Yukime said frankly, "I haven’t heard from Long Tianze so far, but don’t worry that Long Tianze won’t have an accident. Take a step back. Even if he really has an accident, I can’t help but know … Xiaoyu, in my opinion, it’s a good thing that Long Tianze has no news now … Xiaoyu, mark my words, don’t be distracted. There are some things that you can’t do now."
"Well-!" Yu Long nodded seriously.
Just then Yukime’s cell phone rang and picked up the phone. Yukime spoke a few words to each other. Then she hung up and said, "Xiaoyu, I went out in advance and I’ll call you back … Your body is fine. You should be fine if you want to rest for a day or two …"
After Yukime left Yu Long, he came out of the barrel the fastest, but regardless of his wet body, he wore clothes. He listened at the door of the bathroom and went to the living room to steam the clothes and sit in the sand.
"Master, you are in good health, and you have left a few burn scars at your waist … but this will be repaired before you are promoted." Luo Linshi informed Yu Long about his physical condition.
Long Yuzheng wanted to ask something, but he saw Ma Xiaomei coming out of the shower, wearing a white nightgown and wiping her head with a towel.
That nightgown was bought by Yukime some time ago when she stayed overnight. The show of a woman with the right size kept dripping on the floor.
Chapter 11 A pillar of heaven
Yu Long eyes involuntarily Chou the past women’s lithe and graceful figure, especially the slender waist and round hips form a strong visual contrast, which makes people’s blood gush.
"What are you looking at? Take a look again. I’ll dig your eyes …" Ma Xiaomei flashed a cold light in her beautiful eyes and pursed her mouth and said, "You’re dirty. Go take a shower …"
Then she sat on the other side of the sand, clutching her nose, and looked at him with the remote control.
Yu Long shan shan smiled and hurried to the bathroom. There was still a fragrance in the bathroom when a woman bathed. Yu Long couldn’t help but take a deep sniff at the micro motion in her heart.
Out of a man’s ability, he quickly looked around, hoping to find something.
Soon a disappointed expression appeared on his brow. Ma Xiaomei seemed to be very careful not to leave any clothes in the bathroom.
Yu Long, who hits the shower nozzle, hums and washes his body filth, blood and scars on his hips and waist. Fortunately, he is a man, but he still has a chance to remedy it.
A few minutes later, Yu Long appeared in the living room in a new suit and hesitated a little. He sat down on the sand and said with a smile, "Thank you …"
"For what?" Xiao-mei ma snorted and tightened the neckline of nightgown. "With you … I didn’t help you until I saw my sister Yukime … Don’t look around …"
Look at Ma Xiaomei’s kindness to herself. Yu Long didn’t dispute with her and turned her head to look at it.
At that time, the living room became silent, and there was a TV with soap playing in it.
After waiting for a long time, Yukime hasn’t come back. Long Yu is anxious to talk about Yu Gancui and is ready to go back to the bedroom to meditate. After he got up, he turned his attention to Ma Xiaomei’s way: "Remember to lock the door when you go out. There are more thieves in the neighborhood recently …"
"I’m not leaving today-!"
Xiao-mei Ma picked up the remote control board and turned away and said, "I’m going to take a breath break today and go straight to school …"
"Oh-!" Yu Long answered and turned around and left. Can’t you afford to hide? This kind of woman is better to provoke less …
I didn’t get enough sleep until the next day. Yu Long was awakened by Ma Xiaomei kicking the door. He practiced until three o’clock in the morning last night. He just slept for a while and really didn’t want to get up.
"Master, I can block the noise-!" Rowling greeted a self-activated noise elimination function, and Yu Long’s ears suddenly became clean.
Xiao-mei ma shouted for ages and nothing happened. She simply lifted her foot and kicked the locked door with a bang. "Get up, slacker …"
The real people are in front of the bed, and the noise shielding is invalid.
"You let me sleep for a while …" Yu Long turned over on the bed and glanced at Ma Xiaomei bleakly. "What do you want me to do … this is my house and I can sleep as long as I want …" Said Yu Long, who was blindfolded and ignored Ma Xiaomei.
"Still sleeping, you lazy pig, I’m torn off …" Xiao-mei Ma’s hands rested on her hips to capture a lion roars. "You have the nerve to sleep in the host family. Don’t you know to get up early to prepare breakfast … you want to starve me … you lazy pig don’t know to buy something to eat in the refrigerator …"
After hearing what Ma Xiaomei said, Long Yucai suddenly realized that this woman is hungry and crazy. No wonder it doesn’t make people quiet in the early morning like a mad dog.
"Get up quickly to get breakfast …" Xiao-mei Ma stretched out his hand and lifted the quilt after a cold drink again.
"Don’t … I’m not dressed …" Yu Long called for an attempt to stop Xiao-mei Ma, but Xiao-mei Ma took a beat faster than his voice. Just when he was out, Xiao-mei Ma had successfully unveiled the Long Yu Cup.
"Rogue-!" Yu Long proved to be naked. Xiao-mei Ma was lifted by an instant and immediately saw him. Xiao-mei Ma turned his head and left his mouth and kept muttering, "Sex maniac rogue erotic maniac …"
Yu Long was depressed.
He looked down at a pillar of the sky with a wry smile. "This is Chen Bo. This is a normal physiological phenomenon … women are long-sighted and short-sighted …"
By the time Yu Long got dressed and returned to the living room, Ma Xiaomei had lost her personal image. Obviously, peeping before made her feel ashamed and resentful.
Yu Long secretly wry smile "this rogue charges even to implement the …"
In a blink of an eye, the day has passed for more than a month. Yesterday, Xue Ji said hello to him. The venue of the Xuanmen party has been determined to be Tianhai City. She told Yu Long to work hard to achieve the green realm before the party.
Yu Long this also suppressed YiGuJin these days has been six times in a row into the mysterious realm of cultivation, according to Rowling analysis calculation Long Yu Daoli realm into the green realm in these days.