Yu Long has some big heads. She always tells him to go to his office in front of everyone in the amphitheatre, which has a bad influence. A few days ago, Zhang Daniu also told him that several jealous buddies had spread rumors in the school that he was having an affair with Han Yue, and they often did that kind of thing in the office.

Yu Long is not afraid of rumors and doesn’t care about them, but the key is that he and Han Yue are innocent, so there is no suspicion of taking the blame.
Complaining is complaining. Yu Long finally reported to Han Yue’s office honestly.
The fifth chapter the magic trace looms 【 recommended votes, collection 】
This time, he was lucky not to meet Yukime, but several male teachers in the big office looked at him differently, and they couldn’t tell whether they were envious or jealous.
"Yu Long come in-!" Han Yue knocked on the door and shouted at Yu Long. At the same time, he glared at the male teachers and bowed his head.
Yu Long, a strong woman, regrets that when she entered Han Yue’s independent office room, she was still so neat and clean, and a faint perfume made people feel relaxed and happy. A pair of artistic photos of Han Yue wearing a policeman was hanging directly opposite, which looked dashing and feminine. It was really eye-catching.
"Sit down-!" Han Yue called a warm to help Yu Long blunt a cup of fragrant tea corners of the mouth with a smile "Yu Long Yinshan action you also attended? Can you tell me the details? "
"How do you know about Yinshan?" According to Yukime, the action that day was top secret, except for the armed police, the rest were contacted by the secret government department. Han Yue, an expert in Xuanmen, was just a criminal policeman. She shouldn’t know.
"Fu Bing told me …" Han Yue explained, "Fu Bing is my classmate … he told me a little, but he didn’t know the specific situation of Yinshan, so I remembered to ask you …"
Yu Long thought about it for a moment, but it’s not a big deal to tell Han Yue about it anyway.
Yu Long said, "Korean police officer Yinshan was boarding Nalan Shuqing by the queen ant. He tried to open the Xuan channel to get more Warcraft like parasitic blood ants into the real world …"
"Terrible?" After hearing what Yu Long said, Han Yue’s face was surprised. "If the mysterious world of Warcraft enters the real world, then we will be in trouble …"
"So we stopped Na Lanshuqing … and finally he escaped …" Yu Long said without regret.
"Don’t worry that he will be caught by us sooner or later …" Han Yue said, "The Ministry has taken joint action with many departments to make the national police force, the Armed Police Force … search for Na Lanshuqing …"
Yu Long quickly asked, "How is the situation in Qinzhong?"
"Qin Zhongze’s position in Tianhai City has not wavered …" Han Yue said, "Qin Zhongze’s people are careful. He has long been clear with Nalanshuqing."
"The old dog really has some doorways" Yu Long said with a smile "Wait, Qin Zhongze will have an accident sooner or later …"
"oh? Are you sure? " Han Yuerao asked with interest.
"Na Lanshuqing will definitely go to him" Yu Long analyzed "According to what you said, Na Lanshuqing has been listed as a wanted criminal. In such a situation, it is almost difficult for him to hide, while Qin Zhong has a prominent position. His energy can be used to finish Na Lanshuqing’s hiding place …"
"Impossible-!" Han Yue frowned. "Qin Zhong is a selfish man. I don’t think he will necessarily help Na Lanshuqing …"
"I know … but you have overlooked a problem. Now Nalanshuqing is not the former Nalanshuqing …" Long Yudao "It is also possible that he can threaten Qin Zhongzhe to breed the second generation of parasitic blood ants and turn Qin Zhongzhe into others …"
When this was said, Han Yue’s face suddenly changed. "Don’t you say that Tianhai City will be in crisis again?"
"Theoretically, it is …" Yu Long sink a way. "But don’t worry, we will step up our efforts to find Nalanshuqing and wipe him out completely … Korean police officer, I’ll wake you up and let me know if Nalanshuqing doesn’t make a move now …"
"Well-!" Han Yue didn’t compete with Yu Long.
"Officer Han, if it’s all right, I think I should go …" Long Yu didn’t want the fish to get into a coquettish instead of stealing it.
"Wait-!" Just as Yu Long was about to knock on the door, Han Yue came over and stopped him. "Have you heard all the gossip in school recently?"
"What ears? I don’t know? " Comrade Yu Long thumped in his heart. He didn’t want to settle accounts with himself, did he? He was also a victim.
"Hum-!" Han Yue said angrily, "The biggest feature of you is that you like to play the fool and be fully distracted. People are dishonest … Forget it. You don’t want to say it, and I don’t want to say it. Always remember those rumors. You are not allowed to respond, otherwise it will add insult to injury …"
"Well-!" Yu Long should turn around and leave.
It was night after Yu Long meditated, he practiced Wuyi Opera Tianyi Tiger. Until today, Tianyi Tiger was the sixth, but he still failed to practice skillfully, far from meeting the requirements of Teacher Rowling.
Yu Long didn’t complain about this, but worked harder.
He is very much looking forward to the completion of decepticon, when he will enter the mysterious environment to hatch from the tenth-level monster beast Tianyi Tiger in the era of the universe.
Think about your side in the future there will be a ten-level monster beast to be a follower. Yu Long is just excited in his heart, and his cultivation momentum will be even more sufficient.
It’s worthwhile to make efforts to pull the breeze.
"Master now queen breath is positioning coordinates …" Suddenly Rowling sounds "Navigation is being made …"
Yu Long just stopped practicing at this time. He frowned and asked, "Where is it?"
"Central Building in downtown … Room ……a325 …" Rowling has finished scanning the map of China these days, and even marked some unknown back streets and alleys. The accuracy is absolutely unique in this era.
"Inform Yukime’s sister and Ma’s family …" Yu Long ordered one and immediately asked, "Can you detect the queen’s fighting capacity …"