Qin Fan’s face stinks. "Who will pick you up?"

The woman’s beautiful eyebrows lightly pick "not to pick me up? So what are you doing here? "
O, her circulation in Qin Fan body scanned a circle exhale like orchid "don’t want to see what I want to run? I’ll be very angry if that’s the case. "
Qin Fan’s scalp was tighten when that last words came out of the woman’s mouth.
The Three Musketeers recognized the grim face of Yan, but now they recognized the cowardice.
"Yes, I’m here to pick you up. The car is already outside."
"That’s more like it."
The woman’s fingers were only loosened at this moment. When Qin Fanba withdrew his hand, he patted his strong and developed chest.
"Not bad, not bad. Afan has grown up and maintained a good figure. I am very satisfied."
Qin Fannai closed his eyes. Why didn’t he escape?
This is a witch! Ogata, when he was a child, he was so careless that he even had a unrequited love for her. This is karma!
Just coerced him to come over and the workers tore a human skin mask from the sideburns to reveal a beautiful and clever face. "Master Qin Fan salutes Miss Liang, please come on, then let’s go."
At this moment, Qin Fan felt extremely intense, and Nai could pick up the salute and go ahead.
He is dying for it.
"Clothing, emergency medicine, washing"
Azeri adults like to help Gu Yi check the salute, and then simply drill into the suitcase "I didn’t miss it if I added it."
Gu Yi laughed so hard that he pulled him into his arms and kissed his face. "Azeri’s lovely mother will only go for a few days. You should learn to wait for your mother to come back. Maybe you have become good friends with Xiaohan."
"I don’t want her to be ugly at all."
Azeri bulged his mouth, his eyes were misty, and he secretly laughed. The little guy really cared about that little culvert, and he didn’t know when he could invite people to his home.
She took the suitcase with her and the Azelou car was ready.
I came to Mohism by car and took Azeri in, only to find that Mo Jun was in the living room at the moment in the company.
As if waiting for them to come.
In winter, he has gone far, and in spring, he is wearing a gray suit. trouser legs is straight and comfortable.
Sunshine handsome face looks more and more deserted, making people unable to move their eyes.
Inadvertently, I took a sip of my lips. "Mo Jun’s night Azeri is left to you. He slept a little late these days, so be careful not to let him catch cold."
"That’s because mom, you hug me too tightly." Azeri protested.
Stared at her, she never admitted that she was reluctant to leave her son’s office and held him to sleep every night these days.
Mo Jun gets up one meter and five times at night, which makes the meaning a little urgent.
Hug too tight?
After that, he doesn’t want to hear that it’s his woman. Only he can hold it in his arms.
He glared at his son without any temperature. "Aly sent the young master to kindergarten."
"Didn’t dad agree to send his mother today?" Azeri resistance
"I’ll just send mom’s things. If you don’t learn that little Han, maybe other boys will take it away."
"No way!" Azeri waved his fist and his face turned blue and white. "Mom, I went to learn. Come back early."
Gu Yi also looked at the man with resentment.
Is there a father like him?
Mo Jun turns a blind eye to women at night, so that his son is full of fighting power.
"Come on, I’ll see you off."
"No, the driver can take me to the airport."
Mo Jun was immediately intimidated by his aura and couldn’t help but step back.
Mo Jun looked at her at night and suddenly stretched out his hand and held her. "I don’t mind carrying you up like that with Qin Fan’s smile."
"You" care about listening to such ambiguous words and can’t say a word.
The car drove all the way to the expressway.
The atmosphere in the car was finally awkward. Someone held the meaning tightly with his big hand but didn’t say a word.
Gu Yi struggled several times in the middle, but was stung by a man’s eyes. She thought that this man was bullying and she could surrender.
Just then the phone rang in the bag.
How to pack with one hand?
"Mojun night, you let me go."
Mo Jun really let her look good at night and screwed up her brow. Who will it be at this time?
Gu Yi seems to show that it is unnatural to look at the man beside him.
At this glance, Mo Jun was suspicious at night, and no one but Chang Xi would make it so difficult for Xiao Yi.