"Isn’t this poisonous?" Hao Ren pointed to Zhang Ting and asked with Ganoderma lucidum in his hand.

Zhang Ting immediately smiled and asked him, "When did I say that Ganoderma lucidum was poisonous?"
"Didn’t you tell Hao Gui not to touch it?" As soon as Hao Ren saw Zhang Ting laughing at his handsome face, he immediately flashed embarrassment and thought that he was worried about her. Hao Ren felt strange in his heart.
"I told Hao Gui not to touch it because I was afraid that Hao Gui would break it. This ganoderma lucidum is a precious medicinal material. It is estimated that it will sell a lot of silver in a hundred years." Zhang Ting smiled and stared at his hand. Ganoderma lucidum said.
Hao Ren’s face flushed even more after hearing Zhang Ting’s explanation, but when he saw Zhang Ting’s eyes looking at the ganoderma lucidum with an excited smile, he immediately froze.
Carefully treasure this ganoderma lucidum. Zhang Ting quickly hid it and looked up at Hao Ren’s side, just as Hao Ren looked at her side.
Hao Ren didn’t expect Zhang Ting to look at him at this time and let him touch Zhang Ting red-handed when he didn’t look back. Suddenly, his face flushed more like a drunk.
Zhang Ting mouth slightly sip already she this is not to let yourself laugh at this time, at the same time, thought this little man is too pure, she is found that he looked at her and didn’t say anything, let him blush like a monkey’s ass.
A few little guys didn’t know about Zhang Ting and Hao Ren. Zhang Xiaokang took Zhang Ting’s hand and shouted, "Sister, can that black thing just now sell a lot of silver?" ….. The latest ~ chapter Baidu search "blue * color * *
Chapter 22 What are your plans for the future?
Zhang Ting heard his little brother’s voice and bowed his head and smiled at him. "Yes, we can sell a lot of silver. After selling the silver, we will buy new clothes to wear."
"It’s great to have new clothes to wear." Although Hao Anan is a child, she is also a girl. Girls love beauty regardless of age. Hearing that Zhang Ting is going to buy them new clothes, Hao Anan is almost jumping for joy.
Zhang Ting was happy to see this. The two little guys shook their heads and smiled. Just now, you were arguing, you pinched me, and I hit you. Now it seems like nothing happened.
After watching for a while, the two of them Zhang Tingchao Hao Ren and their three brothers came over and asked, "How are you three getting along? Have you collected them all? "
"We picked a lot of medicinal materials just don’t know if you want? Look at it! " Hao Ren looked unsure and took him and his two younger brothers to Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting nodded and leaned over to check the herbs in one of the three baskets and found that there was a weed in the smaller basket of Hao Gui, and the other two baskets were filled with herbs she asked them to find.
"Yes, it’s getting late now. Let’s go home first. Anyway, no one will pick the medicinal materials here. We can pick them whenever we want." Zhang Ting glanced at the sky and estimated that it was noon. Today, their mountain didn’t bring dry food.
If Zhang Ting were alone, she might just find some wild fruits in this forest to fill her hunger, but now there are some little guys here and some children are in good health. Zhang Ting decided to go back to lunch first.
Hao Ren, after listening to Zhang Ting’s words, nodded and took Zhang Ting’s hand baskets and said to her, "Let me take these baskets with my second brother. You can take Ann and go with Xiaokang."
Zhang Ting didn’t object. He quickly put his basket in his hand, and then told An An to walk with Xiaokang and his party in the direction outside the mountain.
Halfway through, Zhang Ting suddenly remembered that she had set a trap here, and she had also made a trap. It has been several days since there was a mountain, and I don’t know if there is any prey left in this trap waiting for her to pick it up.
Hao Ren looked at the prey in the trap and felt that the trap was so simple. How could this woman hunt so many prey? Later, when Hao Ren saw Zhang Ting carrying Ganoderma lucidum, Ma decided in his heart that Zhang Ting was a blessed woman.
This time, when they went home, they came home full again. When they went to see the trap, they found two white rabbits in it. These two rabbits probably accidentally jumped here during estrus, which became what Zhang Ting loved and loved.
When I returned to the village, it was already noon. Zhang Ting fried some meat and vegetable cakes for everyone to have lunch. Although it was simple, it made the four little guys at home happy.
After lunch, Zhang Ting put Xiaokang and Ann to sleep, and this was the only way to sort out the herbs collected in the mountains in the yard.
First, Zhang Ting Hao Ren three brothers got it together, and Hao Yi and Hao Gui couldn’t stand the nap, and they also went back to their rooms to take a nap.
At this time, Zhang Ting and Hao Ren were left in the courtyard, and neither of them spoke, quietly completing their hand medicine.
I don’t know how much I lost in this quiet hour. After working for so long, Zhang Ting felt that her back was sore and didn’t look like her. Just when she tried to twist her body, she found that there was another one beside her.
"Hao Ren, what do you usually do in the escort agency?" At this time, Zhang Ting discovered that the little man around him seemed quite tall and a little dark. It is estimated that he was exposed to the sun at ordinary times.
If she compares with Hao Ren, everyone will definitely think that he is a brother and she is a sister.
Hao Ren didn’t expect Zhang Ting to suddenly ask about his affairs in the escort agency. He was silent for a while and slowly told her, "I am a handyman in the escort agency. Because I am young, I can’t follow the escort, so I can help make some efforts in the escort agency."
"That must be very hard." Although he looks very strong, he is only thirteen years old even if he is taller.
Hao Ren shook his head and smiled at Zhang Ting’s words. "I don’t feel bitter. If I want to make my three younger brothers and sisters eat enough, even if I have to live a hard life, I will call it."
Zhang Ting listened to his words, smiled at him and said, "Hao Yi, they are lucky to have your brother."
Hao Ren suddenly bowed his head when he heard this and looked very sad. He said nothing but did his manual work.
His appearance made it difficult for Zhang Ting to ignore his expression. Finally, Zhang Ting asked, "What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong? Why do you look so sad?"
Hao Ren shook his head and his eyes were a little reddish. "You didn’t say anything wrong. I thought of something sad. Do you know how my parents died?"
Zhang Ting opened his mouth and hesitated for a long time, and finally asked, "How did they die?"
"They all died because of me. I have to work hard to earn money for my brother and sister. They have a good life. I have to take care of them instead of my parents." Hao Renhong looked at Zhang Ting with eyes wide open.
Zhang Ting looked at his red eyes. This stubborn little man kept biting his teeth. His stubbornness really made Zhang Ting look sad.
After a while, in Zhang Ting, when he wouldn’t talk about it again, he suddenly heard him say, "It’s very dangerous for my father to read and run. It was at that time that my father never came back. My mother died in less than half a year because of my father’s sad illness. If I hadn’t read, they wouldn’t have died so early."
"I’m sorry to remind you of your sad things." Seeing a sad face, Hao Ren Zhang Ting apologized to him with a face of embarrassment.
Hao Ren looked up at Zhang Ting and said, "No, I’m not at home these days. Thank you for taking care of my brother and sister."
"I can’t thank you for giving me a place to live with my brother. I’ll take care of your brother and sister for you. That’s right. What are your plans for the future?" Zhang Ting looked at the small man in front of him and asked … The latest chapter ~ Baidu Search 〃 Blue * * *
Chapter 23 Playing people against being played
Hao Ren pondered for a while before he looked up at Zhang Ting. "I haven’t thought about it yet. Now the only thing I can do to help this family is strength. I also practice every day at the escort agency. My strength is not small. After you go into the deep mountains alone, I will accompany you. Even if you encounter any wild animals, I can protect you."
Speaking of which, Hao Yijun’s face suddenly showed a shy expression. He always felt that his heart was out of control after saying this sentence, and he seemed to be pounding.
At this time, Zhang Ting didn’t pay attention to his face. Naturally, she didn’t know the mood of the man around her, but when she heard that the man wanted to protect himself, she was grateful from the heart. "Yeah, it was much easier for me to go into the mountains with your help." Zhang Ting showed a heartfelt smile.
Get all the herbs ready. The two men went back to their respective rooms to have a rest, exhausted.
For two days in a row, Zhang Ting and others stayed at home to get medicinal materials, but during this time, Zhang Ting found that this Hao Ren had a really good memory, and there were many things that she wanted to say again, so people would remember them completely.
"Hao Ren can’t see that you have such a good memory. I have spoken so much that you actually remember it. If you follow me again, it is estimated that you will surpass me." Zhang Ting told Hao Ren with a smile.
Hao Ren chuckled and said nothing, but bowed their heads and continued to work.
At this time, Hao Yi, who was working behind Hao Ren, said proudly to Zhang Ting, "Sister Zhang Ting, my eldest brother is very good. Before reading my eldest brother, I was the first in the exam. Even my husband told my father and my mother that I would be able to get the top prize."
Zhang Ting smiled and touched the little guy’s head and said, "Really? So your big brother is so powerful."
Hao Yi smiled smugly when Zhang Ting praised Hao Ren’s face, just as Zhang Ting praised himself.
At this time, a well-off man came out crying and came running. The little guy cried and shouted "Sister, help!"
Zhang Ting, who was joking with Hao Yi, immediately let go of things and ran out when he heard this cry and his face changed.
Just after running not far, Zhang Ting received a cry, out of breath. His younger brother looked at the tears on his face. His younger brother Zhang Tingxin asked, "What happened to Xiaokang? Who bullied you?"
Xiaokangli shook his head and tried desperately not to cry, but crying was out of his control and kept coming out of his mouth. The little guy was crying and talking and told Zhang Ting intermittently that he had just met something.
"What should I do? Eldest brother and third brother hurt people. Let’s go and have a look quickly." Hao Yi turned pale after listening to a well-off speech, and quickly called Hao Ren out to the village to have a look.
Hao Ren is also a face of serious and nervous, and the two brothers walk behind Hao Yi in the village.
Zhang Ting don’t trust this a few brother and sister also hold the low cry well-off with.
When Zhang Ting and the others arrived, they saw two brothers and sisters, Hao Gui, surrounded by villagers, and one of the women was even more rude to scold Hao Gui and his brother and sister Ann, who were scared to cry by these people.
"Hao Gui" may come to the little body to protect the Hao Gui shouted.
I have been strong and forbearing to cry. At the sight of Zhang Ting and their stubborn eyes, Hao Gui immediately shed tears and choked at Zhang Ting and Hao Ren and shouted "Sister Zhang Ting".
Zhang Ting, holding a well-off family who is still sobbing, walked into the crowd and pulled Hao Gui and Anan behind her. Looking at the vixen village woman who just lit Hao Gui and Anan’s forehead, she asked, "This aunt, could you tell me whether my Hao Gui and Anan killed your home or dug your ancestral grave? If you want to be so vicious, you still have to point your fingers and point at my two children. You are still an elder and your mouth is so dirty."