Now Yukime’s own Tao force has been out of control, and he has been flowing out from the body far and continuously. After blending with Long Yu’s hot airflow, he compressed his abdomen and then turned around and entered his body without stopping.

Yukime is a little worried about rushing to check his physical condition.
A moment later, she didn’t show up. She was worried about the situation. On the contrary, her waterway power has become more concise after some cycles, and she has made some progress than before.
With the operation of the body force, Yu Long felt that the hot and stinging feeling before his spirit seemed to be separated from it had completely disappeared at the moment.
Yu Long’s heart burst with ecstasy. This situation seems to have been out of his expectation. He never thought that helping bad things in Yukime would turn into good things.
When Long Yu’s last trace of heat disappeared, the two humanitarian forces could be controlled by themselves. Yukime quickly withdrew his humanitarian force when he saw that the situation in Yu Long was getting better.
Yu Long also closed his eyes and pranayama. In the process just now, he benefited a lot. Although the realm did not rise, the road force was concise
At the same time, Yukime also benefited from the previous process, and she also benefited from cross-legged eye closure and pranayama consolidation.
The first chapter had an accident
I don’t know how long it took Long Yu to wake up from meditation. He felt that the meridians in his body were full of vitality.
Yu Long slowly opened his eyes and it was already bright. Yukime had already watched himself see Yu Long’s exercise finished. Yukime’s eyebrows relaxed and his mouth was relieved to smile. Judo "Xiaoyu, you finally finished your work … but I was worried sick …"
"Sister Yukime, thank you …" Yu Long’s eyes were grateful, and Yukime’s mouth was smiling. There was a trace of tenderness in her eyes and she looked back at Yu Long’s feelings for each other last night.
"You’ve become more polite with me …" Yukime came over and stretched out his hand and touched Yu Long’s forehead and told him, "You should be careful when practicing later. It’s really no good. Please inform me before you and I’ll help you protect the dharma … You said that if anything happens to you, how can I tell the teacher elder sister … By the way, did you call me last night?"
This question Yukime suppressed all night.
It is hard for her to imagine that Yu Long is in a state of cultivation, such as dialing for help …
Theoretically speaking, at that time, you had to concentrate 100% of your energy in that state, otherwise you would be possessed if you were light, or you would be destroyed if you were heavy.
"I’m not sure at that time, I was on the verge of collapse, and my consciousness was a little blurred. I don’t know how to dial the phone …" There was no reasonable explanation for Long Yu’s lying.
Looking at Yu Long, a face of serious snow Ji also gave birth to doubt.
"Sister Yukime, why don’t we go out for a walk … I feel that my body is full of Taoist power and I want to try the Tianshi sword …" Yu Long was still clever and quickly changed the subject.
Yukime nodded with a smile, and then they went out of the door and took a taxi to the mountain pass of Huali Mountain to see the people around them. Snow-capped Long Yu’s neckline jumped and flew with a sword, and soon they came to the top of Huali Mountain.
It’s quite wide here, far from the city. On weekdays, few people come here to practice swords. It’s very safe, and it won’t hurt Gu Er, and it won’t cause shock to the world.
Long Yu’s mind raised his hand and released the heavenly sword.
Tianshi Fa Jian’s body trembled, which was quite spiritual. Yu Long tried to send a little force to Tianshi Fa Jian. Tianshi Fa Jian suddenly had a bright light, but if it was a hundred miles away from downtown during the day, you could see the brilliance of Tianshi Fa Jian’s body.
Yu Long felt that Tianshi Fa Jian was closely linked with his own spirit, and the light of Tianshi Fa Jian body flashed from time to time.
"Break the magic-!" Yu Long pinch refers to turning a sword into a device to move the Tianshi sword, and definitely cast the broken magic to summon the dragon god. He heard a loud roar, and the body of the sword released a wrist-thick dragon flying majestically in half a circle with amazing momentum.
Yu Long was overjoyed when he saw this. It was a breakthrough in texture.
He shouted at Yukime, "Sister Yukime … I can finally break the magic power …"
"Let’s fight-!"
Xue Ji’s heart is also a charming smile and a dark pinch sword tactic. She has released her own snow sword. Although the level of this snow sword is different, Yukime’s sacrifice for many years is far from being comparable to that of the ordinary sword.
Yu Long saw Yukime release his sword, and immediately he became competitive and motivated to attack the dragon in the past.
"Come on-!" Yukime cold drink a snow sword released a chill to meet the past.
With a slight overlapping explosion, the snow chill was broken by the dragon.
Before Yukime was afraid of hurting Yu Long, she didn’t contribute. Soon, she was overwhelmed by the Shenlong offensive. She couldn’t help but make a clear whistling force to urge the snow sword to counterattack the Shenlong. After all, it was better than Long Yu’s too much force to force the snow sword to spread out the cold light, and the gas around it suddenly dropped.
It was a short time before Yukime suppressed the dragon offensive, and gradually the scope of dragon activities left a small piece around Yu Long.
Yukime drives the snow sword and is in no hurry to attack. It is suppressing the dragon Long Yu’s oppression in the snow sword. I feel that the Tianshi method keeps removing the broken fiend dragon’s body, and it seems that it will disappear at any time.
Yu Long’s heart moved and tried to inject fire power into Tianshi Fa Jian. Suddenly, the fiend dragon burst into a flame on the whole body, and the snow sword sword potential was immediately suppressed.
The former strong pressure has also eased a lot.
Yukime frightened to recover the snow sword consternation way "Xiaoyu you force with power can fusion? It’s amazing … "
Xue Ji, a person in the Xuanmen, naturally knows that Tao power is different from power, and they are absolutely incompatible. Otherwise, Yu Long would not be congenitally deficient.
"Sister Yukime, this may be lucky in misfortune …" Long Yu smiled and said, "Although I am congenitally deficient, my physical strength and power are mutually compatible … I really appreciate my parents for giving me such a physique …"
"Xiaoyu … good boy-!" Xue Ji heard a splash in her eyes, and Yu Long’s generosity with the director made her feel gratified.
"The teacher elder sister brother-in-law … where the hell are you? Did you hear that? Your child-Yu Long, how sensible he is … "Yukime screamed into the sky.
In a blink of an eye, half a month has passed. These days, I have been studying culture during the day, studying at night and practicing at weekends. Although I have not yet broken through the yellow realm, I have made great progress, but it is obvious that it is not difficult to enter the green realm according to the current progress.
At the same time, in his efforts, Tianyi Tiger Movement has also cultivated to the sixth set, and the seventh set is one step away.
Of course, it is extremely difficult to take this step away.
Wuqinxi is easy before it is difficult, especially in the last step, which is even more difficult. If there is no ordinary people’s mind and consciousness, it is an absolute method to persist.
Theoretically speaking, there is not much difficulty in practicing Wuqinxi. The problem is that Yu Long’s physique is the original set of Wuqinxi, which is tailored to the new human physique in the era of the universe. The new human physique in the era of the universe is not a bit stronger than that of modern people.
Yu Long’s physique is not as good as that of ordinary people.
This shows how difficult it is for Yu Long to cultivate Wuqinxi.
Even so, Yu Long adhered to the principle of never giving up and never giving up. No matter how much he suffered, he just gritted his teeth and persisted.
It is a common saying that the future is light and the road is tortuous.
Today is the weekend. Yu Long is going to say hello to Yukime and lie about traveling and then enter the mysterious realm to practice.
"Hello, little pick up the phone …" Just as he was about to call Yukime, his mobile phone rang, and there was a sound of Xue Ji’s voice in the bell. The question was that Yukime called, and this bell was also recorded by herself some time ago.
The second chapter comes from the Queen Ant Crisis.
"Sister Yukime, I was just about to call you in the past …" Pick up Yu Long’s words and have been interrupted by Yukime before he finished. "Xiaoyu, where are you now? Immediately rushed to Yinshan … Had an accident … "
"What’s the matter?" Yu Long felt Yukime’s anxiety and worry from the microphone, which seemed to be out of line. In his memory, Xue Ji seems to have never seen such a situation.
"Don’t ask your horse to get to Yinshan …" Yukime said this sentence and then hung up. Yu Long put away his words, and there was a bad feeling in his heart. Yinshan is famous for its dark and humid geographical position in the north of Tianhai City, which is covered with a thick layer of vegetation. It is rare to find people. There was a time when it was said that Yinshan was haunted and several people were killed. Since then, Tianhai Municipal Government and the corresponding departments have closed the mountain and no one is allowed to enter.
Yu Long went out to take a taxi and heard that he was going to Yinshan. The driver immediately shook his head and refused that place. Even if he gave it to a Jinshan Yinshan, no one would go.
After three people refused in a row, Long Yu hitchhiked to the suburbs and then walked forward.
Of course, his walking ability is not comparable to that of ordinary people. Now Yu Long Daolixiu can match a car if he runs hard.
Yinshan Mountain is 150 kilometers away from Tianhai City. Long Yu specially picked the path. running all the way finally came to the foot of Yinshan Mountain after about an hour.
At the foot of Yinshan Mountain, which is rarely traveled on weekdays, cars of all colors are parked today, including police cars, military vehicles and even the mountain pass. A cordon has been set up, and armed armed police are on guard around.
Seeing this posture, Yu Long secretly thought that something really happened.
"Master, I have detected the breath of Warcraft in the Xuan territory … someone is playing the Xuan territory channel in an evil sacrifice way …" Long Yugang received the information around Yinshan Yinshan Rowling when he arrived in Yinshan.
Long Yuwen gasped, darling. Someone wants to release the mysterious world of Warcraft.
For the real world, this doubt is a disaster.