On this day, after Master Lu arrived at the airport in A city by plane, the Lu family went to the airport to meet him, including Lu Zhenguo and Lu Xiangnan’s father.

Former Lin Xiaoxiao has always been mistaken for Lu Xiangnan’s struggle for property, deliberately murdering his brother in a car accident and forcing his grandfather to transfer shares, but later, with the appearance of Song Qifeng, Master Lu woke up and told Zheng Bo that it was indeed he who instructed the transfer of shares to Lu Xiangnan that day. After that, Lin Xiaoxiao suddenly got a new understanding of her second uncle and cousin, as Lu Xiangguo said on his return trip. Although he was greedy for power and fame, he coveted the position of Lu Jiazhang, but he would never do anything that hurt his loved ones’ lives. When you are unwilling, you will make some small means to stumble. After all, you are fighting for profit in business, which means that if you can’t handle this kind of thing, you are not worthy to be a landlord.
At first glance, I thought that Lin Xiaoxiao finally understood why Liu Shaoyang had never done anything to his second uncle. It turned out that everything was under the control of his brother.
All the way back to Lu Zhai, the atmosphere of the family was particularly harmonious, especially when Luo Ziyu held the baby in front of Master Lu. The old man looked at the family with excitement and tears in his eyes, and he couldn’t help feeling that this was the so-called family happiness for children and grandchildren.
Day flies. July 22nd is Lin Xiaoxiao’s wedding day.
When Luo Ziyu got married, Lin Xiaoxiao thought it was just marriage. After all, it was almost noon when the wedding ceremony was held, and she had to get up so early. But it was her turn. Although Lin Xiaoxiao didn’t suffer from insomnia, she woke up at three o’clock in the morning and set the alarm clock at four o’clock.
The bride had to face makeup and change clothes, and many relatives came to help Luo Ziyu. Naturally, she greeted her as a sister-in-law and went to the room to see Lin Xiaoxiao by the way:
Chapter 29 Newly-married offensive and defensive warfare
Today, Lin Xiaoxiao got married from Lujia’s old house and stayed with Lin Xiaoxiao. At this time, Yu Ma was really a little reluctant.
The old man is even more emotional, shrinking in the corner and watching being surrounded by Lin Xiaoxiao. His eyes are full of tears and he is reluctant to look. If it weren’t for the old man’s typical European and American face, it would be difficult not to be misunderstood. He is the bride’s father.
I’ve just brewed a little sadness. When my mother saw the old man, she suddenly lost her feelings and feelings. She bypassed the crowd, pulled him up and walked out, chanting, "Everyone is busy. Don’t make trouble if you don’t help. What a shame you look like."
The old man, however, didn’t seem to hear anything. He was dragged backwards and looked at Lin Xiaoxiao unblinkingly.
I can’t bear to part with it. After all, the old man is also a lifelong father of Master Lin Xiaoxiao. What’s worse, he has watched Lin Xiaoxiao grow up and trained for so many years. His dry daughter is as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, and finally she will be arched by someone else’s pig. Even if she is as good as Yan Lang, her father is also a "other’s pig".
The old man was very reluctant to part with his relatives in Lujia, and everyone kept laughing, but Master Lu was particularly pleased. Although his eldest son and daughter-in-law died early, it seems that Lin Xiaoxiao has been loved and landed in the years when he was raised by Yu Ma. When he met Yu Ma, Master privately asked to make some compensation for her, but she resolutely refused to do so because she didn’t want to defile her mother-daughter mutual affection.
Lin Xiaoxiao suddenly smiled at their parents when the old man was about to be pulled out. "michel platini dopted mother, I love you."
Yu Ma moved and stopped with the old man.
Lin Xiaoxiao showed a big smiling face, sweet and happy. The makeup artist stopped in the room and waited for people to laugh. The old man looked at his daughter and laughed. "Hey, your mother and I love you, too." After that, the old man turned and went out, but he was close to his mother and still saw tears in his eyes.
"Smelly girl"
Yu Ma mumbled a word and turned around and went out.
Looking at the back of both of them, Lin Xiaoxiao still smiled, but there were tears in her eyes. The makeup artist was shocked and hurriedly comforted, "The bride can’t cry today, otherwise it won’t look good when she becomes a panda eye."
"Being a panda eye, that’s bad makeup." Zhang Yunuo was blocked but began to cry. I don’t know what. Looking at this scene today, she especially missed her parents. Zou Yan was not much better than Zhang Yunuo, and she was also in tears. "Nuo Nuo is right."
"For what? For my ancestors, I just put on your makeup."
Even though eyeliner is waterproof, foundation is not waterproof.
This one is crying, and both of them will have a headache when she makes up her makeup. Now the makeup artist wants to cry.
"You two guys"
Lin Xiaoxiao took a sniffle, but she couldn’t cry after all this noise made by these three stooges. "Get me a tissue."
She wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and then let the makeup artist continue to make up. Although Lu Xiangna and Lin Xiaoxiao have never dealt with and were not angry with Lu Shaoyang, Yan and Lu’s two friendships have to get worse even if they are doing it. It depends on Lu’s face. He didn’t want to be scolded by Master Lu later. When it was not dawn, he rushed back to my old house and helped to move and lift it outside, and then whispered with two bridesmaids to stop the door. They wouldn’t let Yan Lang in so easily.
The three of them plus Gu Jia, Liu Piao Piao, Ceng Chengjie, Chu Xun, Ye Peng and other Yunlin media came to help a bunch of people to stop the door. Just a dozen people looked at everyone and wanted to know that it would not be so easy to let Yan Lang enter the door.
Lin Xiaoxiao sat on the bed and listened to Zhang Yunuo’s report. She couldn’t help but chuckle.
This smile has stunned Zhang Yunuo.
"Sister, you are so beautiful."
Zhang Yunuo can’t speak clearly. At ordinary times, Lin Xiaoxiao is also very beautiful, capable and neat, but today she seems to have removed all her disguise and restored her to femininity.
She sat there. Jiao Jiao was soft but incredibly beautiful like Gu Youlan.
Zhang Yunuo won’t feel this way, but she just thinks Xiang Jie is the most beautiful woman she has ever seen.
"coming, coming"
Suddenly, firecrackers sounded in the building, and everything was ready. Wang Xi pushed his nose and ordered glasses in the room methodically.
When Yan Lang stepped into Lujia’s old house, he saw Master Lu sitting in the living room behind the first building, surrounded by relatives and friends of Lujia. Yan Lang respectfully worshipped "Grandpa, I’m here to meet Xiao Xiao"
Master Lu nodded his head and didn’t do the same thing again. Yan Lang greeted other relatives here, and no one took a look at him again. Yan Langton felt that everyone was going to stand by.
Newly married offensive and defensive warfare is formal.
Yan Lang’s side is headed by four instructors of the insurance company. Although they are all in suits and ties today, they are capable and heroic, but they have not lost a bit. They are powerful players who pushed the door. They moved uniformly to the second floor, but in Tangshun, they scattered from door to door to eavesdrop on the instantaneous temperament.
"How come there’s not a sound in every room? How can we find it?"
The instructor had just finished when he was slapped on the head by the chief instructor Tang Shun. "What are you talking about? I didn’t see the happy word posted at the door." Tang Shun lowered his voice and narrowed his eyes and thought, "It must be the enemy’s reason why it is not advisable to stay here for a long time. Go and report to the boss."
"Who’s going?"
There was a sound in the side, and the other three people looked at him uniformly, which was self-evident.
Incredibly, the man pointed to his nose tip and said something when he was driven out of the building by the other three people. The first speaker observed the surrounding area but frowned. "Shun Ge also posted happy words on these two doors."
Tang Shunwen made a tour in the corridor on the second floor, didn’t he? The two doors next door also had the same happy characters, even couplets.