Warcraft is the mysterious realm of Warcraft. After it reaches the extreme state, the unique ability is different, and the power of Warcraft is naturally different. The low-level power of Warcraft, such as the queen, is naturally small and confusing.

"Xiaoyu, are you okay?" At this time, Yukime had seen a tired face, and Yu Long quickly flew over to ask questions.
"I’m all right … hurry up and chase Nalan Shuqing. He’s not half as strong as usual now …" Yu Long quickly woke up.
"Where to go-!" Nalan Shuqing wants to escape, but Long Yu and the three people don’t want to miss this excellent opportunity. In the blink of an eye, they have surrounded Nalan Shuqing from three different angles.
"Let or I’ll let you die …" Na Lanshu’s brow appeared a little uneasy and angry. He deliberately put on a fierce look and felt a little swollen and fat, trying to scare off the three people who besieged him.
It’s a pity that Long Yu three people already know the true situation of Na Lanshuqing’s face without any fear, but the murderous look is rising.
Nalan Shuqing’s eyes kept rolling, scanning back and forth among the three people, and finally decided to make a breakthrough from Long Yushen.
Of the three people on the scene, Longyu is the weakest.
"Kill-!" A kill word export LanShuQing body like a flash toward Yu Long shot away is suddenly appeared in front of him.
Yu Long dark call bad hurried back, but he lost too much power, so he couldn’t get up, so he could lift the Tianshi sword block.
"Bang-!" As Nalan Shuqing attacked Long Yushen, he had been thrown out and fell heavily on a grave. Fortunately, the grave was a mound, otherwise the fall would have made him miserable.
Yukime and Ma Xiaomei have not been idle to see Nalan Shuqing looking for a breakthrough from Yu Long. Almost when he hit Yu Long, they also launched a powerful attack.
An ice sword and a streamer hit Nalan Shuqing’s back at the same time.
"hehe-!" There was a black smoke coming from Nalanshuqing’s back, and Yukime and Ma Xiaomei attacked each other. It was the Xuanmen who met Nalanshuqing with integrity. This evil thing happened to be that everything has its vanquisher. Nalanshuqing was so painful that a back gave birth to meat wings and was ready to escape.
Yukime light drink a "where to go-!" Speaking, the sword in her hand has flown out and directly penetrated his body.
Xiao-mei ma didn’t idle here with a purple spell to sell and a purple flame to surround Nalan Shuqing. At the same time, the sword in his hand was also shot out towards his eyebrows.
A series of attacks were born in the blink of an eye, and Nalan Shuqing’s attention department was rooted in Long Yu’s body, so there was no response.
"Ah-!" After several painful cries, Nalanshu’s green body has been wrapped in purple flame and turned into a burning man.
Xue Ji flew past to help Yu Long. "Are you okay …"
"I’m fine … Sister Yukime, you don’t care about me. Keep an eye on Nalan Shuqing and don’t let the queen ant escape again?" Yu Long barely managed to squeeze out a smile.
"I … the great queen ant don’t die like this …" Wrapped in purple flame, Nalan Shuqing’s face became twisted and her eyes were like a demon from nine places.
Chapter 9 Healing-From the Care of the Female Celestial Teacher
"Look out!" Yukime exclaimed that she quickly put Yu Long in the past, and her eyes watched with vigilance as Nalan Shuqing escaped to the queen ant again.
"We mutually assured destruction-!" Na Lan Shuqing seems to hate Yu Long very much. He fluttered in the flame with a fire stream hitting Yu Long.
Yukime Ma Xiao Mei Nai Long Yu, no one expected that Nalan Shuqing would come in this way, and when he came with a flame, it was so fast that people didn’t react.
Yi Long Yu was hit by a fireball and flew out, and the body caught fire. Yukime did not dare to neglect and quickly flew over to extinguish the fire.
"Die-!" Xiao-mei ma rage hand buckle out a thunder went straight towards the NaLanShuQing smashed in the past heard a boom NaLanShuQing body has been blown to dust.
The destruction of Nalan Shuqing means that the parasitic blood ants are extinct in the world. After that, Yukime reported the whole thing to Xuanmen, a secular organization with Xuanmen communicated with government departments and properly handled the affairs with Nalan Shuqing. Among them, Nalan Shuqing’s magic baby girl has been humanely destroyed and Nalan Shuqing’s family members have been placed under surveillance, and even Qin Zhong, who is not the same as others, has been given a job to enjoy the treatment of supervised residence.
However, Dalongyu, who made the most contribution in this incident, is now in a wooden barrel with a blue face and a whole body of skin that is very burnt in some dark places.
The original appearance is general. Yu Long looks even more weird at the moment. Some of them are ferocious.
Yukime sat next to him with beautiful eyes tightly staring at the wooden bucket. The expression of Lumbricus was full of concern. Long Yu’s finish was caused by Nalan Shuqing’s counterattack before he died. His body burned almost 40%. Fortunately, the facial burns were not serious. In addition to some green medicine, the problem was not very serious, but several burns were in trouble.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that Yu Long was destroyed.
For a monk, such physical injuries are not a big deal, and these external injuries will gradually heal with the further removal of body impurities in the future practice.
In particular, from the practice of refining Qi to practicing Qi, the monk can change his face slightly, and trauma is not a problem for the monk.
The key problem in Yu Long’s heart is that Nalanshuqing’s injury to the government meridians is not very powerful, but Yu Long’s failure at that time is just like an ordinary person’s natural law resistance.
The potion in the wooden barrel was prepared by Yukime himself, and it was a panacea from Xuanmen, which had a very good effect on removing the monk’s injury.