little guys’ faces, and they had grown a lot, and their faces were ruddy and moist. When she first came through, she thought that when she saw these people, they were all yellow, hungry and thin, especially well-off and thin, and they were almost left with a bone.
"Don’t worry, if the meat is steamed, it won’t be less delicious. Go and play first. Ok, I’ll call you over." After telling the three of them this sentence, Zhang Ting looked at Hao Gui and continued to tell them, "Hao Gui, you are the biggest of the two of them. You are the big brother. Look at them well."
"Don’t worry, Sister Zhang Ting, I will watch them for you." Hao Gui patted his small chest and assured Zhang Ting with a face of age.
Such as Hao Gui with Hao Anan after they left, Hao Ren immediately looked over at Zhang Ting’s side. "Xiaoting, you spoil them so much that you are going to spoil them."
Zhang Ting smiled and looked at him and said, "What’s the matter? I have something to spoil them now. Of course, I have to spoil them well. It was nothing that made them suffer so much. Now that life is so good, why should they follow us?"
Hao Ren opened his mouth to refute her words, but suddenly he found himself as if he didn’t want to say it again. Maybe he also wanted to spoil his brothers and sisters at home.
Zhang Ting took a look at this awkward man and chuckled. She hit the pot cover in the previous step and checked the steamed chicken cake inside. The meat in it is almost steamed. "Wait a minute, when the fire is over, you won’t put this meat in it and steam it."
Hao Ren nodded his head and put his hand back to the place where the firewood had not been stuffed in.
Zhang Ting glanced at the man around him and sipped his mouth gently. Suddenly, she felt that if she married a man like Hao Ren, it would actually be quite good. When this man had a promise, she would like to live with him if he still wanted to fulfill their parents’ engagement.
"When these 200 bottles of chicken essence come out, you can go to the private school in the city and read things at home. Just leave it to me. You can study hard there." Zhang Ting looked at the fire and told him around him.
Hao Ren glanced at her side head and looked at her side face for a while. She quickly recovered and looked at her side face to ensure that "Zhang Ting, believe me, Hao Ren will never fail you."
"Yes, I believe you." She doesn’t want to know what the reason for the disappointment is, and she won’t know until after it happens. It seems to her that it is too early to say anything before.