"Oh, oh, come on in. Don’t wait at the door. Come in and catch up with your classmates." Teacher Zhang said hurriedly.

"Well, let’s go in," said Qin Shaojie, and then he took Lingfang and Lindsay’s hand and walked inside. Suddenly Qin Shaojie was one leng.
Why is she here?
PS, guess who’s here?
Seven watch broke out, comrades. Flower tickets.
Chapter 131 Party episode
Qin Shaojie one leng Zhang Lili how could she be here?
"Teacher Zhang, why is she here?" Qin Shaojie pulls teacher Zhang and asks.
"Who is it?" Teacher Zhang looked down Qin Shaojie’s eyes and said
"You say Zhang Lili? You don’t remember? She is also your classmate. She was at your desk when she was a freshman. "
"I know this. Didn’t she turn away later?"
"I turned away, as if I had gone to other places with my parents. Didn’t I move back? I called her when I went to see me at school the other day. We came here to have a party, and she discussed that she had found a rich boyfriend."
Hey, this woman is hopeless. Is she here to show off her wealth or something? Qin Shaojie disdain to sneer at a secretly thought.
"Qin Shaojie long time no see" Zhang Lili also saw Qin Shaojie’s great star. Fan came up with small steps and said to Qin Shaojie.
"Well, I’d better not meet you. I almost threw up last night’s dinner."
"You …" Zhang Lili listened to Qin Shaojie and she was a little unhappy, but the horse laughed again.
"Why do you say that? Aren’t we friends?"
"Come on, do whatever you have to do." Qin Shaojie perfunctory way. He really doesn’t want to take a reason that Zhang Lili, a woman who is too poor and loves the rich, changes men like changing clothes.
"Xiao, how can you talk to our lily? Are you looking for a cigarette?"
Before Zhang Lili could speak again, a man dressed in a champagne suit came up and put his arm around Zhang Lili with a mouthful of Beijing flavor and said to Qin Shaojie.
"Yo, another man so soon?" Qin Shaojie eyed and hugged Zhang Lili, and the man was thirty years old, which was passable. At the very least, he was not very sorry for the audience.
"Qin Shaojie, you …" Zhang Lili couldn’t help herself. It’s hard to be alongside a Qin Shaojie. This is obviously tearing her down.
It’s not easy to find a large sum of money by yourself. Even the film has been mended in the hospital several times, and even an annual card has been issued. It’s quite affordable to cover 10 yuan and 300 yuan at a time.
"What’s wrong with me?" Qin Shaojie sneer at a way
"I said look at your age is not small, there are forty? Find a girlfriend who is about the same age as your daughter. Are you fashionable or are you a bitch? "
"I tell you that I am a scholar, and I don’t want to argue with you. You are a college student. We successful people can do whatever we want, and I am only thirty years old this year." The man inadvertently said that he was the general manager of the Beijing Lee Group Branch and a doctoral student who graduated from Harvard Business School, and he didn’t argue with you.
"Yo ho literati? Haha, where are you? " Qin Shaojie laughed
"Qin Shaojie, you look down on people less. If you don’t drive a Maibakh, it will be great. Our cloud value is not worse than yours." Zhang Lili shouted to Qin Shaojie.
What is it? This little Maibakh? Holy shit, how much is that? My annual salary is 1.3 million, which is only 2 million. I don’t eat or drink and save four or five years to buy a Zhang Lili. How can I compete with him?
Cloud listen to Qin Shaojie Maibakh head and rapid rotation.
If you stay in Beijing for a long time, you will get one thing, that is, crouching tiger, hidden dragon in Beijing. Don’t provoke you. You shouldn’t provoke people.
"Our cloud is Harvard Business School, and high flyers is only thirty years old. What about you? Even if you are a student of Jinghua University, can you compare with the cloud?" Zhang Lili disdain said.
How could you be blind and have been with this small place for half a year? Let’s not say that he was poor before, even if he hums that car now, it may not be him. He already knows what’s going on in his family, otherwise he won’t leave him.
"hey? Li Tuan? " Qin Shaojie smiled as soon as you heard it. Isn’t this Li Yuanchao Company?
Cloud heard Zhang Lili touted also don’t care what Qin Shaojie car.
Zhang Lili said yes, he was only thirty years old, and his annual salary was over one million yuan. I don’t know if he can be a manager in the head office in the future. What future is limitless? How can I compare with Maibakh when he is still a college student? It is estimated that it is either borrowed or rented. With a little money these days, there are many people who show off in an ostentatious manner.
"Yes, you should have heard of Li Tuan in Beijing University, right? That’s China’s three chaebol, with a total asset of over 100 billion yuan. "Cloud selling has got up.
At this time, all the students gathered around to hear that Qin Shaojie was right with Zhang Lili. Zhang Lili said that her boyfriend was the general manager of the three chaebol Li Tuan branch in China, and they were all surprised.
They are all college students. When I heard that Zhang Lili’s boyfriend has a good background, many people are eager to think about how to pull with Zhang Lili. After all, it is not easy for college students to find a job after graduation. Although they are only freshmen, they have to prepare for it. This is called military forces and horses.
Looking at many students envy eyes cloud vanity immediately high satisfiedly say
"But that’s all because the Li family’s money is not with me. It’s a shame that I won’t make much dividends in a year."
Shit, this guy really gasped when he said he was fat
Qin Shaojie looked at his show off in an ostentatious manner and really wanted to leave his forty yards of shoe prints on his three faces.
"Well, it’s a little less, but it may be less in the next year," Qin Shaojie said lightly
"Why? Qin Shaojie, what do you mean by this? Are you jealous? " Zhang Lili aside sneer at a way
"Don’t get me wrong" Qin Shaojie laughed.
"I mean, he won’t work in Lee’s regiment in 2008."
"You who are you? If you say I’m not here, I’m not here? " Cloud disdain said
"I’m Qin Shaojie" Qin Shaojie stared at the cloud and said word for word.
"Remember my name and appearance and see you in Beijing. I remember to hide. If I see you, you’ll never get a job in Beijing." Then he took out his words and prepared to call Li Yuanchao.
Grandma hates it when you pretend to be 13 people
"Is there a general manager named Yun in your branch?" Words connected after Qin Shaojie directly asked
"Huh?" Li Yuanchao was stunned, master. What’s wrong with this?
"Talk?" Qin Shaojie along while also can’t hear Li Yuanchao sound then press a way
"Ah, yes, yes, there is a company manager named Yun who is in charge of the national equipment market." Li Yuanchao thought about it and said.
"What’s the matter, master?"
"Let him fuck off," Qin Shaojie said lightly.
Look at this. Just order Li Yuanchao Qin Shaojie to hate others pretending to be 13, but not himself.
Li Yuanchao agreed to come without asking much. He knew that this cloud must have offended Qin Shaojie, otherwise Qin Shaojie would not interfere in his regiment.
Chapter 132 The snobbery
"You who are you? Pretend to make a speech and want to kill me? Even president can’t control me, "said the cloud disdainfully.
"Well, yes, president can’t manage you," Qin Shaojie said faintly, and then the conversation turned. "But Li Yuanchao can always manage you, right?"
"Li Yuanchao? Who is he? I haven’t heard of it, but suddenly I shuddered.
Wait for him. Who did he say? Li Yuanchao? Why is this name exactly the same as the old chairman? It can’t be such a coincidence, can it?
Suddenly, Yun felt that he had put thirteen in the wrong place and offended someone who shouldn’t have offended.
Maybe, maybe he’s empty. Cloud comforted himself by saying
Before he could comfort himself, his cell phone rang in his pocket and looked at the face-to-face number, which was the secret message of the chairman of the head office.
"Hey …" Cloud picked up the words with trepidation.
I can’t help but feel that he’s not afraid that the current chairman, Li Shaoxiong, is a network meeting. When everything is fixed, he won’t let the secret call himself unless there are special circumstances, and he hasn’t reached that level to let the chairman’s secret call himself.
"Cloud, right?" There’s a woman’s voice with no feelings.