Ma Zhengfeng’s repair, if it is done according to the standard of Xuan Jing, is at most five tripod repairs. Compared with the notorious tripod dark repair, the gap is too big.

Long Yu has heard from this discourse that the situation is extremely critical. He secretly observes the situation around him and is ready to slip away at any time. Of course, Yu Long will not escape alone
The man was so gloomy and strange. "Ha ha, I didn’t expect the old name to be so big. I couldn’t live in seclusion for five years and I was recognized by you at a glance …" Said the man with a strange smile.
"It stinks!"
Wu Zhantian spoke at the same time, and there was a foul smell in his mouth. Yu Long immediately took a step back, covering her nose. "I said that even if you are dark and fix true, even if you are shameless, can you tell me something about hygiene and brush your toothbrush … Mom stinks …"
Ma Zhengfeng heard a burst of shame.
Yu Long’s remarks are ridiculous and lovely. It is estimated that there are not many people who dare to talk to Wu Zhantian in Xuan territory.
Wu Zhantian was so angry that he drank a cold drink. "Get out and let me eat this little phoenix … if I can eat enough, I will let you two go …"
It turns out that Wu Zhantian also came from the phoenix.
Phoenix seems to feel the threat from the witch war day. It flutters and stops in front of Yu Long to see that posture is actually trying to protect Yu Long.
Long Yu slightly stunned mind suddenly a ripple.
Ma Zhengfeng’s eyes flashed a little surprised. I didn’t expect this little phoenix to make such a move. It is really incredible.
"Ha ha-!"
Wu Zhantian laughed wildly. "It’s interesting who you are, this doll. It’s really interesting that this little phoenix actually wants to protect you …"
Said the witch war day whisking with a dark black mans radial toward the little phoenix.
Ma Zhengfeng quickly rushed to Yu Long and winked at him to take the opportunity to slip away. Compared with life, Phoenix is really nothing.
But just as he was about to leave, he saw that Yu Long had made an abnormal move. He held the Tianshi sword and pinched out the broken magic sword. The dragon roared and immediately greeted the witch war.
"Boom-!" With a slight overlapping explosion, the two men hit each other, entangled for a while and then melted away from each other.
Wu Zhantian never imagined that a three-tripod Tianshi would dare to make a short shock to himself. After that, he whisked a black awn again, but it was several times faster than before.
"Hey-!" Ma Zhengfeng sighed and stopped Wu Zhantian’s attack in a flash.
"Bold-!" Wu Zhantian glared at Ma Zheng duct. "If you know my origin, you still dare to shoot me. It’s really reckless …"
Yu Long’s driving force was slowly injected into Tianshi’s sword-making method, and a quiver of sword suddenly burst into light, and the fiend dragon flew out again. This time, it was wrapped in a hot flame.
Wu Zhantian seemed to be on guard against the broken demon dragon to offset his attack, and then he hit him in the arm with unabated force. Wu Zhantian retracted his palm in pain only to see that his thumb had been burned.
There was a strange smile of murder in the bloody eyes. "I didn’t expect you to have some doorways in this little doll … you actually hurt my finger … or you gave me a reason to eat you …" Then he drank a cold hand and swung several black mans towards two people and a phoenix roll, which was terrible.
Ma Zhengfeng thundered at the French sword with one hand, and shot out several swords and mans to meet the attack of Wu Zhantian, but they also resisted at that time.
Yu Long stopped in front of the Phoenix, clasping the Tianshi sword with both hands and struggling to behead it. This time, he was not so lucky. The broken fiend dragon was instantly scattered and the black mountain was still coming.
Yu Long was shocked and hurried to escape, but it was still difficult to parry.
Seeing that the black mountain was about to hit his body, a phoenix screamed, followed by a fiery flame that met the black mountain.
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After the fierce explosion of "howls", the flame dispersed, and it was the incarnation of Phoenix.
It turned out that when it saw Long Yufa’s impatience to avoid the attack of Wu Zhantian, it spread its wings and flew to rescue the phoenix, which had pure world inflammation. It was the bane of the dark fix-true. Unfortunately, it was born shortly after, and although it was weak, it was also hurt.
"I didn’t expect it to be a sentient beings and righteous little phoenix …" Witch war days sneer at an attack and swept through again faster than before.
Seeing that Phoenix has to resist the attack for himself, Long Yu urgently ordered Luo Linqi’s Taoist power to increase, and the power of fire was stimulated by Taoist power, and the demon dragon roared out and took the lead in meeting the witch wars.
Broken fiend dragon in direct mergence that black mans Zi a loud two-phase offset broken fiend dragon deformation is twice as small, but the ferocity is still screaming and jumped at the witch war day.
Wu Zhantian strange roar if a potential crazy mouth will highlight a black gas, but it is a skeleton sword and a few Xuanguang swords. The offensive is sharp and sharp, and it will be strangled for a while to break the fiend dragon.
Ma Zhengfeng saw something bad and rushed to meet Wu Zhantian. At this point, it is obviously impossible for him to be immune.
The metaphysical human nature is selfish.
According to the general situation, Ma Zhengfeng estimated that he would have been waiting for an opportunity to escape. It is impossible to care about the lives of others. But today, Yu Long is very strange and mysterious, and he can freely shuttle between the real world and the mysterious world. He is also counting on Yu Long to take him back to the real world. He has to fight hard to save.
"I don’t know anything about life and death-!" Wu Zhantian seems to be completely angered by the murderous look of the skeleton sword in his hand. The more powerful it is, the more frequent it is, which makes the two people gradually feel that the pressure is extremely heavy, and if the mountain is overwhelmed, it will gradually be unable to withstand it.
"Howl-!" Before the Phoenix changed, it was depressed and even screamed as if it were calling for help. Soon the sky came in and with a strong breath, Wu Zhantian was cold. "It’s not good that the Phoenix is coming …"
It seems that the situation is not good. Wu Zhantian will no longer continue to fight and retreat. "You two remember that I will visit you when this thing is over …" Said Wu Zhantian and disappeared into a black fog. Yu Long and Ma Zhengfeng suddenly felt the pressure was lighter and there was joy for the rest of their lives.
Ma Zhengfeng eyes scanning back and forth in the phoenix body seems to be some unwilling.
At this moment, the sky came in a hurry, and the phoenix screamed loudly in response. Then it circled around Fang Hao’s cloud and seemed to express something.
A moment later, it spread its wings and left the cave in a blink of an eye.
Ma Zhengfeng secretly angry in front of the opportunity so gone?
Yu Long seemed to know his mind and said with a smile, "Ma Dage, don’t be angry … in fact, you and I should be glad that we didn’t have a hand against Phoenix, otherwise we would be dead … Wu Zhan Tian Dao tried to practice your hand, even if it was hard, it could not be his opponent …"
"That’s right!" Ma Zhengfeng agreed and nodded his head.
Stopped Yi Long yu asked "Ma Dage what shall we do now? Go on to Wutonglin or return to the original road … I think we’d better return to the good Phoenix, which is not so easy to grasp … You also sensed the imposing manner of the big Phoenix before, and even Wu Zhantian was afraid … "
"Can’t go back-!"
Ma Zheng duct "since I’m here, even if I can’t catch the phoenix to meet the market … Wu Zhantian is a master of the world … I think the monks in the world may come and join in the fun …"
"What, you don’t say that the phoenix nest in the dragon cave will also come to phoenix?" Yu Long asked.
"According to the agreement, the Phoenix Nest and the Dragon Cave should not easily set foot in human settlements …" Ma Zhengfeng thought about it. "In fact, it is not necessarily that the five-party agreement between heaven and earth has ceased to be so powerful since the disappearance of the subject of the five-party statement. There are more and more people who have agreed in these years."
Speaking of which, Ma Zhengfeng said, "The more we do this, the more we should see it … Xiaoyu’s practice behind closed doors is not enough. We should walk more and see more …"
Yu Long nodded in agreement. "Since you said so, I don’t mind … I have promised you anyway."
After a short breath adjustment, according to Rowling’s navigation, Yu Long and Ma Zhengfeng once again embarked on an adventure journey. It took them two hours to reach the mountain in running all the way.
The aura around the mountain is more abundant, but the pressure is getting stronger and stronger.
Yu Long put away his cynicism, armed with Tianshi Fa Jian, and walked on for another hour. They entered the buttonwood forest.
After entering the buttonwood forest, the two men carefully looked around and saw the traces of monks walking along the way, and there were quite a few people to see.