Zhang Ting nodded and replied, "Yes, this is what I want to sell to you. I wonder what kind of fair price the boss can give."

The owner of the drugstore excitedly looked at the ganoderma lucidum in Zhang Ting’s hand and thought for a moment, then slowly stretched out five fingers and shook his mouth in front of Zhang Ting, and gently vomited, "I bought five hundred and twenty pieces of silver. I wonder if the girl is satisfied with this price?"
Zhang Ting thought about 520 silver, which seems to be a lot of money. Besides, she needs silver now, and if she sells it to another drugstore, it is estimated that she may be cheated by the people there, so it is better to sell it to the man in front of her.
"Good five hundred and twenty silver is five hundred and twenty silver. We have a deal." Zhang Ting agreed to come in one bite.
As soon as the owner of the drugstore saw Zhang Ting’s happy face, he immediately smiled and looked at Zhang Ting and said, "It’s really a pleasure for a girl to do business with you. After that, if you collect herbs, don’t buy you from our drugstore for a penny more."
Hao Gui, a few of them smiled happily when they heard the words of the drugstore owner.
Zhang Ting chuckled. She knew in her heart that the drugstore owner had spent a penny more to buy her medicine, or that she had learned that she was a big pharmaceutical company.
Speaking of Zhang Ting Hui Pharmaceutical, I actually learned a unique pharmaceutical skill from an old man in a past life. It is said that this pharmaceutical skill has been coming for thousands of years.
"Boss, you are so happy. After I promised you, our family sold all the herbs to you." Zhang Ting promised happily.
Both sides have benefited from each other, and this business is of course a perfect end.
When Zhang Ting and others walked out of the drugstore, Hao Ren was still in a fog. He really didn’t expect that this herb could really be sold to silver. This sale also sold more than 500 taels of silver. If he were in the escort agency, he might not be able to work there for a generation.
Zhang Ting left and right hands holding a well-off life and walking in peace in the street, and she was thrilled at the thought that she was pregnant with more than 500 taels of silver. She really wanted to sing here, and her elder sister was also rich.
"Say what you want to buy later, and we’ll all buy it later." Now Zhang Ting speaks in a tone that he doesn’t know how much he looks like an outbreak
"Sister Zhang Ting, can we really buy anything we want?" Hao Yi a face of excitement staring at Zhang Ting asked.
Zhang Ting took a look at these little guys and nodded in anticipation. "Of course, you can have whatever you want."
"I want to eat meat." Hao Gui raised his hand and shouted his wish first.
"I want to wear new clothes and have a beautiful head." An An also raised her hand and published what she wanted. It is now that girls like to stick their heads in silk flower, and Xiao An, who is four years old, knows how to dress up.
"Okay, no problem, buy everything." Zhang Ting smiled and promised these little guys’ requirements.
After six people walked for a while, Zhang Ting bought them a few little guys something they said. After buying it, Zhang Ting looked at Hao Renxiao and asked, "What do you want? I will buy it for you! "
Hao Ren’s face immediately turned red and stammered with Zhang Ting, "I’m not a child and I won’t buy it! You buy something for yourself. You haven’t bought anything for these children. "
Zhang Ting saw his awkward appearance and shrugged his shoulders for fear of angering the man. Instead, he led a few little guys to the place where she wanted to go.
First of all, Zhang Ting came to a ready-to-wear shop. It seems that winter is coming soon, but these people don’t have many clothes that can withstand the cold winter. As early as some time ago, Zhang Ting has been thinking that when she has money, she must buy winter clothes and new quilts, especially these children at home. They must not be frozen like that again this winter.
Six people went into the ready-to-wear shop and dazzled the eyes of several little guys. For the clothes here, Zhang Ting can look at them with ordinary eyes. Compared with modern clothes, the style of clothes here is really old-fashioned
"The boss will give us six people a winter coat and see if we try it. We will do a big business with you." Zhang Ting took Hao Anan and Zhang Xiaokang to the counter and looked at the clothing shop owner.
The owner of the ready-to-wear shop glanced at Zhang Ting’s eyes, and the tone of contempt flashed in his eyes. He said, "I have all the winter clothes in my shop here, but you should be careful. If it is broken, I’m afraid you can’t afford it." … The latest chapter ~ Baidu Search 〃 Blue **/er.
Chapter 26 Have something to ask for
I am also sad that the owner of this ready-to-wear shop looks down on Zhang Ting so much. After coming here from Zhang Ting, the clothes are still the original owner’s memory. She has been wearing clothes for several years, and half of the clothes are washed white and not rotten. It is considered that the quality of the clothes is good.
As soon as Zhang Ting heard the boss’s tone, he knew that he was in a dog’s eyes and suddenly wanted to buy clothes here.
But the thought of being angry here made her feel uncomfortable. So Zhang Ting took out a silver ingot from himself and put it on the table. He looked at the owner of the clothing shop and said, "Boss, you dogs are not beggars. We don’t want to be you if you don’t do our business."
Zhang Ting walked away from the ready-to-wear shop with a few little guys, regardless of the call of the owner of the ready-to-wear shop.
It was Zhang Ting who didn’t expect that they met a teenager as soon as their front feet came out. The teenager recognized Zhang Ting at a glance and shouted "girl, girl, please wait" after Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting heard the sound and called it someone else until the man ran in front of her and blocked her way. Zhang Ting didn’t know that he was called himself.
Hao Ren saw someone blocking their way without saying anything in front of Zhang Ting, staring at the teenager blocking their way.
When the teenager saw Hao Ren’s face full of threats and warnings, he was shocked and immediately shouted at Zhang Ting. "Girl, don’t you remember me? It’s not that you helped me save my friend, otherwise I might be killed by my father and them."
Zhang Ting by his mind so suddenly float a Chinese young handsome face with this young face is exactly the same "that was you? You should not be almost killed again. "
When the Chinese teenager heard Zhang Ting’s words, his face turned worse. He pouted and said to Zhang Ting, "Why are you so ugly? Can’t I find you with other things? I’m here to thank you for your help."
Zhang Ting a face of don’t care about motioning with his hand and said, "if you don’t thank me for this matter, if you really want to thank me, you should tap your hand when hitting people. Don’t hit people so hard. What happened to the young master who was beaten by you? He’s all right. "
"He’s almost healed after hurting himself now. After this incident, our feelings have improved a lot, and the two of us have always wanted to find you in the street." The Chinese teenager looked at Zhang Ting and said.
Zhang Ting stretched out his hand and pointed to himself and asked, "What do you want with me?"
"Looking for you, of course, is to repay you. We both want to thank you for this." The Chinese teenager looked at Zhang Ting and said.
At this time, Hao Ren walked beside Zhang Ting and asked a low question about it. Zhang Ting didn’t hide it and explained it to Hao Ren at the end of the matter.
Hao Ren nodded his head after listening and said to the Chinese teenager, "I see you are a little familiar. Are you Renchuntang Shaodong?"
When the Chinese teenager heard Hao Ren’s words, he looked up and looked at Hao Ren’s face with a surprise. "How do you know my identity?"
It is reasonable to say that he is Renchuntang Shaodong, but not many people in this town know that his parents are safe, but it is very good to hide his identity.
Hao Ren replied with a facial expression, "I used to work in Weiyuan Escort. Renchuntang had business dealings with Weiyuan Escort. Once I met you, I naturally knew your identity."
"So that’s right. What’s your name?" Jia Lin looked at Zhang Ting and asked
Zhang Ting still smiled and replied, "My name is Zhang Ting."
"My name is Jia Lin. We have been looking for you for several days. This time I finally found you. This time I invite you to dinner." Jia Lin looked at Zhang Ting and told Hao Ren.
At this time, Zhang Ting found that they were really hungry after walking for so long, and it would be a fool if someone invited them to dinner this time.
"That’s good, then we’re welcome." Zhang Ting ha ha smiled and agreed to come.
Jia Lin invited Zhang Ting when he heard the eyebrow eye smile. They came to a restaurant and called a good table to greet Zhang Ting and them.
It’s the first time for several little guys to eat in a restaurant, and they are very interested in the environment and food here.
Jia Lin ordered a table of food and let Zhang Ting and them have a clean meal in less than half an hour.
After dinner, Jia Lin looked at Zhang Ting with a flattering smile and said, "Miss Zhang Ting, actually, I have one thing I want to ask you for help."
When Zhang Ting heard him say this, he asked him, "Jia Gong, Zhang Ting is a poor woman, and I don’t have any money to lend you."
When he said that he wanted to help himself, Zhang Ting thought for a moment and realized that people were coming to borrow money from themselves. Only then did he say this in his heart.
Jia Lin was stunned when he heard Zhang Ting’s words, then he looked at her with a big laugh and said, "Miss Zhang Ting, you misunderstood me. How could I borrow money from you? It is something else for me to ask you for help."