Listen, listen, Hao Ren looked up and looked at his brothers and sisters playing in the yard. These days, life has made his brothers and sisters face a lot of meat, and their clothes are not as dirty and broken as they used to be. Also, when his little sister ran, those two pigtails were still dangling in the middle. How cute they were.

Hao Ren knows that all these changes are due to the busy woman in the kitchen. If it weren’t for her appearance, I’m afraid the four brothers and sisters would still live that kind of life without food and clothing.
"The second brother, you look at the third brother here. I’ll go in the kitchen and help you with some work for Zhang Ting’s sister." Hao Ren suddenly got up and ordered the second brother Hao Yi sitting beside him.
Hao Yi gently nodded his head. "Eldest brother, don’t worry about helping Zhang Ting’s sister. Just leave it to me here. I’ll take a good look at my third brother and them." … The latest chapter ~ Baidu Search Blue **/er.
Chapter 4 Looking for a helper
Hao Ren patted his brother on the shoulder and then turned into the kitchen in that direction.
As soon as he entered the kitchen, Hao Ren saw Zhang Ting busy in the kitchen. The dim fire shone on the busy woman. Hao Ren felt that the woman was the most beautiful woman in the world.
I don’t know if Hao Ren’s gaze is too strong or how he turned around before Hao Ren had seen enough of Zhang Ting.
"Why are you still there? Can I help you?" Zhang Ting turned around and saw Hao Ren at the kitchen door, so he smiled and said to him.
Hao Ren gently replied a "good" and then came in and stopped behind her.
While busy washing dishes, Zhang Ting asked the man behind him, "Come on, what is it?"
Hao Ren took her to clean the bowl, picked up a dry rag next to it, wiped the water in the bowl and replied, "I’ve thought it over when you said that. In fact, you’re right. If you want my brother and sister, they won’t let the villagers bully me. I should read it. I want to read it."
Zhang Ting stopped washing dishes and looked up at him and said with a smile, "If you can think white, just read it. It’s enough for me to support this family. You can go outside and earn a fame so that I can support your brothers and sisters."
"Well, I’ll earn you a fame. You may have to work harder the day after tomorrow." Here Hao Ren looked at Zhang Ting with a guilty face.
Zhang Ting smiled with a wave of his hand. "What’s the hard work? If you want to live, you must not be afraid of hard work. Don’t worry about me. I can handle it alone."
When Hao Ren heard this, he bowed his head for a long time before hesitantly saying to Zhang Ting, "Don’t worry about it, even if I succeed in the exam. In my heart, you will always be my Hao Ren’s daughter-in-law, and I won’t let you down." After saying this, Hao Ren blushed and dared not run back out of the kitchen.
In the kitchen, Zhang Ting looked at Hao Ren and turned and ran out. It took a long time for his face to show a smile.
Zhang Ting didn’t fall asleep that night, and all he could think about was making that deal with Liu Fei, 200 bottles of chicken essence. If you really rely on their family to do it, you can’t do it. The only way is to see if anyone in this village is willing to come and help.
Although I have played against the villagers in this village several times, it is true that there are many in this village, but Zhang Ting believes that there are still many kind villagers in this village.
On Sunday morning, while everyone was having breakfast, Zhang Ting suddenly said something that she had been thinking about all night last night, that is, she planned to invite some people to come over to help make chicken essence in this village.
"What sister Zhang Ting, do you want to invite those people in the village? But they often bully us. Shall we not invite them?" Hao Gui a face of don’t want to look at Zhang Ting said
Hao Yi also looked unhappy. "Even Zhang Ting’s sister’s 200 bottles of chicken essence can be made by our family. Why do you have to invite those villagers? Have you forgotten how they bully us at ordinary times?"
"Sister Zhang Ting (sister) don’t ask them not to ask them." Xiaokang and Anan also followed the small mouth and took Zhang Ting’s hand to ask for help
Zhang Ting really didn’t expect that the children at home were so resistant to the villagers that I didn’t know how to make a decision.
Hao Ren, who had never spoken when Zhang Ting was in a difficult situation, suddenly said, "Stop arguing, you guys. Let your sister Zhang Ting ask the villagers to come and help. In fact, your sister Zhang Ting is right. There are indeed many good people in our village."
Speaking of which, Hao Ren glanced at his second brother Hao Yi’s side and said, "Hao Yi, you forgot that aunt Wang Er in the west of the village. If she hadn’t given us half a catty of sweet potatoes last year, it is estimated that you and your brother would starve to death that winter."
"Third brother, have you forgotten Brother Qingshan? If he hadn’t jumped into the pond and fished you out of the water that year, I’m afraid you would be gone now."
Hao Yi and Hao Gui let their eldest brother say this, but both brothers bowed their heads at the same time and apologized to Hao Ren. "Sorry, eldest brother, we were wrong."
Hao Ren showed a satisfied expression and then looked at Zhang Ting and asked, "Leave it to me to find someone. I know more or less about the kindness of the people in this village, but do you have any requirements for finding someone?"
Some people are willing to help themselves find someone. Of course, Zhang Ting is willing to be the shopkeeper of cutting and looking at Hao Ren with a grateful face, saying, "There is no requirement, that is, people who want to work here can hurry up. Without that kind of cheating and laziness, they will be paid. I plan to spend 30 cents a day per person. Do you think it is ok?"
"Thirty articles a day have been a lot. The villagers go to work in the city for a day, and at most they are only fifteen articles. You give a little more," Hao Ren nodded and said.
Zhang Ting thinks that the price of thirty articles is generally, after all, it is a way to make money if you want to make this chicken essence. If you do it well, you can earn a hundred taels a day. There is only thirty articles, which is not much for her.
"Just thirty articles a day. It’s worthwhile for them to get things done." Zhang Ting finally decided on this salary
Hao Ren nodded after listening and didn’t make any suggestions. In his view, this matter is Zhang Ting, and she is the master of this matter. Just stay with her and help her run errands.
After eating breakfast at random, Hao Ren wiped the corners of his mouth and looked at Zhang Ting and said, "That’s fine. I’ll go to the village to find someone to eat first." After that, Hao Ren went out from Hao’s humble thatched hall without looking back.
"If you are full or not, eat a little more. It’s okay to take your time." Zhang Ting looked out and Hao Ren shouted at his back.
Having walked out of the house, Hao Ren didn’t turn his back on Zhang Ting and replied, "No, I’m full."
Having left home, Hao Ren went directly into the village. At this time, many people had finished their breakfast and went to work in the fields.
Hao Ren is looking for this time. It was not long ago that he and his two younger brothers wanted to talk about these two families, but after his parents left, they once helped their four brothers and sisters, and they were one of the few who didn’t bully them … The latest chapter ~ Baidu Search 〃 Blue **/er.
Chapter 41 will get better and better.
When Hao Renjin entered the village, the first one he came to was Aunt Wang. Speaking of this Aunt Wang’s family, they were actually not authentic villagers in Haojia Village. They moved in more than ten years ago. It was said that Aunt Wang’s hometown was hit by drought that year, and the Aunt Wang’s family moved into Haojia Village.
When Hao Ren came to Aunt Wang’s house, he happened to meet Aunt Wang’s family for breakfast.
"Hao Ren is coming. Come in quickly." Come out of the gate. When Aunt Wang saw Hao Ren at the gate of his own courtyard, he immediately greeted Hao Ren with a smile and invited him in
Aunt Wang, a man, Wang Lao is also an honest man. Two children and two women have been born. Now the eldest son has married a daughter-in-law and the second daughter has married in another village. Now there are children and younger daughters who have not yet married.
"Uncle, I didn’t disturb your dinner, did I?" Hao Ren didn’t expect to come at such a bad time to catch people eating.
"No, no, you ate it. Do you want to eat some in the aunts?" Aunt Wang and Wang and his wife are very sympathetic to the four brothers Hao Ren. Usually, if they have surplus food at home, they will bring some to the four brothers and sisters Hao.
"No, thank you. I’ve already eaten," Hao Ren said to Wang Er with a wave.
"Hao Ren, you’re welcome. I still have a bowl at home that can let you eat. My mother cooked a pot of rice congee today. It’s delicious. Try it." Wang Erer Wang Erwa is quite old with Hao Ren, and it’s natural to have a big relationship since childhood.
Wang Erwa often heard from her parents that Hao Ren’s four brothers and sisters were suffering, and Hao Ren’s playmate and brother Wang Erwa felt that she should take good care of this good brother no matter what.