"Thank you for just now. Thank you for defending my brother so much." Hao Ren suddenly spoke this sentence behind Zhang Ting without saying a word.

When Zhang Ting was cutting the meat, he immediately turned around and put one hand over his heart. He looked at Hao Ren and said, "Why are you behind me without saying a word?" After that, Zhang Ting remembered that he had just said that sentence.
So I looked back at him and said, "I didn’t thank you for that thing just now, but I did it because I took Hao Yi and others as my brothers. Those people who want to bully my family must first ask me if I agree."
Hao ren’s handsome face flashed with joy when she heard her last sentence. She said that she regarded Hao Yi and them as her brother. Does this mean that this woman has regarded him as her future husband? Hao ren can’t help but be excited when she thinks of this.
Speaking of this, Zhang Ting let go of the kitchen knife and looked at him again. He said to him seriously, "Hao Rengang just happened. You have seen how the villagers in this village dare to bully your brothers and sisters all the time. Have you thought about this?"
"They are watching our four siblings’ parents bully." Hao Ren smiled bitterly and refused to tell this fact.
Zhang Ting looked at him for a while and continued, "In fact, there are other reasons besides this. That’s because you are young. I mean, if you go to the city to study, there will be a scholar in your family, and they will not bully you so wantonly."
"In fact, you just want me to go to the city to study." When Hao Ren heard this, he couldn’t hear it. This woman just wanted to persuade him to go to the city to study … The latest chapter ~ Baidu Search 〃 Blue * *
Chapter 35 There is a field and a house
"Yes, I just want to persuade you to study. If you go to study your brother and sister, they won’t be bullied so hard all the time." Zhang Ting looked at Hao Ren openly and said.
Hao Ren bowed his head and pondered for a long time before he heard him say, "Let me think about this matter and I’ll give you an answer tomorrow, okay?"
Zhang Ting nodded and asked him to think about it. If he wants to think about it, he can prove it. There is still hope. If he doesn’t want to think about it, it will be bad. "Ok, think about it and give me an answer tomorrow."
Speaking of which, Zhang Ting looked up and took a look outside. It is estimated that everyone in the village has had lunch at this time. "You go and take out the meat I put in the well. I will make you a braised pork today."
Hao Ren readily replied "OK, I’ll get it now"
It wasn’t long before Hao Ren went to the well to get meat, and soon he fell back. In a short time, the kitchen came to cut meat and cook with a fire, followed by a burst of meat fragrance floating in this Hao family.
At noon today, everyone finally ate Zhang Ting’s braised pork. "It’s delicious. Can we eat it often after Sister Zhang Ting’s braised pork is really delicious?" Hao Anan bit into braised pork and didn’t forget to tell Zhang Ting about it.
Zhang Ting listened to them while giving them the two smallest pieces of meat, especially when she heard Hao Anan’s words. She smiled and promised, "Of course, I often cook this braised pork for you after that."
"Sister Xiaokang also likes to eat this meat. Xiaokang also wants to eat a lot of meat." Xiaokang raised a cute and sweet smile and smiled at Zhang Ting.
Since I lived here, I haven’t had the Zhang family’s hateful uncle who abused a well-off society. Now my face has grown a lot, and my temperament has become a lot of lang. I am happy that my younger brother has changed Zhang Ting from the bottom of my heart
"My sister often makes these delicious dishes for Xiaokang and An ‘an and makes you fat, okay?" Zhang Ting suddenly felt a sense of pride when he looked at these two little guys with long faces.
Yu Haoren’s three brothers are burying their heads in a bitter face and eating this delicious meal at noon today. They can’t remember how long it took them to eat meat so happily. This meal at noon today made them very satisfied.
"Sister courtyard floret? It doesn’t have a room to live in. It’s so poor. "Eating a meal, Xiaokang suddenly stopped eating and looked at Zhang Ting’s side with a sad expression on his face.
Zhang Ting looked at Xiaokang blankly and asked, "Who is Xiaohua?"
At this moment, two snow smiles floated into Zhang Ting’s ears, and then Hao Yi explained, "Sister Zhang Ting’s little flower is the little pig we brought back today. It’s called Xiaohua now."
Zhang Ting immediately laughed and looked at the two cute little eyes and looked at her. "Don’t worry about it. I’ll ask your brother to build a room for Xiaohua after dinner."
"It’s very kind of you, sister Zhang Ting." On hearing this command from Zhang Ting, the little face finally showed a happy smile. If it weren’t for eating rice, the little guy would probably run to Zhang Ting’s arms to play the woman.
The family sat down together and had a good meal. At noon, Zhang Ting took two little guys to take a nap.
When the sun didn’t ring outside and it was so hot in the afternoon, I slept for a nap. When I woke up, Zhang Ting went to the yard and found that there was suddenly a small room made of stone in the yard. Today, they caught the little wild boar from the mountain.
Zhang Ting smiled and said, "You three brothers are moving very fast. It took you only one afternoon to build the place for this little pig."
"Sister Zhang Ting, why don’t you take a quick look at how our three brothers make a small room?" Hao Yi saw coming Zhang Ting busy looking at Zhang Ting asked with a face of credit smile.
Zhang Ting looked at the stone house and showed a satisfied expression. "It’s nice and decent. You three brothers won’t even take a nap and build this small stone house for Xiaokang and Ann!"
Hao Ren chuckled. "We three brothers don’t have the habit of taking a nap at ordinary times. Aren’t they clamoring for it? We’ll get them one first, and then we’ll build a decent place for this little pig."
Zhang Ting nodded with a smile and looked at the stone house again. A stone house like this can also let the little pig live for a while. When the little pig grows up, this place will not be used.
"Let it make do with it first. Anyway, when we have money, we will tear down this house and build a new house. What will we call this head then?" Zhang Ting couldn’t remember Xiaokang for a moment. They named the little pig.
"It’s called Xiaohua." Hao Gui waited for a while and couldn’t wait for his sister Zhang Ting to name the pig. He was anxious for his sister Zhang Ting, so he couldn’t help but say.
Zhang Ting glanced at Hao Guichao and smiled at the little guy. "That’s right. We’ll also build a room for Xiaohua then."
Hao Yi stared at Zhang Ting anxiously and asked her, "Sister Zhang Ting, is what you just said true? Do we really want to build a new house?"
"Building a new house does this mean that I won’t sleep in a room with my brother and them?" Hao Gui looked at Zhang Ting with envy and asked.
As long as he can remember, he remembers sleeping with his brothers every night. Every night when he fell asleep, his brothers would kick him with their feet and kick him out of bed many times, causing him to get up from the ground and go back to bed every night.
"Yes, when a new house is built, Hao Gui can have a new house of her own." Zhang Ting smiled and touched the little guy’s head.
On one side, Hao Ren twisted his eyebrows and looked at Zhang Ting with unknown light in his eyes.
In the afternoon, when the sun has reached the weakest time of the day, Zhang Ting proposed to take everyone to see a field they bought this time.
"Great, we finally have a field. There was a field in our house before. Mother was ill and treated her. The field was also sold." Hao Yi was the second parent among the four brothers and sisters. He still remembered a lot of those things more or less when his parents were there … The latest chapter ~ Baidu Search 〃 Blue * * *
Chapter 36 Door
Suddenly, I heard a faint sadness in Hao Yi’s tone. Zhang Ting knew that Hao Yi was thinking of the bad things before. "We don’t want to do the bad things before. Now we want to have a field in our home after the good things now."
Everyone heard this sentence from Zhang Ting, and Hao Ren and Hao Yi all smiled happily. The other children laughed because they saw several adults laughing at them.
However, no matter whether they are sincere or looking at their hearts, after a long walk, the six people finally came to their field and looked at this large field with a smirk on their faces.
Zhang Ting also won’t look at Tian, and she will be happy when she knows that this large field belongs to them.
"Sister Zhang Ting, do we all grow herbs in so many fields?" Hao Yiwang looked at this large field and looked at Zhang Ting curiously and asked.
Zhang Ting gently nodded. "Well, they all grow herbs. Then we will grow a large amount of herbs here."
"Sister Zhang Ting, do you think those people in the village who grow herbs will bully us again?" Hao Gui always remembers in his heart that since their parents died, the villagers have not found less trouble with their four brothers and sisters, and now he is also afraid.
Zhang Ting heard Hao Gui’s words and cast a glance at Hao Ren’s side, then smiled and coaxed Hao Guidao, "Hao Gui, don’t be afraid if those people dare to come to Zhang Ting to help you clean them up."
"Well, Hao Gui believes that Zhang Ting’s sister and Zhang Ting’s sister are the best in this world." Hao Gui looked at Zhang Ting with a face of letters and laughed.