Just before they were about to get close to the two Phoenix, you saw a Phoenix swooping from the middle of the cave, and a strong wind suddenly attacked Duanmu Zheng and fought with the witch.
"Ha ha, Duanmu Zheng, you little phoenix are here …" Wu Zhantian grimaced at Duanmu Zheng Nao mouth and let him make moves.
Duanmu Zheng smell speech sneer at the spinning and dancing of the French sword and went straight to meet him.
"Bad Phoenix is in danger-!" Yu Long was moved by Phoenix’s righteous act. How can he regard it with special respect, from ruin?
Take a light drink and jump at him. Cut out the heavenly sword and release the broken fiend dragon to defend the enemy with Phoenix.
"Boom-!" In the middle of a loud noise, there was a frenzy. air billow was spreading everywhere, and the trees everywhere were in a mess, and dust rose.
Witchcraft war day was attacked by air billow, and the heart was so terrible that it quickly fell backwards and forwards, and then swept several feet to stabilize itself. A pair of bloody eyes were tightly pegged to Yu Long’s hatred.
Long Yu a recruit successful heart big smile toward the little phoenix "kid, we fight together …" Little phoenix seems to be able to understand Yu Long dialect singing and dancing around him.
"Xiaoyu, please let us go-!" Ma Zhengfeng a big head, even two people will die if you go like this again.
"Ma Dage, this is my private business. You must be involved …" Ma Zhengfeng is still hiding in the branches of buttonwood trees, and Yu Long is not angry about this.
Ma Zhengfeng secretly alert and said, "Xiaoyu definitely can’t fight. Let’s go after saving Phoenix …" In Ma Zhengfeng’s view, it is even difficult for the Phoenix couple to resist two tripod masters to stop Yu Long from killing again, especially that Duanmu Zheng, who belongs to the Xuan professional association. If you are suspicious with him, it is clear to Ma Zhengfeng that the professional association is in the Xuan territory.
"Don’t worry, I’ll measure myself-!" Yu Long chuckled, saying that his body flew by Ling and hit the Tianshi sword, rolled up the sword mans all over the sky, and the blink of an eye was close to the witch’s war day. The witch’s war day was slightly cold with a wrist shaking, and the skeleton sword in his hand was cut straight into a black mans to meet him.
Phoenix screams and spits out a flame, which is combined with Yu Long’s attack.
With a gust of wind blowing around the explosion, even Ma Zhengfeng, who was hiding in the branches, was heartbroken.
Wu Zhantian steadied himself strongly, but the strong wind blew his body without moving.
Yu Long’s heart was surprised that Wu Zhantian had a powerful way, but he really couldn’t bear to leave Phoenix, who was affectionate and righteous to himself, to escape alone
Thought of here, as soon as the teeth bite, there is a hint of determination on the corners of the mouth, ready to work hard.
Duanmu Zheng and the female phoenix over there are also fighting and exploding with each other on the ground, and they can’t tell the difference at the moment
Seeing that Yu Long is in danger, Ma Zhengfeng can’t hold it anymore. Naihe appeared and flew near Yu Long. He said in a low voice, "Xiaoyu, I won’t leave you alone …" And he said that the sword in the hand of Xiaoyun’s foot force stirred up the sword of Mount Tai and rushed to the witch war day.
Ma Zhengfeng’s blow is to exert the power of witch wars. At the moment, he has stretched out his hand and seriously injured himself. He dare not neglect his hands and pick up a strange tactic. Suddenly, a black mountain rolled up in his whole body.
"You are bold-!"
Wu Zhantian thundered, "Can you really be my blood food if you don’t recede …" If it’s unusual for a monk of this level like Yu Long and Ma Zhengfeng, his roots can’t be seen, but at the moment, his strength with Phoenix atrix is far from the peak.
"Master Wu Zhantian’s strength is less than 30% at the peak …" Rowling, who has been silent for a long time, came to a conclusion through breath analysis and calculation.
Long Yuwen raised Tianshi’s sword and prepared to attack.
"Die-!" Wu Zhantian thundered with a right hand and shook a black square seal, and the flying sky rushed up with blood, which faintly produced a powerful suction. Yu Long suddenly felt that the Tianshi sword in his hand was involuntarily sucked to the square seal, and his heart was frightened and struggled to earn the Tianshi sword, but he still recovered it.
Ma Zhengfeng quickly attacked Wu Zhantian, hoping to share the pressure with Yu Long.
However, it is strange that the sword in his hand was actually absorbed. He seems to be white. "Fang Tian’s blood print is the bane of all spiritual devices …" Fang Tian’s blood print says that the jewel in the middle world is the dark secret method, which is made by mixing the Xuan Tian magnet with the monk’s blood sacrifice. It has strong adsorption force … and is the bane of all spiritual devices of monks.
In the mysterious realm, the instruments are divided into four levels: spirit, treasure, fairy and god.
Like the sword in Ma Zhengfeng’s hand, the sword he gave to his granddaughter once belonged to the spirit weapon. Jinfeng gave it to Master Long Yutian. It is said that it is a fairy weapon, but the power that he can wield in his hand at the moment is equivalent to that of the spirit weapon, which is influenced by Fang Tian’s blood print.
The two men struggled to recover their swords, but to no avail.
Just then, a charming figure stepped in the distance and Long Yu vaguely felt that the figure was familiar.
Chapter 19 Healing
"Bold fanatic Wutonglin is also the place where you run wild …" After the figure flew near, Yu Long recognized the bearer impressively and sent her Tianshi Fa Jian Jinfeng.
Jinfeng took a quick look at Yu Long, and then fixed her eyes on Wu Zhantianshen. She sneered contemptuously, "Just a tripod, dark and ignorant, how dare you come to Wutonglin to hurt Phoenix? Today, I let you lie dead on the spot …"
Speaking, Jinfeng picked up the sword tactic in her left hand and raised a delicate sword in her right hand. Suddenly, in the clear sky, the clouds suddenly gathered and flashed, and suddenly spread.
Feeling the powerful breath of the arrival, Wu Zhantian gasped and quickly gave up. Yu Long and Ma Zhengfeng saw that day’s blood print and lasered out a lotus flower, which repelled the two men. He was about to flee.
Yu Long and Ma Zhengfeng’s sword were tied to resist being hit by lotus flower and immediately fainted.
A flash of light and thunder went straight to the heaven and earth and hit the witch in the first half of the day. Although the witch’s war was fast, her right arm was still injured by lightning, and the injury was aggravated again. He couldn’t help but spit out one mouthful blood and turned pale. He took a hate look at Jinfeng and recited a spell. A blood fog instantly disappeared.
"Blood dun?" Jinfeng a slight hum "time you look good …"
Duanmu Zheng, who had been fighting with the female phoenix, fled the female phoenix as early as the moment when Jinfeng appeared. Of course, the male phoenix was not chased after the injury.