I feel that my eyes are bright and the color disappears immediately. In front of me, mountains and rivers, birds and animals are everywhere, and the sky is high, the clouds are light, the wind is soft and the grass is sunny. It is like a small world full of vitality. Where is it like being in the mountainside?

It is reasonable to say that a monarch in the mountainside should not see the sun. After all, Uncle Tianxuan can’t get through the whole top of the mountain, and so can the hand of Gankun in the bottom cave. Yang Xiu doesn’t know if this is done
Seeing this giant with a thousand acres, there are flashes looming everywhere. Now Yang Xiu’s gods are very sharp. Naturally, it can be seen that these are rare elixirs such as Zizhi Multicolored Zhizhi Millennium Black Ginseng. These elixirs have a thin layer of brilliance flashing, which is blessed by the forbidden array, even if they are eaten by birds and animals.
Deer wander about, silver wolves run away, and sometimes there are some small animals with white fur and mottled pigs and rabbits rolling around. The crane soars crisp and sweet, and the crane makes people feel comfortable, as if people entering fairyland will also go with the wind.
In particular, the trees are tall and lush, as if they are evergreen trees in all seasons, or as big as cattail fans or as starry as the sky, and all kinds of colorful flowers and purples attract bees and butterflies to dance.
The powerful and strong aura of the sky blows against my face and breathes all the bones of my limbs. It is also a comfortable feeling. It feels like a warm day in spring, but it’s not bad inside, but the spirit content and the scale of the elixir planting are far from that of Yang Xiu’s bottom abode of fairies and immortals. It’s just a little more angry than the bottom abode of fairies and immortals. After all, there are six people in the bottom abode of fairies and immortals. Forget it. The four heterogeneous heads, the Wang Tian Ghost, the Xiao Guai and the Cloud Control Soul Beast, are cold and cheerless.
Sister Meng secretly noticed his attitude when she came in from Yang Xiu, but when she saw that Yang Xiu looked calm and Gu Bo was not surprised and unmoved, she couldn’t help but sit up and take notice. You know, every brother who came in for the first time didn’t lose his manners.
After all, no one has really seen fairyland, but the imaginary fairyland is probably just like this.
"Master is waiting for you in the" Pine Wind Tower "in the front mountain peak. Come with me." Seeing that Yang Xiu is steady, Sister Meng’s mouth is cold.
Yang Xiu, of course, didn’t notice the change in the other person’s heart. He followed carefully.
But for a moment, I followed Sister Meng to an antique woodcarving attic, with my head slightly lowered, and walked into the hall. My eyes glanced in the hall and saw that there were three people in the hall. One of them he also knew that it was the clock that left the petticoat and uncle Tianxuan was sitting in office. Yang Xiu immediately stepped forward to respectfully salute "Brother Yang Xiu to visit the grandmaster"
Tianxuan’s appearance is still as white as when Yang Xiu first met him. He still looks like he is happy and sad, and says, "Get up."
Yang Xiu’s "grandmaster"
Tianxuan smoothed her beard and said, "It’s really commendable that your qualifications can be successful in a hundred years. I was surprised to see this purple and gold bag!"
"It’s all thanks to grandmaster’s help that my brother can get to this point. I have always remembered grandmaster’s re-creation of my brother." Is it not flattering Yang Xiu? It’s also true feelings.
After all, if Uncle Tianxuan hadn’t introduced him to Lingpai and sent him this purple and gold bag, there wouldn’t be any post-cutting. Besides, Yang Xiu took advantage of the situation to send someone to bother him in Nanling, which can be said to be a battle for Uncle Tianxuan.
"This is the result of your own efforts. Although I gave you a lot of Dan medicine, it was enough for you to build a foundation. I still know that." Uncle Tian Xuan shook his head and said lightly.
See this Yang Xiu also don’t know how to answer the words good respect is on one side.
"Now that you have succeeded in Dan, I will still keep my word in those days, and now I will officially accept you as an apprentice." Uncle Tianxuan finally said something in his unhurried voice that made Yang Xiu wait for a long time.
When Yang Xiu heard this, he immediately bowed down and said, "Thank you, Master. Thank you."
"Well, get up, because something happened to Nanling Sect and Jian recently, so the apprentice ceremony is over." Seeing that Yang Xiu bowed down in Tianxuan, Martial Uncle finally revealed a smile and said, "These are all your brothers and sisters in the hall, and there is a big brother who hasn’t come back after working outside. You should be close and support each other, but don’t do things that kill each other, you know?"
The last sentence was suddenly harsh.
Yang Xiu and all his fellow students immediately promised, "I know the master", "Can you take this purple bag back?" Tian Xuanwei slowly flew to Yang Xiu and said, "You can live in this mansion these days and go to the Sutra Pavilion to see if you have the skills and secrets. After you remember the jade slips, you can ask some brothers and sisters if you don’t understand it after shaving. You can also ask me directly."
Yang Xiu took the purple and gold bag and nodded his promise.
See the day xuan added, "Meng Yun, you arrange a rest place for Yang and give him a bird’s eye view of the matters needing attention."
"It’s Master" Meng Yun is that Meng.
Finally, Tian Xuan waved and said, "Go all."
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six Overlooking YunGe
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and sixty-six Overlooking YunGe
One more six thousand words today]
Yang Xiu, as the person exits the hall, he will come out together with a Huang Lao Dao who smiles and squints at Yang Xiu and says, "After being original, we congratulate Teacher Yang, and then we will be classmates."
"After seeing Brother Shen in Yang Xiu, I still hope to take a lot of photos." Yang Xiu, of course, did not dare to neglect and immediately replied.
Shen Fangsheng is a little fat, and his figure is not very tall. He is half black and not white. He looks like a man in his fifties. Except for a yellow robe, he is somewhat conspicuous.
However, he reached the end of Dan, so Yang Xiu did not dare to dismiss it
"This is the permission of the second brother." Shen Fang saw that Yang Gongming was also satisfied and helped him introduce it.
Xu seems to be sixty or seventy years old, which is different from Meng Yun’s cold and arrogant. He gives people a very serious feeling, and his face is calm and he can drip out at any time.
Fix true people are monsters who have lived for thousands of years, and their temper is normal. Therefore, Yang Xiu is also unpreparedness or respectful. "I have seen Brother Xu just knot Dan now, and I will ask Brother Xu to take care of it soon."
Permission to light up a few heads will no longer pay attention to the people, and then see him walk out of the Pine Wind Tower and offer a swallow-swallowing Xiafei sword, flicker and step on it and leave!
"Yang Shi, don’t take it for granted that this virtue is malicious." Shen Fang was afraid that Yang Xiu would be embarrassed, so he explained that Yang Xiu also smiled, of course.
Shen Fangyou said, "This is Meng Yun, the third senior sister, who usually stays in Master’s abode of fairies and immortals to practice."
"I just want to thank Elder Martial Sister Meng for meeting her." I can’t help but salute everyone at the latest.
Meng Yun didn’t think that Yang Xiu came to be a master and really became a fellow student. She was surprised just now in the hall. It was that her face was not full of expressions and she nodded and stood by.
"This is the five teacher elder sister clock from petticoats want Yang teacher younger brother is not strange," Shen Fang laughed again.
But how did Yang Xiu feel that his smile was ambiguous?
Clock from petticoats is still the same. All the beautiful words are in her body, but the years have not left traces on her face. The first beauty name is not a hollow reputation. Although Yang Xiu is also gorgeous in her heart, the surface is more respectful and does not look closely. She immediately bowed her head and said, "I have heard a lot about you, and I also want you to give me your advice."
Clock from petticoats see Yang Xiu eyes flashed a different color is not for each other in front of their stunning can also keep calm.
The person who fixes the truth can achieve much more freedom of mind and mind. Of course, she will not think that being a man should be fascinated in front of her.
She is so because she heard from the monks at home that the two monks who were sent out ten years ago because of Bai Ouqing’s incident never came back, and all this is probably caused by this new younger brother with ordinary appearance and qualifications.
I heard that this younger brother was still in the foundation period, so he was accompanied by a monk who went across the Grand Canyon to arrest people, and she also knew that the monk who went to the foundation period was not one of these other disciples.
And just now I heard Yang Xiu talking with Tianxuan in the hall. It seems that they knew each other early in the morning, so all this made her feel that Yang cultivate one’s morality was covered with a mysterious veil, which surprised her and made her curious.
However, of course, she won’t say what a nod is, then she will say hello, and then she will leave.
Seeing that everyone has introduced Shen Fang, he added, "We still have a fourth brother, Dao Lin, but you will be able to meet other brothers who maintain the abode of fairies and immortals and get familiar with you."