"No-!" Rowling explained, "to complete this test, I still need to repair more energy needed for the whole program."

Rowling dialed Yukime and Ma Xiaomei’s mobile phone to simulate Long Yuyin through Yu Long sIm card, told them the information of Nalan Shuqing and agreed to meet at the Central Building.
Ten minutes later, Yu Long first arrived at the Central Building. Originally, he planned to wait until Yukime and Ma’s father and daughter arrived together, but Rowling suggested that he sneak into Room a325 first because Rowling detected that the queen ant was in love, in other words, the queen ant was about to mate …
Chapter VI Magic Fetus
According to Rowling’s research on parasitic blood ants, this kind of Warcraft has strong reproductive ability, especially the queen’s reproductive ability is even stronger.
If conditions permit, it can continue to multiply and give birth to tens of thousands of offspring in half a year. Of course, the conditions mentioned here are also very harsh. In the real world, it is impossible for the queen bee to achieve it first, and then the real world is not conducive to the parasitic blood ant environment.
"The sensitivity and strength of the host parasitic blood ants will decrease during mating and reproduction. If you can sneak into the sneak attack, the chance of winning is very high, and it is rarely 70%," Rowling suggested.
Long Yuwen was slightly tempted and no longer hesitated. He immediately climbed along the natural gas pipeline in the moonlight and went straight to the balcony of Room a325.
Unexpectedly, the balcony window was not locked. Yu Long pushed the window lightly and jumped in. The balcony was facing the living room. It was strange that the 45-inch LCD screen in the living room was playing a soap opera instead of screaming.
Yu Long was not interested in this. He walked slowly with his cat on his body and glanced at his wrist. Rowling’s screen showed the navigation route
From the road map, the queen ant comes from the master bedroom on the second floor.
Yu Long took a deep breath and crept downstairs slowly. When he came to the stairs on the second floor, he suddenly heard a few teasing voices from men and women.
Yu Long walked over sadly. Now the master bedroom door is left unlocked and there is a gap to see the room clearly.
Look around and see the wide bed. A man and three women are intertwined. The man is black and strong, and the well-proportioned woman is full of make-up. The body is full of dust and smell. I know that it is not a good family …
A man’s back is turned to Long Yu’s other ways to distinguish his identity.
But judging from Rowling’s detection, this person should be Nalan Shuqing, the boarding place of the queen, because the queen’s breath is scattered from his body.
Aren’t some big queens in Yu Long females?
How does it mate with three human girls? What the hell is going on here?
Rowling duly explained that "the blood of Nalan Shuqing’s body has been replaced by the blood of the queen, and his body fluid has the gene of parasitic blood ants. In this case, women who mate with him will give birth to parasitic blood ants …"
Boy, this world is crazy.
Yu Long has some language that humans can also give birth to parasitic blood ants … It is really incredible.
"The host parasitic blood ants, especially the queen ants, are very adaptable … but I can also make an accurate analysis of the specific details …" Rowling explained.
At this time, Na LanShuqing spoke in the room. "You guys, I promise, I will make you want to die and enjoy women’s fun …"
One of them wore a three-point female smile and said, "Mr. Nalan, you are amazing. You are the strongest and strongest man I have ever seen … but you have to think about it. Can you cope with the three of us tonight?" Go ahead, the woman laughed and swayed, and her breasts were full of ups and downs. At two o’clock, she was deeply red and trembling. Seeing Nalan Shuqing’s eyes were straight.
Although being boarded by the queen ant, Nalan Shuqing’s male color has not changed.
"Mr. Na Lan … can you introduce some teachers to us … we will repay you after the three sisters in Taoyuan …" A plump woman hugged Na Lan Shuqing’s full mountain peak from behind and rubbed his back with a pair of small hands and slowly leaned into his crotch to grasp the strong stick.
Na LanShu QingShu very low voice way "SAO bitch don’t hurry up …"
Said na lanshuqing turned up and pushed the woman to the waist of the bed and immediately entered the woman’s body.
At that time, the murmur kept shouting and the charming voice kept stirring, and the spring scenery suddenly swayed in the room.
It’s the first time for Yu Long to see such a live broadcast and secretly swallow a mouthful of saliva. It’s really exciting …
Mind a fiercely Yu Long hurriedly shipped tianshi sword will definitely throb suppressed until after the mood calm, he will look into the room again.
Hesitated a little. He picked up the sword tactic, Tianshi Fa Jian, a broken fiend dragon, and immediately rushed out from the crack of the door and ran towards Nalanshuqing.
Nalan Shuqing is trying to plant a magic fetus in a woman’s body, which makes his vigilance much lower. He didn’t wake up until the dragon was about to hit him.
He hurriedly pulled the hard object back to prepare for the fight.
"Oh, I can’t-!" At that moment, the woman’s body shrank and wrapped him in a hard object. At that time, Nalan Shuqing also growled and released body fluids and planted a magic fetus in the female body.
The situation is very dangerous. Nalan Shuqing picked up the woman without hesitation and threw her body out to meet the broken dragon.
Hearing a scream and blood spattering, the woman’s body was immediately broken into a fiend dragon and she was killed on the spot.
The other two women were covered with blood and screamed repeatedly, so they quickly jumped out of bed and shot their heads and hid on the desktop, their faces frightened and looked like ghosts.
"Yu Long is you …" Na LanShuqing turned his head and saw Yu Long from the crack of the door. He grabbed his clothes and wrapped himself in it, then sneered at a "gangster and the like, you actually attacked …" Said Na LanShuqing, splitting a palm toward Yu Long and directly shattering the door. Yu Long dodged.
If NaLanShuQing this palm to go to Yu Long on weekdays, it would never be so easily evaded, but today he is weak.
Obviously, Nalan Shuqing lost some energy in the process of combining with a woman.
At this moment, there were mixed footsteps in the corridor, and someone was running here.
Na Lan Shuqing didn’t dare to stay long, for fear that Yu Long’s helper would find him in anger, struggling to give a palm to stop Na Yu Long’s figure, and he took the opportunity to jump from the windowsill and disappear in the slow night.
"Bang-!" The door of room a325 was bombarded by a strong force, and then Yukime Ma Xiaomei both appeared at the door.
Chapter VII Dare to Fight
Yukime asked, "Where is Nalan Shuqing?"
Yu Long pointed to the window. "He jumped out of the window and ran away …"
Ma Xiaomei smell speech shouted in disgust "why don’t you chase? Don’t let him get away. Who told you to start work together before we came over … "
Yu Long has a mysterious smile. "Don’t worry, I can find him once and find him the second time …"
Ma Xiaomei gave Yu Long a cross look and was about to say something when she heard someone shouting "Don’t kill us. We don’t know anything … I’m miss Sun City Club … Please don’t kill us …"
"Who comes out?" Yukime exclaim a eyebrows a pick along the sound in the past to see two women covered in blood, trembling face full of horror.
"We are good people, we are young ladies …" Two women saw that there were two women in the room again, and they suddenly got up and slowly climbed out from under the table.
"Don’t be ashamed-!" Ma Xiaomei took a cold look at the two women and said angrily, "Women’s faces have been lost by you this day … don’t put on clothes."
Two women trembled and were scolded by Xiao-mei Ma, but they were even more nervous. Where can I remember to dress?
Although she is a young lady, she is also a woman at any rate. At the moment, Long Yu is screaming and enjoying herself. For the first time in her life, she has watched a woman’s body so closely.
"Xiaoyu, you go out first-!" Yukime cold drink a pull up a single cover from the bed in two female body calling on Yu Long to go out.
"Hey hey-!" Yu Long quickly withdrew from the room when they went out. He saw Xiao-mei Ma’s eyes filled with disdain.
"Xiaomei, go and check to see if they were born with a magic fetus …" Yukime told Yi to take the lead in pulling one of them over and said, "Did you have intercourse with Nalan Shuqing?"
Yes … "The woman quickly said," No, we just held hands for a while … Don’t kill me. I don’t know anything. I didn’t see anything. "
"Sister Yukime has a magic baby-!" Ma Xiaomei has finished checking her eyes. "She must be killed or she will produce the second generation of blood ants that will harm human beings."
"Stop her first. I’ll let them take the two women away from the Xuan door colleagues …" He said, Yukime dialed the flashy mobile phone to report the situation here and let him come over as soon as possible.
Ten minutes later, flashy, together with some comrades from the department, arrived and took away two naked women waiting for them, which would be a humanitarian destruction.