At this time, the potion is tightly adsorbed around Yu Long’s body and slowly permeates through pores, and then the whole degree is very slow in the meridians.

It’s been two days since Yu Long was injured today. For two days, Yu Long was almost in a semi-coma and did not move.
"Hey-!" Yu Long’s door was pushed into a casual dress, and Ma Xiaomei came in. Her face also had a faint cut. "What happened to Yukime’s sister Xiaoyu’s injury …"
"Xiaoyu is still in a coma, but the situation has improved. The effect of this bucket of potions is very good … I estimate that he should be able to wake up in half a day," Yukime said.
At this moment, Long Yu slowly changed in the barrel. His body trembled slightly, and his face appeared painful expression. His face turned blue and a lot of sweat appeared on his forehead.
Ma Xiaomei frowned and hurriedly asked, "Sister Yukime, what’s going on … what should we do now?"
"Don’t worry, I’ll see-!" Yukime should make a pair of eyes, still close to Yu Long. Seeing Yu Long’s throat crawling around, she seems to think of something "it’s fire poison … fire poison is forced out …"
Speaking Yukime hurried over and put his hand on Yu Long’s back, and slowly entered Long Yu’s body to help him get rid of fire poison.
Xiao-mei ma slightly hesitated to walk over and also put her palm on Yu Long’s back to help Yu Long with Yukime.
A moment later, Yu Long snorted and spat out a black blood with a foul smell.
Yukime and Xiao-mei Ma received work at the same time. Yukime quickly took out a paper towel to wipe off the residual Yukime at the corner of Yu Long’s mouth. Xiao-mei Ma also took out a mop to clean up the poisonous blood on the ground.
Yu Long didn’t wake up after spitting out one mouthful poisonous blood. He was still in a coma.
Yukime grabbed Yu Long’s wrist and carefully looked at it for a long sigh of relief. "It’s ok … I knew he would wake up tonight …"
Ma Xiaomei see snow ji a face of fatigue and malaise thought for a while and said, "Sister Yukime, you have been guarding for two days and two nights. If you go like this again, your body will collapse … So you go to rest first and leave it to me to guard … You can rest assured that I will be as careful as you …"
Yukime hesitated a little and nodded his head. After all, it is obviously impossible for a monk not to eat, drink or rest.
"Xiaomei, please … call me at any time if something happens …" Say Yukime told me, "If Xiaoyu still vomits poisonous blood, you must remember to call me … In addition, he may urinate and change the water when you want … After the drugs are on the table, you can soak those drugs again and remember to urge them to absorb faster …"
"Well, I remember everything-!" Ma Xiaomei doesn’t like Yu Long very much, but he can’t get away with her this time. Besides, they are fighting side by side.
See Xiao-mei ma nodded and promised Yukime just walked out of the room sitting in the sand pranayama.
Ma Xiaomei sat in that chair in Yukime, mopping her cheeks with her hands, and her big eyes kept a close eye on Yu Long’s face expression in the barrel, but her heart kept muttering about what secrets this smelly rascal was hiding.
Ma Yu, Ma Xiaomei’s father, once made a thorough investigation of Yi Long Yu’s data. According to the data, his parents are well-known people, whether in Xuanmen or in the Power Guild, you are well-known people, while Long Yu’s body is relatively poor. Because of his parents’ mutual efforts, he was born weak and became a recognized loser in Xuanmen.
It’s incredible that such a person has repeatedly made great achievements and wonders.
Chapter 10 I’m ashamed of myself
Just say that the Xuanjing Brigade, according to her grandfather Ma Zhengfeng, said that they should not have arrived safely, but in fact, she and Yu Long did arrive safely and then returned safely.
Ma Xiaomei is sure that there is no problem in herself. If there is a problem, it is naturally Yu Long.
In other words, Long Yu is weird.
Therefore, Ma Yu told Ma Xiaomei to keep an eye on Yu Long. If possible, he hoped that his daughter Ma Xiaomei could re-enter the Xuan territory with the help of Yu Long to get in touch with Ma Zhengfeng.
While she was distracted, she suddenly heard a stream of water, although it was very small, but Ma Xiaomei in the monastery could still hear it clearly.
After getting up, she looked into the bucket, darling. There was a yellowed current in the water, and that was Yu Long’s urine.
At least Long Yu is still wearing big shorts, otherwise Xiao-mei Ma doesn’t know what to do. Aside from being a monk, she is just a girl under twenty years old, and she has never seen a man until now.
Be careful to change the liquid medicine. Ma Xiaomei’s beautiful eyes once again fell on Long Yushen, and she dared not neglect it.
In the next two days, Yu Long has been soaking in a wooden bucket and changing the potion every morning and evening. His face has become less blue, but there are still traces in several burns on his body. After Yukime’s inspection, he draws a conclusion that more than half of his injuries have healed, and it is only a matter of time before he wakes up.
Ma Xiaomei doesn’t like Long Yuren, but she has been working hard to protect her these days. There has never been any complaint in her heart that she can’t avoid some embarrassment every time she changes water.
Fortunately, Yu Long is still in a coma, otherwise he would have been ashamed to death.
On the morning of the third day, Yukime looked at Long Yu’s injury again, and now his body is fine. By rights, he should be awake now.
The problem is that he shows no signs of waking up.
After a little hesitation, Yukime decided to help Yu Long luck, hoping to activate his consciousness and plan again in case of failure.
"Sister Yukime, you nursed for one night last night. Why don’t I come now?" Xiao-mei ma some lovingly looked at Yukime decided his fate.
"All right-!" Yukime at the moment to do some things, although she is more authentic than xiao-mei ma, but at the moment mental fatigue and error-prone.
Ma Xiaomei is the most outstanding brother of the psychic horse family in recent years. Although she is young, but she is well educated, she knows very well how to heal her luck.
Soon in Ma Xiaomei Dao Li Long Yu body Dao Li became active, and the throat surged. Yukime quickly said, "Let’s get the work done …"
At the same time, Long Yu opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of foul black blood, which was sprayed directly at Xiao-mei Ma.
Xiao-mei ma immediately gas knot if it weren’t for Yukime present in accordance with her personality even would have slapped in the past.
"Xiaomei, why don’t you go and wash?" Yukime apologetically smiled. "Don’t be angry with Yu Long. He is also conscious."
At this time, Yu Long slowly opened his eyes and saw that Ma Xiaomei’s chest was dirty. "What’s wrong with you?"
Xiao-mei ma snorted and didn’t reply. He turned to take a shower on his own account. Yu Long got a boring face, but he didn’t know where he had offended him.
Xue Ji smiled. "It’s a pity that you still ask Xiao Mei’s dirty body. It’s that you got people to help you to promote blood circulation. You got people all over …"
"I see-!" Yu Long a quick and embarrassed smile "Sister Yukime, please help me thank her later … by the way, what’s wrong with me? How am I in the barrel …"
Xue Ji smell speech quickly explained the former situation to him.
Yu Long gasped primly. "Sister Yukime said that Nalan Shuqing and the queen ant are all dead … The threat from the mysterious environment has been completely eliminated?"
"Na Lan Shuqing and the queen are really dead, but I don’t think the threat from the Xuan environment is completely eliminated … I communicated with Ma Yu. The queen and the female ghost in Lingze Lake are not the key keys, but the dark fix true behind them …" Yukime said faintly, "The threat from the dark fix true is the real threat … Forget it now. At least, it won’t happen again in the near future … I have reported things here to the Xuanmen headquarters and they will handle them … Xiaoyu I will help.
Yu Long moved a little in the barrel and then said, "Haven’t you heard from uncle?"