Thinking of this, Yu Long hurriedly told "Rowling navigation continues to collect information …"

Then Yu Long hurried to prepare for the mountains.
"It’s dangerous to get out of here quickly …" The armed police in charge of vigilance stopped Yu Long and told him to leave quickly.
Yu Long quickly explained, "I’m here to help …"
"Help?" An officer in Weijun came over and looked up at Yu Long several times and asked, "What are you doing to help …"
Yu Long saw from his rank that he should be the person in charge here, and quickly primly said, "Hello, comrade … there is going to be Warcraft in Yinshan, and I have to stop it …"
"Hu said …" The officer is a materialist and never believes in ghosts and gods. He said that today he was ordered to come to the police and explain that he must guard against personnel from entering.
"Small words …" Fang Haoyun was about to explain a few words when she heard the phone ring.
"Sister Yukime, I have arrived … warning the armed police not to let me in …" Yu Long quickly reported his situation.
Yukime’s angry voice came from the microphone. "Let him in … His name is Yu Long and he is my assistant …"
Comrade Wei seems to have recognized Xue Jiyin and quickly saluted Yu Long. "You are Mr. Long. I am Fu Bing, captain of the second squadron of Tianhai Armed Police Corps … waiting for your arrival …"
"Captain Fu, now is not a polite time for you to let me go in as soon as possible …" Yu Long has been notified by Rowling that the mysterious world of Warcraft is getting stronger and stronger.
In other words, the Xuanjing Channel will be hit soon.
Looking at Yu Long galloping away, Fu Bing secretly smiled bitterly. He never thought that the captain told himself to wait for Mr. Long to be such a small child.
You can’t judge a book by its cover these days.
"Master navigation completed …" After entering the mountain pass, a navigation map appeared on Rowling’s screen immediately.
Ten minutes after the navigation guided Long Yu to rush forward, he has arrived at a place less than 50 meters away from his destination.
Here, Yu Long can hear the sound of fighting with each other, and then through the gap in the dark forest, he sees several figures fighting together, one of which is his sister Yukime.
"Rowling according to the analysis of the specific coordinate position …" Yu Long told a then light drink a clenched tianshi sword.
Go to the crowd before he is now in Yukime and they are besieging a dark, ferocious, red-eyed weirdo. The weirdo stirs up a black Xuan gas with his bare hands. It is really weird to hurt him here along with Yukime’s six people.
"Parasitic blood ants …" Rowling has collected the information of the weirdo and obtained his identity origin through analysis and operation.
Long Yu frowned slightly. "Isn’t the queen ant in Nalanshu?"
"Master, there are ten parasitic blood ants here …" Rowling’s words surprised Yu Long again. "According to my calculation, it is preliminarily estimated that this is a second-generation blood ant that is bred by the queen …"
It’s crazy that the darling queen ant can reproduce the second generation of blood ants when it is parasitic on men.
Come and don’t dwell on it. Yu Long has rushed over and joined in the encirclement and suppression. The weirdo whistling seems to have sensed Yu Long’s attack on him immediately.
Yu Long called bad luck and hurried back, but he didn’t want the weirdo to go straight for him like he was crazy.
"The queen ant is controlling it …" Rowling woke up.
Yu Long quickly said, "Sister Yukime is the queen ant. She is controlling it. The queen ant will hold a sacrificial ceremony nearby. Find the queen ant quickly …"
At the same time, the strange population spewed out a pink air stream with a foul smell and swept towards Yu Long. Long Yu retreated and retreated, forcibly set up the Tianshi sword, cast off the magic and released the dragon to face the past.
With several explosions, the dragon disappeared at the same time as the pink airflow. Yu Long just heaved a sigh of relief, and a new round of attacks by that weirdo swept through.
This time, Yu Long has come to release the broken fiend dragon, so he has to roll on the spot. Although the posture is not elegant, the effect is not bad.
The pink airflow hit the place where Long Yu was located, and the huge rocks scattered, and several broken stones hit Yu Long like meteors.