In order to achieve the results, Yu Long asked Rowling to use the Taoist force amplifier to amplify the Taoist force, so as to prevent others from suspecting that he did not add the fire power.

One evil and one positive parasitic blood ant is an evil thing, while the heavenly sword is released, and the broken fiend dragon is an awe-inspiring thing, which suddenly explodes when it collides with each other.
In the explosion, the man was directly blown to pieces, and the blood ants lodged on his body were completely destroyed.
At the same time, Yukime and others have also solved the problem of playing against their boarding bodies
After clearing the obstacles, Yu Long people quickly joined forces to approach and plan to save those pregnant women who haven’t expired, so as to stop Nalan Shuqing from hitting the Xuan Jingmen.
Na LanShuQing eyes flashed a look of fear, and suddenly Xuan Guangda sheng in vitro said, "You are the way to stop me …"
At this time, there was a chill in the altar, and the thicker the blood around it, the trance, and a huge black hole was slowly forming
Yu Long immediately rushed to choke the sword tactic and released the broken fiend dragon toward the black hole that was about to appear in the spire.
"Hum overreached-!"
A sip of Nalanshuqing’s cold drink is a black light, and a large net will break Yu Long’s fiend dragon net in half.
"hehe-!" In that big black net, the dragon keeps tossing and rolling, and in an instant, the thickness of the wrist disappears.
"The master can’t come … blow up the altar quickly …" Rowling woke up quickly.
The fourth chapter frankly tell each other
Long Yu was slightly surprised. If you blow up the altar, the five pregnant women who didn’t die will also be killed.
"Don’t hesitate, master, or you won’t come …" Rowling has no feelings for birth, illness, illness and death. She doesn’t feel the lives of those pregnant women intuitively, which is really nothing to her.
"Blow up the altar or you won’t be able to come …" Yu Long didn’t dare to hesitate in the form of crisis, so he quickly took the lead in attacking the altar.
Ma Xiaomei, Ma Yu and Yukime then made their strongest attack towards the altar.
With a huge explosion, the pregnant woman who was placed in the Five Elements Tower before it collapsed was also killed in the ruins.
You bastards … "NaLanShuQing like crazy like face upwards to cry out a piercing roar.
"South from the fire-!" Ma Yu was afraid that the altar was still at work, reciting a few incantations, and the sword inspired a flame to instantly devour the ruins. Five pregnant women were also burned to ashes in an instant.
Without the support of the evil sacrificial ceremony, the black hole in the half of the spire suddenly closed, and there was an unwilling roar at that moment.
"NaLanShuQing today I want to do justice for heaven …" Xiao-mei ma light drink a sword pointed at NaLanShuQing beautiful eyebrows flashed a murderous look.
"I won’t let you go ….." Na Lanshuqing took a bad look at the crowd and immediately turned into a lotus flower rushing like a blood-red meteor, and his breath disappeared completely in a blink of an eye.
Don’t chase after the people, and they didn’t chase after them.
"Flashy here to the aftermath to you, let’s go back to the first …" The Yinshan incident shocked the local government, Yukime, who didn’t want to deal too much with local people, and called Xuan’s younger brother to come over and told him.
"The teacher elder sister, don’t worry … I’ll handle it properly …" Flashy is Yukime’s younger brother, who is also the second Xuanmendi, who leads the team to repair the refined gas purple realm. His opinion is good among Xuanmendi of the same age. He looks like he is very fine, not tall or short, but his face is not very handsome, but his eyes are somewhat heroic.
"Xiaoyu, let’s go-!" There are many questions in Xueji’s heart that I want to ask Yu Long. Without saying anything, I picked up Long Yu’s collar and flew away from Yinshan with my sword.
Ma’s father and daughter want to talk to Yu Long, but they can give up at the moment.
After returning to Tianhai City, Yukime found a place to land and took Yu Long straight to his apartment. When Yu Long took a seat, she quickly asked, "Xiaoyu told me if you knew …"
"What?" Yu Long opened his mouth and looked puzzled.
"If you know that Nalan Shuqing is playing the mysterious passage?" Yukime directly asked the doubts in my heart.
"I ….." Long Yu a pair of awkward sample in the xuan tour he wanted to continue to hide, but today after things he seems to have been difficult to continue to hide.
"Xiaoyu, is there anything you are not telling me …" Yukime saw Yu Long’s awkward and associated with his recent growth in power and immediately noticed something.
"Sister Yukime … I … I did hide something from you …" Obviously, things can no longer be hidden. Yu Long decided to tell you frankly.
But he still doesn’t want to say it because of the order of the phoenix.
It’s not that Long Yuxin doesn’t trust Yukime. This kind of thing is unusual. If it goes out, it will definitely cause people to covet it.
As the saying goes, a man is guilty of carrying a bag.
"Senior sister, do you remember what happened with Ma Xiaomei in Lingze Lake?" Long Yudao "That time we came back from the Xuan territory …"
"Xuanjing?" Yukime eyes immediately got big "you mean you have been to the xuan? How is that possible? It is said that if you have less Xuan territory, you can only enter the realm of gathering spirits. Now it is just a yellow realm. If you can enter the Xuan territory … "
Long Yuwen quickly went to Xuan Jing with Ma Xiaomei and said it again in detail. Finally, Yu Long repeatedly emphasized Ma Xiaomei’s grandfather Ma Zhengfeng and repeatedly stressed that Ma Zhengfeng told them to keep it a secret.
Speaking of Ma Zhengfeng, Yukime is naturally clear.
Yukime, the former head of the psychic horse family, has always been very admired. The psychic horse family was originally a silent exorcism family. Before, it was not even qualified to talk to the Xuanmen, but it was recognized and respected by the Xuanmen when Ma Zhengfeng ran the psychic horse family.
Ma Zhengfeng Yukime couldn’t help but believe, "Xiaoyu … So you and Ma Xiaomei have really been to the mysterious realm … Are you striving for perfection because of the mysterious realm?"
"Well-!" Yu Long nodded seriously with grave primness. "Sister Yukime, I should tell you this for the first time, but Ma’s old man … I promised him …"
"hinder-!" Xue Ji smiled with relief. "Being a man should be as good as your word … Xiaoyu, you are right. Sister Yukime won’t be angry."
After a pause, Yukime laughed again. "Xiaoyu, you should try again to improve the green state of Daoli as soon as possible. When the Xuanmen party, my sister will take you to stand tall …"
"Well-!" Speaking of the Xuanmen party, Yu Long is also full of anger in his heart. At the Xuanmen party, he is often looked down upon and ridiculed, but his skills are not as good as those of others. He can bear it silently in the world of respecting people and cultivating monasteries.
Now, he is absolutely confident that he will be ashamed of the past, not to mention, but Rowling’s power amplifier has already filled him with confidence.
Confidence in winning with one blow
A few days passed quickly. Today is Wednesday, and it looks gloomy. After the law class, he was stopped by substitute teacher Han Yue again and told him to go to the office.