"What the hell is going on?" Yu Long was surprised and unbelievable.

Rowling explained, "Master, this is because you took a drop of blood from Jinfeng. Jinfeng’s blood contains a lot of energy … Now your absorption is only one tenth … I have analyzed and calculated that if you can completely absorb and repair this blood, it is very likely to enter the blue realm …"
Fang Haoyun was even more surprised after hearing what Rowling said. He frowned and asked, "What happened? Who on earth is Jin Feng and why does her blood contain such great power? "
"I don’t know-!"
Rowling went on to explain that "judging from the information I have at present, her blood contains phoenix breath, but it’s different from phoenix tree forest … I can’t give a definite answer for the time being because of the lack of unified function … Master, you are lucky this time …"
"Bang-bang!" Just then, Yu Long knocked at the door. It was estimated that Jinfeng hurried to meet him at the front door. "Sister Feng, take me to see Ma Dage …"
"Well-!" Jinfeng nodded and smiled and took Yu Long to another wooden house. Long Yu saw Ma Zhengfeng cross-legged and flushed. The situation should be good.
Chapter 21 Breakthrough again
"Phoenix’s grateful family gave your companion a sycamore. At the moment, he is absorbing the whole process of refining. It is estimated that it will take three days." Jinfeng explained, "I will personally send you away from here in three days. Remember not to come again in the future … By the way, your injury has just healed. It is very suitable for meditation practice. Why don’t you also take a breath for a while? I’ll go out and find something to cook for you later …"
"Good good-!" Yu Long nodded quickly.
After Jinfeng left, Yu Long immediately meditated cross-legged. He had to find out his physical condition, especially the breakthrough of conventional Taoist power, or he was not practical.
After a careful examination, Long Yu can be sure that he has really improved his Tao Li Xiu, which is an undeniable fact.
At the same time, there is a warm air current between his eyebrows, which seems to contain great energy. According to Rowling, those should be the ones that have not absorbed semen.
He was very surprised that Jin Feng was really divine, and that her essence and blood would have such a miraculous effect.
Until the day black dragon Yu still didn’t come up with any clues, but Jinfeng still cooked the side dishes and called him out to eat. Outside the wooden house, Jinfeng built a simple kitchen table … There were some exquisite side dishes on the table.
Perhaps he was hungry. When Yu Long saw the delicious snacks, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva unconsciously. Before Jinfeng greeted him again, he picked up chopsticks and ate it. It was like being reborn as a damn fool. It was a short while and six dishes were already eaten by Yu Long.
"Ha ha!" Jinfeng saw charming smile. "It smells good to see you eating …"
Yu Long was embarrassed to smile. He just ate the whole table by himself. Jinfeng was busy for a long time but didn’t even move chopsticks.
Yi Long Yu said with a quick smile, "Sister Feng, I’m sorry. Your cooking is so excellent that I can’t help it …"
"It’s okay. If you like to pick it up for a few days, I’ll listen to the weather and cook it for you …" Jinfeng smiled and cleaned up the dishes.
In this way, two days later, Ma Zhengfeng finally gave the Phoenix family a gift, and Fang Haoyun thanked Jinfeng in the past.
Ma Zhengfeng said with shame, "Xiaoyu is also ashamed … I just want to kill a phoenix on this trip, but I didn’t expect this phoenix to be sentient beings and righteous … it’s really shameful …"
"Mistakes can improve a lot-!" Jinfeng came over and said with a smile, "This Taoist friend didn’t care about your original intention, but in the end you joined the ranks of defending the life of Phoenix, and you got a gift from the Phoenix family. This is also your fate …"
"Yes Ma Dage, don’t feel guilty-!" Yu Long also echoed and said, "Ma Dage, if it’s okay, let’s go home … Sister Feng said that from now on, this place will become a forbidden area in the mysterious sky. I’d better leave early."
"Well-!" Ma Zhengfeng nodded seriously, thinking of the pre-crisis, he was still concerned, but he called Yu Long himself, otherwise I really don’t know how to end it.
The moon is high and the milky light shines on the earth. From time to time, birds are singing and insects are calling, and the night wind is blowing. There is a faint fragrance in the forest. When you look around, the whole phoenix tree forest is silent in peace.
Looking up at the half moon star is so beautiful and smelling the fragrance in the air, Yu Long is almost intoxicated with this picturesque artistic conception
"What a beautiful place!" Yu Long sincerely praised a.
Just then, a light shout came from a distance and woke him up from his thoughts, looking for the sound, only to see Jinfeng and Phoenix watching him from the tall buttonwood not far ahead.
Yu Long’s heart is moving towards the past, but suddenly he feels that the body force will work on its own. He will sit cross-legged and slowly fuel the body force. Yu Long will soon enter the artistic conception of ecstasy.
From time to time, there was a flash of green and blue glow in his eyes. Obviously, he was going to break through the blue realm again.
Anxious wings appear in the eyes of phoenix tree, and they gently wave and scream.
"Be quiet, little fellow. You will disturb Yu Long’s little brother …" Jinfeng reached out and touched Phoenix’s forehead for a few times and said with a smile, "Don’t worry, I’ll help him …"
Said jinfeng tiptoe gently floating past firmly landed in front of Long Yu eyes stupefied looking at him later jinfeng crouched forehead golden phoenix mark suddenly flashed out, she raised her right hand on Yu Long Baihui a faint golden breath suddenly slowly into Long Yu body.