At the same time, it is also urgent to make unremitting efforts in Yu Long to complete the seventh place of Tianyi Tiger.

Yu Long has been thinking about his collection of the tenth-level monster beast Tianyi Tiger from the era of the universe. He is looking forward to the birth of Tianyi Tiger.
Today is the weekend. According to his plan, tonight he will once again enter the mysterious realm through Lingze Lake to practice. This time, the goal of entering the mysterious realm is to break through the realm of Daoli and incubate Tianyi Tiger.
At midnight, Yu Long walked alone in the tree-lined path of Tianhai University and looked up at the sky. Today, the sky is not good, and some dark clouds cover the sky. From time to time, a few thunders will come and it will rain heavily.
"Master, we must enter the mysterious territory before a large area of thunder appears, otherwise our circle will be disturbed …" Rowling woke up. "If the circle is disturbed, we may be sent to the unknown, which will be very troublesome …"
Long Yuwen smell speech slightly surprised quickly to speed up the pace.
After the preparatory work was done, Rowling first stimulated the order of the Phoenix, and the magic circle was a blink of an eye. Long Yu had already appeared on the edge of the mysterious death forest.
"Ha ha you did come-!" Yu Long, this just came to Ma Zhengfeng with a steady ear. In the past six times, Long Yu met Ma Zhengfeng three times. In the long run, the two of them have become familiar with each other and don’t forget to make friends.
Of course, you can’t say those secrets. Yu Long still keeps his mouth shut
Chapter 12 phoenix phoenix tree forest
Chapter 12 phoenix phoenix tree forest
"Brother Ma, how did you know I was coming back today?" At the most time, Yu Long followed Ma Xiaomei to call Ma Zhengfeng’s grandfather. At that time, Ma Zhengfeng didn’t object. When they got acquainted with Ma Zhengfeng now, they didn’t have to be brothers. Yu Long was a free and easy person to hold Ma Zhengfeng’s enthusiasm and simply changed his mouth.
"Ha ha-!" Ma Zhengfeng said with a smile, "I remembered the real world when you left … I will come here every real world weekend after that. Today, this is the third time. Sure enough, I waited for you …"
"Brother Ma, do you think you are in a hurry?" Yu Long asked.
"There’s one thing that’s not important in an emergency …" Ma Zhengfeng primly said, "Xiaoyu Xuanjing Professional Association put up an announcement a month ago, saying that there was a phoenix tree forest in the south of Death Sen, and some people also saw the phoenix … These days, all parties have flocked to the phoenix tree forest in an attempt to capture the phoenix alive …"
Yu Long interrupted and asked, "What are they doing catching Phoenix …"
Ma Zhengfeng took a white look at Yu Long and looked at him like an idiot and said, "Phoenix, that’s a phoenix … a good thing … It’s said that meat can make wine and hair … and eating it can prolong life … and if you’re lucky, maybe you can catch a living and recognize the future …"
Long Yuwen breath in air conditioning "Ma Dage isn’t exaggerating the phoenix family in the mysterious world is not strong? Aren’t you a little too bold? Isn’t this confusing? "
Ma Zhengfeng a quick laugh and said, "Xiaoyu’s words can’t say that the strong in the Xuan realm respect the pursuit of power. It is also crazy to say that the phoenix in the phoenix tree forest is not necessarily associated with the phoenix nest …"
Speaking of which, Ma Zhengfeng hurriedly said, "Let’s go. I have prepared the road map and the preparatory work. Why don’t you and I try our luck together?"
"I’m not going-!" Yu Long already has Tianyi Tiger, and he doesn’t want to be greedy to take risks.
"You really don’t want to go?" Ma Zhengfeng was slightly surprised. He didn’t seem to think that Long Yu would refuse to give up such a good opportunity.
"I really don’t want to go alone," Yu Long said flatly. "I’ve come to the Xuan realm to practice instead of anything else … I have to find a suitable place to practice …" Yu Long didn’t know how important Phoenix was. Ten monster beasts were king for him.
"Do you want me to work hard?" Seeing the law, I persuaded Long Yuma to turn his eyes and said, "If you don’t help me, you can’t let me help you … You let me inquire about two people. I have already made some progress …"
After hearing what Ma Zhengfeng said, Yu Long was immediately nasty "Ma Dage really has eyes? That you hurriedly say … "
Ma Zhengfeng eyebrows a pick heavy said, "you asked me to inquire about narcissus, Long Tianyao really appeared in the mysterious territory and someone personally saw it, but that was ten years ago. It was also a year ago when I changed to the real world … Now it’s a little long, and no one knows where they went, but don’t worry, I will inform my friend to keep an eye on it …"
"Great, finally there is news-!" Long Yu couldn’t help cheering. According to Ma Zhengfeng, his parents are still alive. Ten years in the mysterious world is a year in the real world. In other words, a year ago, their parents appeared in the mysterious world.
Yu Long, please ask Ma Zhengfeng to inquire about his parents in the Xuan territory when he left the Xuan territory for the second time. It was purely a brainwave.
In fact, he didn’t expect much before.
Now it seems that his thinking is correct, or heaven has eyes.
Although there is still no exact news, it is enough for Long Yu to know that they are alive.
Yu Long decided to tell Yukime the good news when he went back this time, and at the same time, he tried to get his uncle Long Tianze to stop looking for it in the real world.
Apparently, his parents are in Xuanjing.
"Don’t … don’t uncle also came to the xuan?" A tingle in Yu Long’s mind seems to have thought of what uncle Long Tianze rescued and didn’t return. There is no news that is contrary to the norm, but if he has entered the mysterious realm, it can be well explained.
Thinking of this, Yu Long turned his eyes to Ma Zhengfeng and said seriously, "Ma Dage, I can go with you, but you have to promise me one condition. You have to help me find someone, Long Tianze …"
"Of course, don’t just look for someone? There is not much difference between two and three. "Ma Zhengfeng murmured 1 and then urged," Xiaoyu, let’s go now. If we are late, we won’t have a chance … "
"Well-!" Yu Long nodded his head.
Long Yu kept asking questions all the way, and he finally figured out why Ma Zhengfeng had to ask him to go with him. It turned out that this phoenix tree forest was a professional guild in Xuan territory. Only a monk with professional certification could go to Ma Zhengfeng. Although he is an old man in Xuan territory, he has not been professionally appraised for various reasons. According to the regulations of Xuan territory, he can’t go to catch the phoenix.
It would be nice if Yu Long came now.
He can go with Yu Long’s assistant.
According to Ma Zhengfeng’s news, until today, no one has successfully hunted or captured Phoenix alive. On the contrary, monks who went to explore have already suffered dozens of casualties, and ten of them were simply burned to ashes by the flames spit out by Phoenix.
Opportunity is always associated with danger.
In the face of the temptation of huge interests, since we have learned from the past, the monks who went to the Universiade still kept coming.
"Xiaoyu … today I’m curious about whether you passed the professional appraisal?" Ma Zhengfeng has asked this question many times in the past few days.
In his view, Longyu’s yellow realm is less than a tripod repair of the Xuan realm. It is reasonable to say that it is impossible to pass the professional evaluation by trimming roots like him.
But in fact, he passed, and he is also a professional teacher of Sanding, in other words, a professional teacher of Sanding is also a monk who gathers spirits in the real world.
However, Yu Long’s cultivation is now a yellow realm and he has the ability to freely enter the mysterious realm, which also makes Ma Zhengfeng think impassability.
However, Ma Zhengfeng asked the latter question once and did not ask it continuously. He knew very well that this was a secret that could not be told.
Chapter 13 Indus forest phoenix [2]
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"Ma Dage … I have told you, haven’t I? I was instructed by a woman named Jinfeng to successfully complete the professional appraisal. I don’t know the details and reasons … "Yu Long half-truths explained to Ma Zheng that he simply kicked the ball to someone Ma Zheng fashion didn’t know.
"Yes, you have already explained-!" Ma Zhengfeng put on a picture of an epiphany, and it was obvious that Yu Long didn’t want to explain it in detail, and it was inconvenient for him to ask again.
"Xiaoyu, can you take our Xiaomei in next time … you are also once difficult to be a brother but difficult to be a sister …" It is not the first time that a similar topic has been settled. The granddaughter’s future and future Ma Zhengfeng did not consider so much. He said once and grinded once and he thought it over until Yu Long promised to stop.
"Ma Dage, why did you come again? Didn’t I explain to you that I didn’t want to bring Ma Xiaomei in? The problem is that I haven’t mastered the trick of getting in and out of the Xuan territory yet. Let’s just say that although I came in successfully, do you know how much pressure I have suffered and how much danger I have endured? It’s no exaggeration to say that I am almost betting my life …" Yu Long said earnestly, "You are my eldest brother and you have saved me from the blood bat. I am a grateful reporter. In fact, even if you don’t say anything, I also thought about bringing Ma Xiaomei in The question is … Ma Dage, listen to me. Don’t rush me again. I will definitely bring Ma Xiaomei in after I have thoroughly mastered the tricks of entering and leaving the Xuan territory. But Ma Dage, we must agree that I can’t enter and leave the Xuan territory freely in the future. I will take you back to visit my relatives when the time is right … What do you think? "
Ma Zhengfeng has been away from the real world for three years and has been in the mysterious realm for thirty years. It is obviously unrealistic and untrue to say that he doesn’t want to go home.