The Phoenix family obviously knew Jinfeng, especially Xiao Fenghuang, who suddenly shrank into a palm-sized body, spread her wings and landed on Jinfeng’s shoulder, singing and constantly seemed to be telling something.

"Kid … you can rest assured that Yu Long’s little brother is also my friend, and I will try my best to treat him …" It turned out that Phoenix was in a hurry to let Jinfeng treat Yu Long who was seriously injured and fainted.
Three days later, the Wutong forest became silent, and the intersection into the mountain had been banned by Jinfeng. If it were not for the strong roots of Jiuding, it would be impossible to break through that barrier and enter the Wutong forest.
Several people have returned with success.
Xuan Jing United Guild also changed its former strength and never interfered in this matter again.
This phoenix tree forest has become a taboo.
Ma Zhengfeng and Yu Long were seriously injured, and their mobility was inconvenient. They were left in a temporary wooden house in Wutonglin by Jinfeng, and they were injured by Wu Zhantian, and the evil spirits invaded the meridians and were damaged.
Ma Zhengfeng woke up after a day’s rest after Jinfeng Dan medicine, and now he is recovering his strength by his own exercise, while the situation in Yu Long is more serious.
His realm of moral cultivation is too low, and the blow of witch wars was mainly borne by him, so he still hasn’t woken up yet.
Early jinfeng checked again, and now his injury condition still hasn’t improved, and then he was a little anxious. After careful consideration, she decided to heal the wounds of Zurit Pharmaceutical Shuilongyu. Although this move violated the family rules, now she can’t care so much about saving lives.
Besides, Yu Long has a Phoenix Order, which should be another matter.
Thinking of this, Jinfeng quickly put Long Yuping on the bed and went out to prepare herself. She was busy for a long time. She finally set up a bucket in the wooden house and added the old secret healing medicine. A faint fragrance suddenly spread throughout the room.
After Yu Long was put into the barrel, Jinfeng helped him to check his body again. Then she tried to heat the potion in the barrel so that his body could absorb it better.
At noon, Longyu was still unconscious in the barrel, breathing weakly, and there was a faint blood gas in his brow.
Jinfeng slightly surprised that blood gas is the key factor of Yu Long’s coma-the filthy blood in Fang Tian’s blood print …
If this thing is placed in Jinfeng’s body, it is really nothing, but it is very harmful to a mortal like Yu Long.
Jinfeng Qiao eyes slightly closed, stretched out his hand and grabbed Yu Long’s arm to hold his arterial heart and feel it carefully.
A moment later, a worried look appeared on her brow.
Suddenly, Yu Long diffused a smell familiar to Jinfeng, and at the same time, a purple gas appeared between the eyebrows to fight with that filthy blood.
"Someone is urging the order of the Phoenix?" Jinfeng soon saw the clue, frowning slightly and full of surprise and curiosity.
In her opinion, Long Yu has been in a coma for a long time, and it is impossible to instigate the Phoenix Order, and it is necessary to have a corresponding heart formula to instigate the Phoenix Order.
As far as Jinfeng knows, the secret of the Phoenix Order is the secret of the Phoenix family, and even if he is lucky enough to get the Phoenix Order, he can’t know the mystery.
In other words, the Order of the Phoenix can never be prompted by Yu Long.
That’s the question. If Yu Long isn’t urging the Order of the Phoenix, who is it?
Of course, the eye is not the time to delve into this problem, because the phoenix breath is relatively meager, and that filthy blood occupies the wind during the struggle.
Yu Long snorted slightly in a coma, and his face suddenly turned white, and his mouth was a little black blood. Obviously, he was in deep pain.
"Little brother, it seems that you are really my destiny takes a hand’s enemy …" Jinfeng said to herself, "Mother, you asked me to come to Xuanlingtian to find fate … I never knew what fate was … I don’t know if he was my fate, but I must save him. I hope I am right … I hope you won’t blame me in the future …"
Just standing for half a ring, Jin Feng took a deep breath and recited the formula. Suddenly, a golden phoenix sign appeared on his forehead, shining and colorful.
At that moment, the phoenix family of three who lived in the buttonwood tree quickly crawled in the Woods and seemed to be full of awe.
Jinfeng will Yu Long righting sealed his big face with a shy mouth slowly gather together in the past and gently kissed Yu Long’s lips, and then a golden airflow slowly flowed from her mouth to Yu Long’s mouth.
As the golden air enters Yu Long, his face becomes rosy gradually and the body meridians are being repaired quickly.
The phoenix breath between the eyebrows also became stronger. At that time, the filthy bloody fight was tied.
Chapter 20: Improving the Green Realm
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Suddenly, Yu Long’s body shook slightly and seemed to be restless … Jinfeng’s beautiful eyes couldn’t help but be shocked. It turned out that other body pathogens were forced out of the body and rushed at him in several places, which made him lose his balance.
Jinfeng can no longer consider many jade arms reaching out to embrace Long Yushen. Although they are separated by wooden barrels, their heads are already tightly attached together.
At that moment, Jinfeng County trembled slightly, and her mind was almost invaded by evil thoughts. Fortunately, her mind was strong since childhood and she had already adjusted her mind in an instant.
Yu Long’s jinfeng helper’s injury was quickly repaired, and her pain was reduced, and her consciousness was gradually cleared up.
Maybe he felt his lips warm, and his mouth could suck. Jinfeng almost didn’t take his mouth with a jerk.
Jinfeng has never had intimate contact with the opposite sex since she was a child. Even this time, she regarded it as healing and saving lives without any distractions.
But Yu Long’s sucking made her mind shake, and I don’t know why. When Yu Long sucked, she felt a crisp itch rising from her heart, which was quite good.
Jinfeng converges her mind and gets rid of all kinds of distractions. Mouth to mouth, she continuously inputs her own body force into Long Yu’s body force, which flows through strange meridians and then confronts that filthy blood with the trend.
Gradually, the filthy blood has been overwhelmed and slowly melted in the confrontation, and Jinfeng is also sweating at the moment, and her veil is soaked.
Half an hour later, the filthy blood between Yu Long’s eyebrows completely disappeared in shape.
In an instant, his face returned to color, and his eyes moved slightly. He had recovered more than half of his consciousness, and the potion in the barrel turned black, even with a faint stench.
Jinfeng’s beautiful eyes opened slightly, and Long Yu’s lips kissed each other with a blush on her face. She quickly put his back up and tried to break away from Yu Long’s lips.
But Yu Long saw her mouth sucking tightly. Jinfeng’s face was shy and she pulled her intuition hard. Her lips ached and a sweet taste flowed into her mouth.
"Damn it-!" Jinfeng was slightly surprised that she was bitten by Yu Long, and the blood flowed into her mouth and Yu Long’s mouth.
Looking at the awakening Long Yu Jinfeng’s cheeks hongxia flying in the sky, her heart is beating like a deer, and her brow is faintly blushing with terror. At the moment, she is still in a state of transformation, but Yu Long swallowed her JingXie with such a bite.
However, Yu Long happened to get the help of Jinfeng Jingxue because of her good fortune, and she has broken through the yellow realm and reached the green realm.
Such a thing is unique even in the mysterious realm.
At the moment, Longyu can be described as a thoroughly remoulded person. Before the meridian injury is fully recovered, the scars left by burns will disappear, and the whole skin will be as greasy as a baby.
Jinfeng’s blood contains huge energy, and it is pure in yin and pure in breath, while impurities make up for Yu Long’s weakness of yang-leaning body. The potential of fire power of Long Yu’s body is also revealed, and some physical strength is also filled in an instant.
Seeing that Yu Long is about to wake up, Jinfeng meditates on her heart and instantly disappears the golden phoenix mark on her forehead. At the same time, the pressure in the indus forest slowly disappears.
For a long time, Yu Long slowly opened his eyes and took off his shirt.
Jinfeng cut her face in front of the barrel and said, "Little brother, you are awake … Try to see how your body is now?"
Jin Feiyu’s face is white and red, and her gestures are full of people’s customs.
Yu Long a surprised way "phoenix elder sister is you … where is this? How long have I stayed in Xuanjing? " He vaguely remembers that he was wounded by Wu Zhantian, but he was saved by Jinfeng.
"Sister Feng, you saved me … thank you." Yu Long thanked me and asked, "Where is my companion … how long have I been in a coma?"
Jinfeng smiled and told the story again, but she disappeared from the charming scene. After that, she smiled and said, "Don’t worry, little brother, you can rest for a few days after entering the Xuan territory for less than ten days …"
"Sister Feng, thank you so much this time. I will repay you later." Yu Long said seriously.
Jin Fengjiao laughed. "Just don’t forget your sister in the future. Don’t say anything in return. It’s fate that you and I met several times …"
"By the way, I’ll go out and avoid it first. After you get dressed, I’ll take you to see your companion." Jinfeng took a look at Yu Long and turned around and went out.
Long Yu saw that Jinfeng tightened the door and quickly came out of the barrel. A foul smell suddenly spread out of the barrel and looked down carefully. The barrel of potions had turned into smelly water.
"Master … congratulations … you have broken through …" Just then Rowling appeared in Yu Long’s mind.
Yu Long didn’t react at this time and hurried to see that Tao Lixiu had actually risen to the green realm, which was really incredible.