Long Yuge blocked several pieces, but a stone still hit his chest.

Chapter III Evil Rites
"Xiaoyu, are you okay …" Yukime asked before.
Yu Long looked rather pale and gently shook, "My body is out of the way … Yukime’s sister, the queen, is playing the mysterious channel … We have to stop it quickly or we won’t be able to come …"
Xue jiwen’s face changed slightly, with surprise, surprise and a little uneasiness and incomprehension
Long Yu’s qi and blood churned and even took a few breaths. The Tianshi Sword definitely ran in a hurry, which just missed stabilizing the body with some disorder.
"Sister Yukime, don’t doubt that what I said is true …" Yu Long quickly urged.
"I believe you-!" At this moment, a figure flew in impressively, and it was Yu Long’s quarrelling enemy Ma Xiaomei, followed by her father Ma Yu.
Ma Yu was facing Yukime and said, "Xue Jixian, don’t hesitate any longer. Let your master master of his legacy hold that weirdo first, and the four of us will separately look for the queen …"
Xue Ji smell speech no longer hesitate. She put aside her doubts in her heart and told Yu Long, "Be careful …"
Ten minutes later, Ma Xiaomei showed up in the depths of the jungle one kilometer away. She didn’t dare to make a move and gave the signal at the first time.
Yukime, Ma Yu and Yu Long hurried over after hearing the news. The distance of one kilometer is nothing more than the blink of an eye for monks.
This is a valley with cliffs on all sides. Judging from the surrounding conditions, the valley should be artificially chiseled and not naturally formed.
At the edge of the valley, four people looked at the valley floor tens of meters deep, and there stood a strange five-element tower. At each spire stood a man who seemed to be reciting something, and a foul smell went straight into the sky, that is, if the monks were to do it, the average person would be dizzy at the moment.
"The host ceremony will be finished soon …" Rowling woke up again.
"Sister Yukime, we must stop it as soon as possible, otherwise it will be late …" Yu Long said and jumped to the crowd and quickly followed.
"Jie Jie-!"
Being parasitized by the queen ant, NaLanShuqing seems to have noticed the arrival of Yu Long and others, and a strange smile flashed in his eyes. "You can’t stop me …"
Five pregnant women were placed in the Five Elements Tower, and the blood flowing out of them was continuously entering the Five Elements Tower. The runes carved on the tower became red in blood, and it was already shrouded in a blood fog around the blink of an eye.
They frown slightly, and their faces become more serious and vigilant.
Once the Xuan channel is opened, it will connect the real world with the Xuan channel. At that time, Warcraft in the Xuan channel will flock out of the channel just like a parasitic blood ant.
Although no one can tell exactly what kind of Warcraft will appear now, the mystery of Warcraft is a disaster for the real world
Even if it is weak and mysterious, Warcraft is invincible for human beings in the real world.
"Master, I’m calculating the method of preventing the passage to the Xuanjing. The setting of the five-element altar is not complicated, and I will come to a conclusion soon." Luo Linyin appeared directly in Yu Long’s mind.
"Smelly rascal, tell me what we should do now?" Xiao-mei ma look anxious Yu Long number she knows something, she can feel that Yu Long may have a way to this matter.
"If the master wants to stop the blood of the five pregnant women from continuing to flow into the altar, the evil sacrifice ceremony can be interrupted … but quickly …" Rowling has successfully analyzed the key point of blocking the ceremony.
After getting the information, Yu Long shouted "Save pregnant women …"
With that, his figure was as fast as time and he rushed over in the blink of an eye.
Na Lan Shuqing seems to have gained insight into Yu Long’s mind’s eyes. Cold Mountain flashes Lengli and drinks "Kill him …" The words sound just fell and the five people in the tower jumped from the spire to block Long Yu Xueji and others.
Nalan Shuqing, on the other hand, presided over the sacrificial ceremony instead of them and continued to play the mysterious passage.
Two of the five people surrounded Yukime. Obviously, they knew that Yukime was the strongest among these people, and the remaining three were against Yu Long, Ma Yu and Ma Xiaomei respectively.
According to Rowling, these five people are all second-generation parasitic blood ants bred by queens, but their kung fu is not weak at all.
From the point of view of mobility and flexibility, they have been integrated with the host, and they should not eat less blood-enriching food these days
Otherwise, it is impossible to have such a powerful attack.
"You die-!" Toward Yu Long came the man mouth is a foul xuanguang toward Yu Long body cover up.
Yu Long sneered at the fact that one day, the Shifa sword was split horizontally and released the dragon defense. At the same time, he held the Tianshi sword and cut it directly to the man’s abdomen.
The man’s head is obviously not very bright. He doesn’t know how to avoid Long Yutian’s sword and cut him directly. A stream of black blood suddenly came out of the abdomen.
The man’s painful name is fierce, so he simply ignores the individual’s claws and attacks Yu Long. Long Yu takes a deep breath and is not afraid to pinch the sword tactic to release the broken fiend dragon again and engulf the man in the past.