The night is as dark as ink

After Rowling helped Yu Long to keep track of his escape, Nalan Shuqing finally revealed his whereabouts in a mass grave in the suburbs. This time, Yu Long did not dare to make a move and informed Yukime first.
After hearing the news, Yukime said that he would come as soon as possible and repeatedly told him not to take action
But in the process of Yu Long lurking, Na Lanshuqing’s strange smile sounded in his ear. "Jie Jie … smelly little what? You are always haunting me. Tell me how you tracked it down … or I will make you wish you were dead …"
"Master, something bad happened. We were covered by the queen of Warcraft …" Rowling seemed to have some hindsight until she was trapped by Nalan Shuqing.
"There are enough ghosts here, and I will drive you to be eaten by these evil spirits?" Na LanShu green strange smile a pair of hands pinch tactic Yu Long side scene changed and some dim light at the moment is dark, followed by the howling of ghosts around.
Long Yu’s body force is running. Note Tianshi’s swordsmanship sword suddenly explodes and shoots a sharp mans to light up the surrounding scenery. A group of ghosts and spectres have appeared around, all of which are ferocious.
As soon as Tianshi Fa Jian croons and shoots a sword, a demon has been killed in an instant, and the evil ghost screams and a cloud of black smoke slowly disappears.
"Hum-!" Na LanShuQing sneer at a "here is a mass grave ghost thousand I see you as cope with …"
In the dark, Long Yu’s words are no longer coldly staring at the ghosts around him. I hope Yukime and Ma Xiaomei can hurry up.
The ghosts at the scene disappeared under the drive of Nalan Shuqing, and the demons gathered more and more. It took a while to look around and there were ghosts with red eyes everywhere.
Yu Long, armed with the heavenly sword, struck the spectre from all directions.
Killing is blowing. Nalan Shuqing drinks "Smelly little … I have changed my mind. I won’t kill you today. I want you to be my puppet. I want to use your body to plant magic tires in those two base people … Jie Jie, two female monks, and the magic tires bred from their bodies will be more powerful …"
Yu Long a surprised heavy drink quickly pinched sword tactic to release the broken fiend dragon.
The dragon roars all over, and the golden light explodes and flies around. In an instant, it has been dispersed by dozens of ghost materialized black smoke.
These evil spirits were originally ghosts of mass graves, and their spiritual strength was low. They had no resistance at all in front of the broken fiend dragon.
Na Lan Shuqing saw a flash of cunning hands in his eyes, and murmured that the scene around him was instantaneous and then turned into thousands of ghosts coming towards Yu Long from all sides.
Frightened Yu Long hastened to course to break the fiend dragon to save himself. A strange thing happened. When the fiend dragon broke through those ghost bodies, they got together again in an instant, as if they had immortality.
This is the case several times in a row
"The master is an illusion …" Rowling timely woke Yu Long.
Yu Long just woke up and thundered, "Na Lan Shuqing, you are so mean. You want an illusion to consume my power. Unfortunately, I have seen through your tricks. Your wishful thinking is wrong …"
Yu Long words just finished NaLanShuQing that yin is extremely extremely sound sounded "smelly little knowledge is good, but you know it didn’t also have you in my hand now, you can’t get away from your roots, so surrender and accept my baptism as my puppet …"
Yu Long mind fretting quickly calling on Rowling to make the road force amplifier. Although the road force amplifier depends on Yu Long’s heart, the situation is critical and he can’t consider so much.
"Break the magic-!" Drinking Yi Long Yu arouses the body’s Tao force to be very hot. The power in the Tao force amplifier releases a bucket of thick dragons.
Chapter encirclement and suppression of queen ants
Chapter encirclement and suppression of queen ants
"psst! -"the dragon face upwards roar in the whole body up a flame will light up all around like the day huge momentum let those ghosts scattered back.
Na Lan Shuqing saw the tactic of pinching to drive away the ghosts again, and those ghosts got together again.
Breaking the demon dragon and roaring around Yu Long is not invincible by burning and devouring ghosts, but judging from the situation on the spot, the situation is not optimistic
Although the broken dragon is fierce, the ghost is better than the number.
Yu Long heart way force broken fiend dragon root can’t last long and he just made the way force amplifier has almost drawn the way force with the meager power.
Want to release the broken fiend dragon again is almost impossible.
"Jie Jie smelly little don’t resist again ….." Na Lanshuqing figure if if if appear in Yu Long near satisfiedly said "even the two bitches come and can’t find you to give up ….. darling be my puppet this is your only way out …"
Yu Long wordlessly and intently manipulated the dragon to destroy the ghosts around him. After it lasted for more than ten minutes, the broken fiend dragon vanished because of the exhaustion of power.
In an instant, thousands of evil spirits swarmed and besieged in an attempt to push Yu Long into a corner.
"Rowling’s strength has increased-!" Now, Yu Long has no other choice. He decided to fight for it … No matter how old he is, he has to stick to it, otherwise his fate is to be eaten by ghosts or be a puppet of the queen ant, which is not what he expected.
Rowling nature also know Long Yu situation.
Without the slightest hesitation, Rowling once again opened the force amplifier to forcibly amplify the residual tunnel force and power of Yu Long and released the broken fiend dragon again.
Long Yu chastened this time, no longer wave dragon power to disperse those ghosts, but to find the right opportunity in Rowling to guide directly towards Nalanshuqing attack in the past.
"Ah-!" A heavy stuffy hum came from the air.
See sample broken fiend dragon has hit the LanShuQing is the blow and failed to completely eliminate LanShuQing Yu Long heart also was shocked.
Kill you while you’re sick!
After a slight pause, Yu Long helped Rowling to lock Nalan Shuqing’s breath and once again urged the dragon to attack the past. Nalan Shuqing hurriedly dodged but always managed to get rid of Yu Long’s tracking.
In the long run, he will wonder.
This smelly little is really amazing. Why can he accurately locate himself and lock his breath? There must be something strange … He has already felt the threat from Long Yushen.
"Not good-!" Na Lan Shuqing suddenly exclaimed with a change of facial expression, because he is now working with Ma Xiaomei in Yukime and helped to find his breath in second sight Instrument.
If he is not afraid to fight with these three people in normal times, there will be no problem at all, but today it is different. He just played with a female and lost too much strength. It is impossible to fight with these three people in normal times.
After a short period of consternation, he made the wisest choice, thirty-six plans to go.
Just when he decided to escape, Warcraft suddenly dissipated, and the scene in front of Yu Long changed and returned to the mass grave again. The dim moonlight still shone with milky light on the earth.