Lu Gang finally failed to stand up and fell to the stage.

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Guo Xiaosi is good, and the applause is one after another
Taiwan Zhang Shi Li Yuanye would also point to face, but he can also blame Lu Gang for his disappointing recognition.
Guo Xiaosi towering walk to before Zhang Buer high-five celebration was stopped.
Guo Xiaosi, don’t be proud. One of your opponents is Xu Yong.
Chapter 24 Sword to sword
Xu Yong is no better than Lu Gang. The bookmakers in the gambling houses in the city know that many younger brothers know Guo Xiaosi better.
Xu Yong is the leader of three generations of younger brothers in the south of Chunyangmen. Once Chunyangmen made great achievements. Last year, when Sanguangmen encircled the Heavenly Demon Sect, Xu Yong attacked and killed an elder of the Heavenly Demon Sect. Although it was a sneak attack, it was impossible to strike a fatal elder of the Heavenly Demon Sect if he was not skilled or skillful.
Small four, you should be careful. Xu Yong, Lu Gang’s revenge will definitely be ruthless, and the master will be biased against you again. I’m afraid you will be in danger in this battle. Zhang Buer said worriedly, if it doesn’t work, simply give up. Many people have chosen to give up before, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.
Although Guo Xiaosi was seven, he never thought about giving up. I’ll give up now, but it’s not a shame. But what will Xu Yong think of me? It’s not a shame that I was knocked down by him in the ring, but how can I get along in Pingfeng City after fleeing without fighting?
Guo Xiaosi, however, will not give in easily. Although the chance of winning is not great, we must carefully consider the way to win.
In the previous confrontation, Guo Xiaosi was not drunk yet, which means that this nine-style sword move is his killer weapon when Xu Yong confronts.
The subtlety of the drunken rainbow is that it changes strangely, seemingly ordinary, but not according to Chang Jian. Guo Xiaosi deliberately practiced the drunken rainbow twice again, thinking that it is necessary to raid this trick, otherwise the success rate will not be great because Xu Yong’s kung fu is really high.
Xu Yong besides a pair of strong palms is no less than Lu Gang’s, he also stunts Shao Yang leg Yang Jian Shao Yang leg is Zhang Shi’s famous stunt, but Guo Xiaosi won’t, but Yang Jian Guo Xiaosi will be a little bit. In those days, Lord Xiang Liu taught him this swordsmanship, although it is not very skillful, but it should be able to be looser to deal with it.
One night, Guo Xiaosi was brewing a trick to deal with Xu Yong. When the weather came, his eyes were red and he couldn’t help yawning.
Zhang Buer is even more worried when he sees it. When he gets to the challenge, he will abandon his sword and throw in the towel. You have to give Xu Yong a chance to kill him. You know this guy has always been famous for his ferocity, so you don’t have to dispute with him.
Guo Xiaosi nodded. I know what to do. Don’t worry about it. Xu Yong is not invincible, but I won’t die when the defeat is decided.
Before Xu Yong’s war, a group of Zhang Shidi encouraged Brother Xu to kiss the horse and didn’t kick that Guo Xiaosi into disability.
Yes, yes, revenge for Brother Lu. It’s despicable that this little boy should play dirty with Brother Lu.
Yeah, and kicked him into a disability and left him in bed for half a lifetime.
Xu Yong smiled and took the sword.
Aside, Lu Gang exclaimed in surprise, how can Brother Xu deal with that little boy? You need a sword.
Xu Yong was a pair of swords in the previous confrontation, but he kicked his opponent to the stage without exception. This time, Guo Xiaosi’s confrontation actually brought his sword with him, which shows how much he valued this competition.
Hehe, you didn’t see it. It seems to me that this guy Guo Xiaosi has probably cultivated to the third level. This can’t be underestimated. In fact, yesterday, Brother Lu’s duel will lose in his sword if he doesn’t lose in the carelessness.
But the man immediately called out to the master and told him not to bring a sword. How could he win?
Xu Yong snorted and said, let him withdraw his sword and change hands. You are really a fair competition. Brother Lu, did you send silver to the Tang Master?
Lu Gang blushed and bowed his head shyly.
Xu Yong laughs better than mind winning, which is the key, regardless of what means. We can’t vote for anything, but you were too careless yesterday, and Guo Xiaosi took advantage of it. I am angry for you today and also for the master. Therefore, if you want to win, you have to pay attention to it. Once you are careless, you will repeat the mistakes of Teacher Lu.
Lu Gang suddenly said, Brother Xu is well-informed and younger brother Pei.
But one certainty is that I win and Guo Xiaosi loses, Xu Yong said flatly.
This is, however, this is, however, the rest of the people said almost in unison
The duel also attracted thousands of people to watch the gambling house, and the odds of a single game also came. The bookmaker was also optimistic about Xu Yong, but there were still many winners who bought Xu Yong, while the winner who bought Guo Xiaosi was not the opponent. One tenth of this was still a piece of money. This was his case this month. He saved it and bought Guo Xiaosi to win.
Just Zhang Buer, the two silvers have to win this duel. Guo Xiaosi wiped his sword again and again before he got up and went to the ring.
After all the procedures, Guo Xiaosi was relieved because this time, the master Li Yuanye didn’t make things difficult for them. When they paid homage to him, they nodded their faces to show them, but he had nothing to say.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t feel grateful for the fact that Lord Li Yuanye stopped giving advice, because perhaps this was because Xu Yong didn’t send him money just like himself, and according to Xu Yong’s arrogant and negative personality, it can be concluded that he would never send money to Li Yuanye.
Xu Yong brought the sword platform this time, which also made everyone talk about buying Xu Yong and winning people one by one, while people familiar with Guo Xiaosi were worried. Even Guo Xiaosi himself felt a little strange that Xu Yong had always been arrogant and negative. This time, it was obvious that he was determined to win with a sword platform, and he also wanted to win freely.
Difficulties are increasing, but opportunities are also increasing. Guo Xiaosi knows that he can rely on this trick to defeat Xu Yong.
Brother Xu taught Guo Xiaosi not to relax his vigilance and hold the hilt tightly.
Xu Yong nodded slightly, and Teacher Guo’s hand was also placed on the hilt, drawing lessons from Lu Gang yesterday.
Two people walk through the program, both draw swords and look at each other with four eyes.
Guo Xiaosi shouted a sword stab and you’re welcome to go straight to Xu Yong alongside of.seem.
Xu Yong want to also don’t want to swing a sword to block Guo Xiaosi sword.
Chapter 25 Drunk rainbow
Xu Yongyang’s sword was sharper than a move, and then he turned the tide and occupied the wind. Then he rose to power and tide wait for no man. The sword move continued to cover Guo Xiaosi personally in the light of the sword.
Guo Xiaosi saw that his sword, which was not weak in offensive, retreated to protect his whole body, but it was also a Yang Jian, but it was much worse than Xu Yong’s Yang Jian. Even if he could not be defeated at this time, he could still hold on.
But this kind of defensive tactics, after all, is ugly and dangerous. He doesn’t think it’s scary to look around. Seeing Guo Xiaosi in distress, he can’t help shouting and drinking carefully.
Xu Yong’s heart is dark. Guo Xiaosi Yang Jian is no match for him. Even pure Yang Gong is far from it. Although he can’t lose for a while, he may not be able to last too long. When the time comes, he will surely lose, humiliate him and vent his anger yesterday.
When the potential is tight, the flowers are blossoming faster than this, and Guo Xiaosi suddenly feels as if a mountain is pressing over. It’s really exhausting to get up in a hurry.
Xu Yong stabbed Guo Xiaosi in horror and quickly evaded, but it might as well be that Xu Yong was expecting the enemy to take the lead and left the boxing to avoid him. Xu Yong’s sword and fist made Guo Xiaosi surprised.